7 Types Of Logo Designs For Your New Business Logo!

Want to have the best logo designs for your new business? You need the best logo designers UK. But what if you’re not the creative type, or maybe you just don’t know where to start? So let us help you!

The logo is an artwork that portrays your business. It is a design that conveys a message or a feeling. It helps businesses to build their identity and get noticed by their users. The logo is created in such a way that it delivers the meaning of your business to your audience. Your business logo must be unique and distinctive, so it would be able to deliver your company’s message effectively. So hope that now you know where to start.

Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 7 types of logo designs for your new business, which can help you create a compelling and distinctive brand identity for your business:

1. Emblem Logos:

You may have seen these emblem logos such as a school, stamp, government agency, and official logos. These logo designs are known as emblem logos. This design usually features symbols, text, or images in a geometric shape. These logos give a rich traditional, and official look to your business logo and show your dedication to your business. They are easily recognized and memorized by your audience and make you stand out from others.

2. Pictorial Logos:

Many recognized and well-established brands use these pictorial logo symbols. These logos communicate the message to your audience using images as their names. These logos portray a concept or a feeling about your brand excitingly and creatively. You can use these logo designs if you have started your business. But you must remember that you have to use word marks related to your business to build your brand for some time.

3. Logotype Logos:

The logotype logos are also very famous. It shows your brand name as your logo. These types of logos are called wordmark logos. This type of logo has no symbol, emblem, or graphic pattern. The brand name is designed in different fonts and topography. The logotype business logo helps your business be easily recognized as you display your brand name in logotype.

4. Lettermark Logos:

In the letter mark logo, you can use your big company name as an acronym to build its logo. You can pick up the initial letters and ask Graphic Design Services UK, to make a unique logo for your brand. You can leave typography design to designers as they will help you with a unique and eye-catching letter mark logo. Sometimes your brand name is too big then you can design the Lettermark Logos if you want your business logo without any symbols.

5. Abstract Logos:

You can design abstract logos for your business if you want to create something original and unique. It is different from the logotypes, pictorial logos, and letter mark logos. These types of logo designs are based on geometric shapes or abstract concepts and their purpose is to get attention away from others. The benefit to design abstract logos is it helps your brand stand out from the crowd.

6. Mascot Logo:

The mascot logo is a very creative and unique type of symbol to give your business more energy and build your brand. It is a logotype that requires a bit of thought. These logos have often involved some kind of non-human character who represents your company name. The best mascots are those that are friendly, cute, and at the same time very recognizable and recognizable by the user.

7. Combination Logo:

In combination with logo marks, you can combine different types of logo uses in one. You can have the letter mark, pictorial logos, and logotype logos combined in one fashion. It is very popular to use letter marks and pictorial logos altogether.

Final Verdict!

Your business logo represents your company and builds your brand. So choose your logo design wisely. If you need some help with it then you can hire logo designers who have a creative mind and expert skills and will surely design the right type of logo for your business.

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