The 10 Most Educated Hollywood Movie Stars

Meet the top 10 most educated Hollywood movie stars including Lupita Nyong’o, Conan O’Brien, James Franco and others.

Education is the key to success in any sphere of life. As we are bombarded with the news that Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have no University degree, we tend to think that education may not be so important after all. However, besides providing you with a Plan B, education can also help you develop some skills which can be of paramount importance in your later life. With this in mind, let’s check out some Hollywood movie stars with surprisingly high education. 

The world of glamor we are so used to seeing on TV turns out to be the world of University degrees (and even Ph.D. degrees). As movies help students learn about social relations faster, it is not surprising that some TV and Hollywood stars have become real role models to the youth. Let’s go on.

Top 10 Most Educated Hollywood Celebrities 

So now that we know that it also takes a lot of brains to succeed in Hollywood let’s go and figure out what these guys studied. With amazing accomplishments (most of which are in the English language field of study), some of these Hollywood celebrities have also earned multiple degrees. Hermione Granger would be so proud of most of them. 

1. Masi Oka 

Masi Oka has a surprising portfolio in education. With a computer science degree from Brown University, this Hollywood star also took his education even further. He now speaks Spanish, English, and Japanese. He is well-known for his roles in “Heroes” and “Hawaii Five-O.”

2. James Franco

The heartbreaker we all loved, James Franco, seems to like his degrees more than his acting career. He has received a BA in English at UCLA, MFA from Columbia University, a filming degree at NYU, fiction writing at Brooklyn College, and poetry at WWC – Warren Wilson College. That’s impressive. He is currently working on a Ph.D. in English from Yale University. 

Now, this is quite an impressive educational portfolio. Needless to say, some students may need help to achieve this much in such a short period of time. For most, dissertation online help is needed. This way, you can free up time to focus on your school work and your hobbies while someone else can help prepare your study materials. 

3. Conan O’Brien 

Our favorite small-screen comedian, Conan O’Brien, also has a degree up his sleeve. He got a BA in American History. The degree was issued by no one else but Harvard University. He was also a valedictorian in his high school. Early education seems to matter, too. 

4. Lupita Nyong’o 

The star of 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong’o, also has an extensive educational background. First, she earned her BA, then went on to an MA program. She finally settled for this degree that was issued by the Yale School of Drama in acting. 

5. David Duchovny 

David Duchovny got an English Degree. The degree was issued by Princeton University. He also went for a Ph.D. at Yale University but has never finished it. Acting has always been his passion and is one of the reasons he never finished his Ph.D. thesis. 

6. Ashley Judd 

Ashley Judd is another overachiever on the list. Besides her impressive Hollywood career, she also got several degrees from different Universities. These include: 

  • A BA in the French language from the University of Kentucky
  • An MA in public administration – issued by Harvard University, 
  • A Ph.D. in public policy – from the University of Berkley. 

7. John Krasinski

Another heartbreaker on the list, John Krasinski, charmed us with his recurring role on The Office. Currently, a director, John Krasinsky, got an English degree from Brown University. Much like other people on our list, he now has a diversified career and seems to be shooting for the stars. 

8. Lisa Kudrow 

Lisa Kudrow is our favorite member of the Friends cast. Besides that, she also had several less-notable roles, including Netflix’s Death to 2020 and Death to 2021 mocumentaries. She also has a biology degree from Vassar College. 

9. Cindy Crawford 

Cindy Crawford, one of the prettiest actresses on the list, was a valedictorian in her high school. She dropped out and has dedicated some time to modeling. While starring in a few Hollywood movies, she also finished school and started a chemical engineering program at Northwestern University. 

10. Emma Watson 

The lovely Emma Watson we all got to love for her role of Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise is also very accomplished in the academic field. She graduated from Brown University. It was here that she got her English literature degree (unlike most other people on our list who got their English language degree). She even managed to spend her first year at Oxford. 

Final Considerations

These amazing and very accomplished people serve to tell us that education is important, irrelevant of your social status or your current employment (and bank account, ahem, ahem). As these top ten most educated Hollywood superstars also tell us, it is never too late to pursue more education. Following in their footsteps, it is necessary to learn how to study and do so fast and efficiently, so consider our advice and begin working on your career early enough. 

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