5 horror films based on true events

According to Michael Rougeau, there’s nothing scarier than a true horror story.
Horror Tree Interview w/Erik C. Han...
Horror Tree Interview w/Erik C. Hanson

Over the years Hollywood has created many horror films – classic and contemporary – that are based on true events. Some of these films stray from the bounds of reality, while others stick true to their non-fiction source.

Either way, they’re all terrifying in their own rights. Below are 5 horrors movies based on real-life events.

1.Child’s Play

The fiction: A child’s doll is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

The fact: Chucky’s story was inspired by Robert, a haunted doll that allegedly talked and inspired fits of rage in its young owner. Robert is still on display in the Florida Key West Martello Museum.

2. The Girl Next Door

The fiction: A young woman is tortured and killed in suburban America.

The fact: The movie was inspired by 16 years old Sylvia Likens who was tortured, humiliated, and sexually abused for months by her guardians, the Baniszewski family, and various neighbourhood youths.

3. The Conjuring

The fiction: A pair of paranormal investigators attempt to rid a family of irate spirits in their home.

The fact: The Conjuring was famously based on just one of the many historical incidents involving real-life paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

4. Deliver Us From Evil

The fiction: A veteran NYPD officer and a renegade priest wrestle with real evil.

The fact: The movie was based on Ralph Sarchie’s book Beware the Night, which documented his work as a demonologist. The plot of the movie is entirely fictional, but it’s allegedly true to the character of the writer.

5. Scream

The fiction: The classic tells the story of a group of teens and a mystery man named Ghostface who wants to murder them.

The fact: The movie was inspired by the Gainesville Ripper, real name Danny Rolling, who killed 5 Florida students by knife over a span of 3 days in August 1990.

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