“The Matrix: Resurrections” trailer drops! 10 things we learned

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“The Matrix: Resurrections” trailer is here, and we have learned we believe we have learned these 10 things about the film.

Of course, with “The Matrix” franchise, things don’t always seem as they appear. So, this is one tricky article, and I will not be embarrassed if I am mostly wrong. In fact, it will mean that the film itself will be a blast if I get most of these wrong.

First, if you have not seen the new Matrix 4 trailer, here it is. You may want to watch it more than three times as well.

After seeing the trailer several times, the conclusion that many viewers have is that they don’t know what is going on. Even longtime fans of the franchise like myself don’t even know what to expect.

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Yet, here are the 10 things that I think I gleaned from the Matrix 4 trailer starting from the most obvious to the obscure as we go down the rabbit hole:

  1. Laurence Fishburne is not in the trailer and will not be in “Matrix: Resurrections”. While this fact has not been a secret, the answer is that the fourth instalment features a younger version of his character, Morpheus. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II takes on the mantle of replicating a more daring Morpheus, a task that will take a whole lot than acting skills to pull off. Already, people are grumbling about not seeing Fishburne in his all-black flowing coat.
  2. Morpheus character is not the only one that changed. We spotted Priyanka Chopra in the trailer and believe that she is playing the much older version of Sati. Also, since we didn’t see Mary Alice, it is also safe to say that Sati (played by Priyanka) is the new oracle. Although, the actress had claimed that her part in the film will be ‘small’, so we are open to surprises on that front.
  3. Theory 1: The two changes above, being younger characters, also points to our theory that The Matrix 4 or “The Matrix: Resurrections” is a prequel. However, if that is so, Chopra will not be playing Sati as she didn’t exist in the time before the incidences of the 1999 “The Matrix”. Or did an older version of Sati, a computer programme predating her, exist?
  4. Theory 2: If it is not a prequel, could it be that what we saw was a variant of Neo (Keanu Reeves)? This still begs the question, was this before or after or is it happening simultaneously as an alternate reality? In fact, since the Matrix is not reality, is it another programme that is being tested?
  5. Since the theories are confusing, let’s go back to the trailer: the blue pills that Neo is seen taking is labelled “Ontolofloxin”; which is likely gotten from Ontology (the philosophical study of being). So, we now know that the blue pill can suppress reality and in Neo’s case, it helps him suppress that disturbing sensation that something is wrong. Yet, it seemed to be failing and that is why he is visiting a shrink (played by Neil Patrick Harris).
  6. Theory 3: With Agent programme Smith destroyed, it appears that Agent Johnson (played by Daniel Bernhardt) finally gets the opportunity to play the main villain. Is he an upgrade working for the machines or an enhanced rebel? Also, is he the main villain or will that fall to Max Riemelt or Jonathan Groff as the trailer hints? Again, it is a rabbit hole of theories and counter theories.
  7. Although Jada Pinkett Smith is on the casting list as Niobe, I didn’t see her in the trailer. Instead, Jessica Henwick stole the highlights with her stunts and gun-drawing skills. I look forward to seeing her take on the agents.
  8. Theory 4: While the new characters point to it being a prequel, a scene of Neo being worked on by machines and his eyes burnt out suggests that it is a continuation of the third part, “The Matrix: Revolutions”. Recall that Neo was in a fight and lost his physical sight but could still see the machines ‘glow’.
  9. If the above is true, it does not explain why he and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) don’t know each other when they meet. Regardless, it is thrilling that he somehow starts to develop his powers and use them to bend the matrix to his will.
  10. Theory 5: The final theory I have is that “The Matrix: Resurrections” is a sequel. Neo was put back into the matrix after he defeated Smith and the machines are trying to convince him that the events of the first three films never happened. However, his gifts start to make him remember and feel out of place. This is likely why there is a scene from the trailer where he is squinting at the sun and he sees, what appear to be a hoard of machines flying above him.

Well. whatever your theory is, we will like to read it as we await the film’s release on 22 December 2021. You may also like to read our latest article, Olivia Munn is pregnant! John Mulaney says he is going to be a dad.

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