An Ultimate Guide to the Right Mailer for your Product

Due to the rise of e-commerce and weight charges of packaging according to dimensions, the use of mailers has seen upward growth. Since retail boxes are lighter and smaller in size than corrugated boxes, they help reduce shipping costs. However, their small size does not come at the cost of strength and protection. On the latter two, these custom printed boxes do not compromise. But here a question arises with so many mailers, which option is suitable for you. To put a stop to your search, we have made a list of the best mailers that you can use to deliver things safely and easily. Along with that, their special features, and uses found their place in this article. Read this article it will be a good refresher for you as well as informative. Let’s start with easy-fold mailers.

1: Easy-Fold Mailers

Easy-fold mailers come at multiple depths and accommodate products of different thicknesses. As the name of this mailer suggests, it is easy to fold and tape them. However, some of these boxes have seal-and-appeal adhesive strips. Although you can use them for varying products, they are most suitable for artworks, framed pictures, catalogs, and books. On top of that, if the products you are selling are of different depth but similar size, one mailer box is enough for all. These shipping mailers can accommodate them all.

2: Instructor Mailers

These are crush-resistance and lightweight mailers. Not only do they lessen the delivery cost, but also provide sufficient protection. They are more useful when the charges are based on dimensional weight. Their most common use is for fragile and lightweight items such as watches and glasses, nuts and bolts, and small parts and tools. Moreover, thanks to their tuck tops, they are ideal for simple unboxing experiences.

3: Literature Mailers

These mailer boxes are used to ship different forms of literature. Although they have a lower profile for protective fits and snugness, their tuck tops act as dust flaps. As it tells their name, they are ideal for mailing books, business stationery, binders, magazines, reports, and catalogs. Like Indestructo mailers, their tuck tops make them perfect for the unboxing experience.

4: Bubble Mailers

These shipping envelopes come with a bubble cushion inside. Bubble mailers are available in poly (plastic) or paper (white or kraft). And a peel-and-seal adhesive strip serves as s secure, tamper-evident closure. These boxes are good for those products that require cushioning during shipping. However, they do not require excessive space, unlike a corrugated box. What they are good for include handmade creations, small electronics, music, movies, and books.

5: Poly Mailers

Made from polyethylene plastic, poly mailers are tear, water, and puncture-resistant. Like bubble mailers, a secure and tamper-evident seal is ensured by a peel-and-seal adhesive strip. These shipping mailers are more suitable for products that need moisture protection, security, and discretion. These include items such as clothing and handmade creations, boxed electronics-sensitive documents, medical cannabis, and jewelry.

6: Flat Mailers

Flat mailers are strong and robust and made from chipboard. In addition to providing ample safety during shipping, these retail boxes reduce the cost of transportation due to their lightweight. Like many other mailers, a secure closure is possible due to a peel-and-seal adhesive strip. Being flat in nature, these boxes are suitable for products that are thin or flat. Moreover, they should not be wrinkled or bent during the shipping process. These include CDs and DVDs, comics and magazines, contracts and documents, and unframed photos.

7: Rigid Mailers

Their extra strong and rigid nature comes from laminated fiberboard material. During shipping, they give a superior edge and corner protection. A secure closure is also available in these shipping envelopes. Their rigidity makes them suitable for products that are sensitive and fragile. Any bend or wrinkle can damage its original shape. Some of the items are calendars and stationery, contracts and valuable documents, and comics and rare books.

8: Glamour Mailers

These are colorful, shiny, and bright mailers made from aluminized polyester laminate foil. Like most mailers, a peel-and-seal adhesive strip gives them a secure closure. In addition to this, these boxes come with a bubble cushion inside. As far as the use of these mailers is concerned, they are perfect for the promotion of your brand. With their glamorous look, they catch the eye of customers and reinforce your brand image. For any item that is shipped in a poly mailer or standard bubble mailer, these envelopes are suitable.

9: Puddle Mailers

They are double-walled mailers and inside them is fiber padding. As the mailer envelop are handled, these mailers expand and help absorb shock damage. A peel-and-seal adhesive strip gives a secure and protected closure. Puddle mailers protect items from minor collision damage, abrasion, and shock. They are suitable for valuable and fragile products. Like poly mailer envelopes and bubble mailers, they are perfect for the same kind of items.

10: Eco-Friendly Mailer Bags

Eco-friendly mailers are lightweight and reduced the cost of shipping. But they are also strong and robust to sustain damage and pressure. Their ingredients include either renewable sources or recycled material which makes them nature-friendly. Not only this, to gain extra strength, the option of fiberglass is also available. On top of that, you can customize printings and graphics on these boxes for brand promotion. Custom boxes wholesale do not put pressure on your pockets. Those who are nature lovers and want to reduce their impacts on the environment can use these mailers. Eco-friendly bags are suitable for any product to ship in a standard bubble envelope and poly mailers.

Wrapping Up

As the article above illustrates, there are plenty of options available to ship your product with mailers. But what suits the best to your purpose depends on the product you wish to deliver. No matter what your product is, you can use the mailer accordingly. The above-mentioned mailer bags have some exclusive uses which you can avail yourself of. They are strong, robust, durable, and secure. Without fearing the damage, you can ship your item in its original condition by using any of these mailers.

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