A comprehensive guide to payroll software

Payroll software is an excellent weapon that automates the payment process. Furthermore, it ensures accuracy end preserves the data.

We can say that payroll is the money employers pay their employees. It calculates the wages and taxes for the employees while it is self-service. HR and payroll management solution is all you need for your business advancement to make error-free and actual payments to the employees.

Functions of the payroll department

Payroll software is of great significance as it helps to perform many small tasks that make things easy to run an organization in the matter of payment.

  • Securing data 

    The most important feature of payroll software is that it keeps the data of employees’ information, such as payments, working hours, taxes, and many other things, in its records. Therefore, this feature helps to analyze the cost value of employees while the data is being saved.

  • Direct deposits and payments 

    In modern times, everyone like to receive or send money through online checks and clicks without wasting a lot of time standing in the line at a bank. Payroll software has this unique feature of direct payments and deposits. Therefore, this feature prevents organizations from streamlining their payment processes while it is the most secure and reliable way of depositing the salary into the employee’s account.

  • Employees self-service 

    The most prominent feature of payroll software is employee self-service. These features allow the employees to check their wages, working hours, bonuses, and deductions to make a clear cut of the salary. At the same time, it eradicates the doubts the employers might have about the money being paid.

  • Compliance management 

    Payroll software provides a comprehensive report of all the essential data. For instance, these reports provide a deep understanding of the company’s budget, taxes, and the wages paid to the employees. Furthermore, payroll software considers compliance when dealing with financial issues to keep the business mostly legal.

Set payroll department with a few steps

It is very easy to set up payroll software with few guidelines. You can set your payroll software for your convenience and pay your employees at the right time with the right deductions; all you have to do is follow these guidelines.

  • Obtain employee identification number 

    As the first step, you need an EIN of the employee. Furthermore, you need to provide this EIN of the employee to the state agencies. This helps to ensure the authenticity of employees.

  • Employee paperwork 

    In the next step, you must take care of the employee’s paperwork by legally understanding what you will pay for. This helps you legally pay for security, Medicare, and bonuses of the employee.

  • Decide on the pay period

    You can set up a period for your employee. Many state laws indicate that bi-monthly payments are the best payment period, whereas If the employer does not work for the entire period, you can withhold income tax.
  • Document employee terms 

    To make things legal and authentic, ensure how paid time will be handled. Furthermore, the documents must state how many hours the employee will work and how much overtime will they be paid. On the other hand, health premiums and retirement contributions should also be written down.

  • Keep the records safe 

    The employees must keep a certain record for a specific period as it is required by state law. For instance, if an employee is retired or terminated, the record must be kept for about three to four years, while there must be copies of the data of all the deposits and income tax that have been made to the employee.


To conclude, payroll software has brought new levels of competition to businesses. For easy payments and deductions, payroll software is the best option.

Did you know that you can also get payroll software for non-profit organizations? There are many companies that offer payroll solutions that cater to all types of business. Netchex is one of them. It is reliable, secure, and accurate without errors for the best calculation of payroll. The best part? It doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

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