Hyperpigmentation – What are the causes of melasma

How am I able to remove or reduce melasma?

Melasma could be a form of hyperpigmentation common among women, especially during and after pregnancy. it always appears as large, dark spots on the face but can even appear on other parts of the body. this text looks at the causes of melasma and explains some steps you’ll go to help reduce the looks of dark spots on your skin.

What is melasma and what are its causes?

Melasma may be a kind of pigmentation that causes dark spots on the skin.

Melasma, also called pregnancy melasma, may be a kind of hyperpigmentation that appears on the face, particularly on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, upper lip, and sometimes on other parts exposed to the sun, like the forearms. Men may develop melasma, but it’s more common in women.

Melanin is the pigment that determines the color. Melasma is caused by a rise in melanin production and this increase is believed to be caused by changes in hormone levels, especially those related to pregnancy and oral contraceptives, but also by the sun.

Melasma isn’t harmful in any way but maybe annoying when it’s very noticeable.

The sun is one of the causes of the event and exacerbation of melasma. Other factors, like genetic predisposition, age, and a few anti-epileptic drugs may additionally play a job in its exacerbation.

There are three varieties of melasma:

  • Melasma that affects the upper layer of the skin, hyperpigmentation is brown and has demarcated edges.
  • Melasma affects the deeper layers of the skin and is characterized by blue-gray spots.
  • Mixed melasma (both superficial and deep) appears as a grayish-brown pigment.

You can read more about the final causes of hyperpigmentation and learn more about the various kinds of hyperpigmentation: What causes dark spots and the way am i able to reduce them?


Melasma and age spots are both harmless. Melanoma (a form of skin cancer) will be life-threatening. If you have got any concerns about pigment spots – if they modify the shape, size, and color or if they itch and begin to bleed – it is important to determine your doctor.

What am I able to do to cut back the formation of dark spots?

Sun protection is the most vital step you’ll be able to want help prevent or reduce the severity of melasma. aren’t getting an excessive amount of sun, avoid the sun during peak hours, and wear protective clothing and sun hats whenever possible. this can be especially important if you

have a genetic predisposition to melasma (that is, it runs in your family) or if you’re pregnant or take contraception pills or another hormone supplement.

Sun protection is the most significant step you’ll want to help prevent or reduce melasma’s severity.

Sun protection is not just for sunbathers. The sun affects the skin even on cloudy days, so give your skin the daily protection it needs. additionally to reducing hyperpigmentation, Anti-Pigmentation Day Cream SPF 30 provides effective protection against UVA and UVB rays (SPF 30) and prevents further sun-induced pigmentation spots from forming. take Triluma Cream 15 gm for Melasma, and we have Tretinoin Cream 0.025 for Acne.

If you are spending time within the sun, choose a product that gives high or very high sun protection and is specifically designed for your skin type and condition, and reapply regularly.

How am I able to remove or reduce melasma?

Dermatological treatments like chemical peels and laser therapy may help reduce melasma. it’s easy to get rid of melasma that affects the upper layers of the skin, but it should be difficult to get rid of mixed melasma and melasma that affects the deeper skin layers due to the depth of melanin pigmentation.

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