How has the internet changed horse racing and gambling?

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Technology has revolutionized the world of sport and its impact is felt in almost every contest whether it be the use of sophisticated camera angles in the NFL or specialized systems to indicate whether a goal has been scored in soccer. The changes have helped improve the standards of officiating and decision-making across the sporting world, although debates rage over if the use of technology is a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to the raw emotion of games.

Horse racing and betting companies have benefited more than the most from the rise of technology as it has altered the way in which people have engaged with the sport. In the past, people would have to visit a newsagent or a betting shop to know the top Cheltenham Gold Cup 2022 tips before placing a wager on a horse such as A Plus Tard, who at +300 is the favorite for the event. Or alternatively a bet on an outsider for the race, Chantry House, would involve a trip to the betting shop and research using paper-based media.

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The internet has brought horse racing into the modern era, and the sport has fully embraced all aspects of the online culture. Online betting has brought wagering to the fingertips of punters around the world. It has removed the process of taking a trip to the betting shop, and has allowed users to wager on races at all times of the day and with a variety of wagering markets.

Given that bets can be placed with the tap of a mobile device there has been a notable boom in online wagering beyond the major races including the Grand National and the Cheltenham Gold Cup, but also on daily races. The revolution regarding online streaming has certainly in this regard as the majority of betting sites now cater to allow their customers to watch races as they happen from almost any point in the world. The quality of the coverage enhances the experience, and means that punters no longer need to be at the event to witness the potential success or failure of their horse.

Statistics play a crucial role in deciding which horse to back on race day. Now that almost every statistic has been placed online, bettors can easily turn to websites that are readily available with all the information that they will ever require about the meet in question. Most betting operators will carry this data to ensure that bettors do not have to leave their site or app to browse and consider their options before lodging a wager on the event.

There is still a place in horse racing for traditional forms of wagering and by making a trip to any racecourse across the land you will see a number of betting kiosks offering their own prices and markets. However, for a wide scope of opportunities for wagering on a regular basis, the online betting industry and horse racing have fit together like a hand in a glove, and it has allowed both industries to expand and thrive.

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