The Best Upcoming TV Shows in 2022

As we begin a brand new year, you must be wondering what new TV shows are being released this year. Whether you’re eagerly waiting for your favorite shows to return for a new season or wanting something completely new, if you’re a crime thriller lover or fancy games-based TV shows, show-makers go out of their way to ensure that you always have something of your taste. But sometimes, there are just too many must-watch shows to miss out on that can be a bit overwhelming, so we are here to filter out the list for you.

Which are the 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2022?

Here are some of the most hyped shows of 2022 that should fulfill exactly what you are looking for.

1. Ozark (Season 4), Netflix

One of the beloved crime drama series, Ozark has its flaws, but its characters are extremely thrilling to watch. Marty and Wendy Byrde are finally eyeing an escape from the Ozarks money laundering business they’ve built since the first season. However, a new threat from the Navarro cartel and some dangers lurking close by can derail their hopes anytime soon.   

2. House of the Dragon, HBO

Was Game of Thrones your favorite TV show? Were you heartbroken to see it end miserably in the final season? Without dwelling any further on that, prepare for House of the Dragon, the first prequel to the famous series. The show will focus on the Targaryen family during their time in power, hundreds of years before Daenerys’ quest to claim the Iron Throne. However, it’s not the outside forces that the Targaryens need to be wary of, but their own family circle, who are forcing them into a civil war (the Dance of the Dragons). 

 Top 10 Must-Watch Things on TV in 2022
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3. How I Met Your Father, Hulu

If you’re into sitcoms, this show might be just what you need. The How I Met Your Mother spinoff features Hilary Duff and Kim Cattrall and is based on the same universe as its predecessor. Watch Sophie recall to her child how she met their father that included some daring and awkward encounters, as well as a Tinder set-up and a whole lot of cringe stuff. Thankfully, her friends are there to help her out.

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4. Stranger Things (Season 4), Netflix

Finally, it’s here! The one show we all had been waiting for. Stranger Things 4 is arriving at last and will take you again back to the ’90s for some more fantasy horror. After the supposed death of Jim Hopper and the Byers family shifting to California along with Eleven, things have returned to normal in Hawkins. However, as the kids reunite once more, it doesn’t take too long to change everything once again by the Upside Down. 

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5. Peaky Blinders (Season 6), BBC One

Who hasn’t watched the Peaky Blinders? We all have. However, after eight years, the show is finally ending with its sixth season in 2022. We know Tommy Shelby hates losing, and he won’t shut his shop without having one last dance and settling the messes. With World War II looming closer and closer, the Shelby brothers are losing their grip on reality, with Tommy constantly haunted by Grace’s memories.  

6. Euphoria (Season 2), HBO Max

After a gap of almost three years, we’re finally reunited with TV’s most popular and wildest high schoolers. With stars like Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and others, the provocative series gives you another look at teenage relationships, identity, addiction, and s_xuality with a little less glitter this time around.

7. The Crown (Season 5), Netflix

The royal family drama is back again! The new season slated to release in November 2022 will feature Imelda Staunton as the new Queen Elizabeth. As the family heads into the ’90s, we’re reminded of the horrible incidents of 1992 that included a fire at the Windsor Castle and three marriage splits that ultimately set the stage for the bitter split between Charles and Diana, followed by the latter’s untimely death in 1997.      

8. Moon Knight, Disney+

Do you fancy superhero content? Moon Knight is here for you. The series is based on the Marvel comic-book mercenary Marc, who is possessed by the Egyptian moon god. But, due to his dissociative identity disorder, Marc doesn’t realize that he has been possessed. Moon Knight is expected to be a lot darker and grittier than other Disney+ shows with some serious Conjuring vibes.

9. Pam & Tommy, Hulu

The limited series gives us a glimpse into the infamous s_x tape scandal of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The eight-episode series covers the former couple’s whirlwind relationship and how their s_x tape got stolen and leaked on the internet in the ’90s. It will explore how we view celebrity culture, sl_t-shaming, revenge p_rn, and the ultimate need for privacy.

10. Bridgerton (Season 2), Netflix

Say goodbye to the Duke of Hastings and Daphne as her elder brother Lord Anthony takes center stage in the new season with his romantic pursuits. He has his eyes set on the newcomer Edwina, but her elder sister Kate is trying to foil their union only to find them getting closer than expected.   


From classic revivals to new installments, 2022 is full of eagerly awaited shows for everyone. Let’s hope you found the show you wanted from our given list.

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