Top 10 best-dressed Peaky Blinders actors ranked

The British period crime drama television series “Peaky Blinders” has turned out to be a memorable show for many. Its stylish cinematography and performances have received critical acclaim while the dressing of its characters has turned into some sort of cultural movement.

Here we take a look at the top 10 best-dressed actors from the Peaky Blinders show, ranked according to fans:

10. Abrema Gold/Aidan Gillen

Top 10 best-dressed Peaky Blinders actors ranked

Known for his role as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish in the HBO series Game of Thrones, he appeared on the “Peaky Blinders” much later. However, his eccentric character as Abrema Gold quickly warmed its way into fans’ heart. You can see how he also made his way into our list for his style.

9. Finn Shelby/Harry Kirton 

Finn Shelby | John shelby peaky blinders, Peaky blinders, Actors

Cast as an immature member of the Shelby family, Finn Shelby does not fail to show off his style with an attitude to match. His older character, played by Harry Kirton, got hearts swelling each time he appeared.

8. Freddy Thorne/Iddo Goldberg

Top 10 best-dressed Peaky Blinders actors ranked

With his intense relationship with Ada Shelby at the start of the show, Freddy Thorne (played by Iddo Goldberg) rarely appeared fully clothed. However, on the rare occasion when he does, he pulls it off impressively.

7. John “Johnny” Shelby/Joe Cole

Peaky Blinders' John Shelby actor Joe Cole speaks out over surprise return  - Birmingham Live

The most beloved of all the characters on the list, John “Johnny” Shelby (played by Joe Cole) was also serving looks for several seasons. His remarkable three-piece suits will no doubt be showing up at red carpet events in 2021.

6. Chief Inspector/Major Chester Campbell/Sam Neill

Top 10 best-dressed Peaky Blinders actors ranked

You are allowed to hate the Major Campbell character but it will be dishonest to say he did not dress too good for the role. The stylists of the “Peaky Blinders” series went all out in making this villain a fashionable one.

5. Darby Sabini/Noah Taylor

Peaky Blinders Noah Taylor as Darby Sabini Looking Sharply Handsome Sitting  One Hand Resting 8 x 10 Inch Photo at Amazon's Entertainment Collectibles  Store

Taylor’s character is another one that viewers were likely not rooting for but his style gave them something to look forward to. Playing the Italian Mob Darby Sabini, the character showcased its high-taste in style.

4. Arthur Shelby Jr/Paul Anderson

Top 10 best-dressed Peaky Blinders actors ranked

Also arguably one of the most memorable performers in the show, Paul Anderson wore the Old English mafia fashion to the latter. Although for Arthur Shelby, each scene is likely to end with his clothes bloodied, it does not stop us from appreciating the art.

3. Michael Gray/Finn Cole

Peaky Blinders fans convinced Tommy and Michael have secret plan to take  down Mosley – and their feud is all for show

Finn Cole as Michael Gray is one of the best-dressed male actors in the “Peaky Blinders”. Each scene he appears in suddenly takes the style up a notch as many other characters struggled to shine in the background.

2. Thomas “Tommy” Shelby/Cillian Murphy

Top 10 best-dressed Peaky Blinders actors ranked

One thing that amazes viewers is how Cillian Murphy appeared in almost every scene of the five seasons and the stylists never missed a step once. Despite being the main character, he dressed as perfectly as his character spoke.

1. Luca Changretta/Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody Peaky Blinders Woolen Coat | Peaky blinders, Peaky blinders  coat, Mafia outfit

Adrien Brody was immaculately garbed for his role as Luca Changretta and despite appearing in one season, he edges out other characters as the best-dressed male actor on the “Peaky Blinders” show.

It is no surprise that the show won the Best Costume Design awards at the IFTA Film and Television Awards and RTS Craft & Design Awards. It was also nominated in the same category at the BAFTA Television Craft Awards. Which of these looks are you planning to pull off in the nearest future.

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