All the details we have on Kate Spade’s daughter, Frances Beatrix Spade

Frances Beatrix Spade is best known as the only daughter of Andy Spade and Kate Spade. She was born on 14 February 2015, and her mother is a phenomenal fashion star famous for her Global brand name “Kate Spade.” Kate eventually sold out many of her shares because of her daughter Bea and later committed suicide. Her fans have been curious to know her reason for doing so. 

By extension, Frances, who turns 17 in 2022, has also been of interest to many, despite not having many details online. However, I hope people keep their attention less intrusive because she is presently a high school student in New York. 

Before her mother’s death, Frances enjoyed a great time with her. For example, her mom took a nine-year break from her business to focus on her daughter, and she admitted that Frances enjoyed every moment they spent together. In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Kate talked about her daughter being her priority even though she had returned to the fashion industry. 

Top 10 facts about Frances Beatrix Spade

  1. Frances Beatrix Spade was born on Valentine’s Day, globally recognized as “Lovers day.” 
  2. Her mother, Kate Spade, was not originally a fashion designer but a Journalist; however, she switched to fashion design and built a million-dollar company.
  3. Kate’s mother disapproved of her relationship with her partner, Andy, until the duo tied the knot. 
  4. Kate Spade changed her name a lot during her career. Before marriage, she was Katherine Noel Brosnahan and legally switched to the now-famous name after marriage. After a few years, she changed it again to Kate Frances Valentine. 
  5. The family’s brand name, “Kate Spade,” was chosen by Andy, and it was a combination of their names. 
  6. Kate sold her shares so she could have enough time for her daughter.
  7. Frances Beatrix Spade made her acting debut at five in a 2008 movie titled The Pleasure of Being Robbed.
  8. Her family shares a family bond with Hollywood famous stars such as actor, stand-up comedian, writer, and television host David Spade and American actress Rachel Brosnahan.
  9. Frances has a net worth of $200k, whereas her mother, Kate Spade, had an estimated $200million before she passed.
  10. Kate and Andy also established “Frances Valentine” in 2006 after the 1993 “Kate Spade” brand’s success.

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Full Name Frances Beatrix
Nickname Bea
Date of Birth 14 February 2005
Father Andy Spade
Mother Kate Spade
Profession Actress
Net worth $200k
Height 5’8’’


Frances started a career in the filming industry at five. She had roles in two Hollywood movies; the 2008 Australian comedy-drama film The Black Balloon and the American drama film The Pressure of Being Robbed. Her father, Andy, has also been a movie producer and he produced the two above-mentioned movies that Frances she played roles in. After the Kate Spade’s passing, fans are curious to know what is happening with her daughter. The most recent public sighting of her was when David Spade, known to be the brother of Andy Spade, shared a photo he took with her when she was fourteen.

Personal life

Her parents

Kate Spade (Frances’ mother) went to Theresa Academy and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Arizona University. She and Andy met when they were both working in a clothing store. While Kate worked in the female section, Andy worked in the male department. Sources had it that one day Andy’s car developed a mechanical fault and could not be used; he asked Kate for a lift, which was the beginning of something beautiful. They started dating in no distant time. He realized that she had an interest in fashion design, he didn’t hesitate to support her career in the fashion industry. 

She noticed that the handbags made in the market were unaffordable but at the same time were not beautiful in style. Being a creative designer, Kate discussed her passion with her husband, Andy, and he started a fashion design business for her by funding the company with his savings and money from a pension plan. She decided to quit her job to focus on the bag design business. The business began to bloom, and in 1993, she established her own brand “Kate Spade.” The duo got married in 1994, a year after they launched “Kate Spade,” her business faced losses in the first few years of establishment. Still, with her creativity and consistency, she began making huge profits. In 1995 her net turnover became $1.5 million. By the following year, it had reached $6million.

Frances Beatrix Spade Bio: Kate Spade daughter, suicide, net worth, Andy
Andy and Kate Spade (Frances Beatrix Spade’s parents)

When the business started, the primary focus was on handbags, but she diversified into making pieces of jewelry, footwear, home decorations, and merchandise as time went on. 

In 1999, Nieman Marcus (an American chain of luxury department stores) bought 56% of the company’s shares, which led to an increase in revenue – several sources reported it to be $89million. In 2005/2006, it had become $99million, and by the time Liz Claiborne took over the business, it was worth $124 million. The couple had also started a home collection brand in 2004 called “Kate Spade at home” that deals with wallpapers, table décor, beddings, china, bath items, flatware, and various decoration items.

Kate eventually sold her remaining shares to spend quality time with her daughter, Frances. She also published three books on fashion, etiquette, and fashion titled Style, Occasion, and Manners.

Before passing, Katherine Noel Brosnahan, aka Kate Spade, possessed a hefty net worth of $200Million. 

Kate Spade suicide

Kate Spade died of suicide, according to authorities that visited the scene, on 5 June 2018. Reports claimed that the housekeeper had discovered her dead body in the morning. Her husband later stated that she had struggled with anxiety and depression for more than five years. Although, he also added that she was working closely with doctors who were treating her. Meanwhile, her relatives reported that she seemed to be in a perfect mood the night before her death. 

Inside sources further claimed that Kate and Andy lived apart for about ten months before the tragic incident. Although Andy, in an interview with The Times, said they had no divorce plans. They appeared to be a good couple with intense chemistry.

Andy Spade and his daughter, Frances Beatrix, planted Christmas trees outside their home to constantly remember Kate Spade’s holiday and birthday. On what would have been the 57th birthday of his late wife, Andy wrote something on mental health, which he shared on social media. 

“Dear Katy, this tree is for you. Bea is planting it outside of our big window to keep your magical spirit and energy close to us every day. It will bless our new home in California and radiate your essence 365 days a year. You were illuminated, and we feel your presence wherever we go. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you have given me over the years. For your beauty, intelligence, and grace under pressure. For your boundless generosity, unflappable honesty, and kindness to all living things.”

A few years later, a short documentary of Kate Spade featured on The Last Hours (S9EP35) on 11 July on REELZ. Some sources claim that Kate Spade left her daughter a note before her passing, asking her not to blame herself or her father for the suicide. However, Andy denied knowing anything about this note, although he read the purported thing online. He expressed displeasure over the letter that was supposed to be private, circulating the media. Her sister, Reta Saffo, also told Dailyail that Kate presumably had bipolar disorder, which worsened after becoming a celebrity.

Here is another short video on her by The List on YouTube:

Social media

Frances is in her teenage years, and we have not traced any social media account to her. She appears not to be active on any social media platform at this time, despite being a celebrity kid.

Net worth

Frances Beatrix has earned herself an estimated net worth of $200k from her short career as an actress and the daughter of millionaires. Her mother, Kate Spade, had an estimated net worth of $200 million before passing away in 2018. 


Frances Beatrix Spade is a young girl still finding her path in life. Despite having an early start in the entertainment industry, we have no proof that this is the life she will lead as an adult. Her parents, Kate and Andy Spade, had made it big in the fashion world, and Frances likely does not need to worry about money yet.

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