How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers in 2021?

Do you want to stay safe while using the phone and protect all information on it? Discover efficient tips on how to prevent phone hackers from third parties.

How to protect your phone from being hacked: experts know

4 Hacks to Keep Your Phone More Sec...
4 Hacks to Keep Your Phone More Secure

It is rather difficult to imagine a person without a phone today. People use smartphones to play, work, communicate and solve several different issues during the day. But what if your phone suddenly broke? Or, even worse – has someone hacked your device? Perhaps you do not want to deal with such unpleasant cases. That’s why you need to learn how to protect your phone from being hacked.

What is phone hacking?

Before discussing the tips that can help you prevent third parties from stealing your data, let’s clarify what phone hacking is. It includes any strategy of the person or entire organization in getting access to your device and all stored data on it. Phone hacking can happen to everybody despite the device a person has. Hence it is important to do everything possible to boost your defense line.

How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers in 2021

Stop phone hackers with these 9 tips

Today the developers do everything possible to provide users with reliable gadgets. Still, the chances that someone will try to penetrate your system are quite high. Practicing these efficient tips will help reduce the risks of iPhone and Android phone hacking.

  1. Check your device constantly
    Never leave your phone, especially in a public place. In this case, you enhance the chances of losing your device and all information that is stored on it. If you have an iPhone, then turn on the option – Find My iPhone. This way, you can find your device quicker than hackers will reach your data and take advantage of it.
  2. Consider VPN download for Android and iOS
    Of course, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks. But the risks of losing your information are still high. Hence, consider iPad VPN free to download. It will mask your real IP as well as connection from third parties. No hackers will be able to steal your data and watch your activities. If you are not sure that it really works, then use the trial to check all features that it provides. With a reliable service like VeePN, you have nothing to worry about.
  3. Add extra protection
    After reading a VPN review and installing a trustworthy client, you can add extra protection. Every device comes with certain features like finger, face, PIN, or pattern protection. You can pick up any of these options and take a step further to protect your phone. For instance, a strong password or two-factor authentication will prevent phone hackers from entering your system and taking your data.
  4. Download only official applications
    Official stores like Apple’s app store and Google Play, take advanced measures to protect the information of the users. Therefore, you should download applications there instead of going to strange resources and risk your safety. Otherwise, you can quickly lose important data. Remember to read the reviews of the app attentively before pressing the button “Download”.
  5. Regularly update your apps
    Most of us download plenty of applications and even do not remember about their existence afterward. Hold an experiment. Take your phone and check all applications on it. Do you use all of them, or can some be deleted easily? It is recommended to get rid of apps that you do not use. As for the rest, you need to mind updating them regularly. You see, over time, they simply can’t guarantee complete safety for your phone. So, turn on auto-updates and enjoy newly introduced options along with advanced security features.
  6. Download security software
    It doesn’t matter whether you own a phone on an Android or iOS system; your gadget must have security software. A special app will keep things safe on your device and reduce the chance of hacking. All in all, you will feel more secure while doing online shopping, making payments, or any other operations.
  7. Back up your information
    This option is great due to two reasons. First of all, you will be able to shift from an old to a new device easily, as all your data is backed up. Moreover, you can be sure that your information is always with you despite whether you lost your device or it has been hacked. A secure copy will be stored in the cloud, and you can reach it only in a few seconds.
  8. Learn how to act in case of emergency
    If you face one of two worst scenarios – your phone was stolen or broken, you should do everything possible to reduce the risks of losing personal data. Discover how you can wipe the data or lock the device remotely. If you followed the above step, then perhaps your data is in the cloud already. Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid of wiping all information. This way, you will protect all sensitive data in case of iOS or Android phone hacking.
  9. Remove your footprint
    Mind to delete such common data as cookies, browsing history, and cache. Getting rid of the virtual footprint is a crucial step to reduce the amount of data that hackers can reach. As a result, they won’t be able to watch your online activities.

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How to understand when someone tries to hack your device

If you are hesitating whether someone really wants to penetrate your system, then mind these signs and clarify everything at once:

  • Your phone works slowly. A hacked phone usually gives control over obscure apps.
  • Your phone is discharging quickly. Deceitful apps require a lot of force to run.
  • You notice strange actions on online records. A hacker makes changes to your important online records.
  • You have new messages or calls. A hacker may use SMS Trojan to penetrate your smartphone via friends and relatives.

If you notice any of these signs, then do not postpone installing VPN Android or iOS and following the best tips from the list above. Be safe and protected!


Your phone can tell a lot about you, starting from credit card data and ending your private photos. If you do not want to put yourself at risk of dealing with hackers, then you should keep an eye on the 9 tips from experts and regularly apply them. Do not neglect basic rules and use your device without any worries.

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