Relationship traps that couples should avoid

Building a lasting relationship is never easy, it goes beyond having sweet talks and outings. It takes effort, determination to stick together, willingness to take the good with the bad and to tackle the ups and downs. 

Thrown in caring for the emotional and mental wellbeing of your partner, respecting their persons, encouraging them to be the best of themselves, supporting their hard choices and lending them a shoulder to lean on. Building lasting relationships is hard work.

But sometimes, even in the midst of best intentions, some couples trip and in a twinkle of an eye, they see what they have spent years nurturing and building come crashing down on them. Apportioning blame doesn’t solve the issue. Sometimes, getting past the hurt is almost impossible and those couples who did may never get back to how they were before the crash.

Sometimes, the reasons for the crash are known, at other times they aren’t so obvious, often appearing as traps in hindsight. These traps if ignored can cause even the sweetest relationship to collapse. In many cases, some couples aren’t even aware of some of these relationship traps until they impact their relationship. Knowing these traps and how to navigate/avoid them is crucial for couples trying to build the relationship of their dreams. We hope this article will help you to identify relationship traps and, the ways they impact on your relationship if not addressed and what you can do to avoid them.

Here are five relationship traps that every couple wanting to last the mile should.

Killing the trust

Trust can be ruined in so many ways in a relationship. It could be cheating, lying, a lack of transparency amongst others. When you start to doubt your partner with whatever he tells you or does, then that relationship will suffer. The best way to avoid this trap is to be open, loyal and faithful to your partner.

Letting anger overtake you

Fights and misunderstandings are inevitable but how you handle them matters. When you let anger overtake you and you say cruel things or build a wall between you and your partner, you’re slowly killing the relationship. The goal should be to resolve the problem and not to offend the other person. Those words spoken in anger, are never forgotten.

Avoiding the hard conversations

This is one of the most dangerous traps to fall into. Your problems don’t actually go away if you ignore them, it can only get better when you talk about them. Be brave and have the hard conversations.

Hitting below the belt

No matter how upset you are, try not to attack your partner below the belt. It is always important to keep the fight fair. Hitting your partner below the belt is not the way to get what you want. Try as much as possible to be considerate.

Don’t create room for emotional distance

You may notice there are times when you don’t really feel a strong emotional attachment to your partner, this is just a phase. The most important thing is to not let the phase last too long or the other person will feel rejected. When you notice this distance, then it may be time to do something special to rekindle love.

After reading this, please share with us your opinion including any tip you think we might have missed.

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