Dating vs relationship: different types of human relationships options for singles

Dating and relationships have been confused as meaning the same thing because they both constitute a level of human relationships among single people. It is essential first to understand that they mean different things, both by definition and to people.

Dating meaning

When many people use the word ‘dating’, they mean that they are engaged in social activities with a person to access them—accessing them to what end? Dating helps to determine whether they are suitable for a more intimate relationship in the future. This is why people have different boundaries when they are ‘still’ dating.

Relationship meaning 

In the context of this article relating to single people, a relationship means having a close romantic and sexual bond with another person. It is usually important to clarify what stages you are in with someone else to avoid the awkward ‘what are we?’ question. As you will see, dating and relationships are evolving.

Human relationships have changed

While there are several different types of human relationships, many single people are interested in dating or having a relationship. But not with the same goal in mind that they had in the past.

Before, people used to strive for longer-term relationships, they used to look for a partner for life, and they used to want to get married. Couple love used to be the target of many relationships, with several women looking forward to happy moments like their honeymoon phase.

Now, much has changed. Young people are in no hurry to enter into a serious relationship and get married. They prefer easy communication before they start to look for a serious relationship. This is why speed dating and dating sites are so popular now. Not many single people daydream about questions like, what does being in love feel like?, anymore.

Yes, the culture of relations has changed, but this is neither good nor bad; this is normal because the time and conditions have changed. Now many young people want to pay more attention to their studies and careers, and only then build a family. Busy people do not have time to build long-term relationships, but they want to communicate with the opposite gender; in these cases, dating sites and one-night stands help. But even from such seemingly short-term relationships, you can get something serious. After all, people often exchange contacts and communicate further after dating.

Despite the change in behavior towards dating, there is never a bad time to fall in love. Now is as good a time as any. However, you must get your priorities straight before you start looking for local singles near you.

Dating among young people

As already hinted, young people now prefer speed dating. This modernized matchmaking process enables single people to meet many potential partners in a short period. So, if they want to meet a likely partner or find a woman for one night, this is the system they trust.

It is important to point out that while it is common among young people, even older people have also turned to speed dating processes in recent times.

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Additionally, the old matchmaking process of an individual recommending potential partners has now been replaced by dating sites. Their advantage cannot be overstated as they have more reach, are faster to use and are more discreet.

If you are just using dating sites for the first time, you should take note of the following factors. They could also solve problems if you have had difficulties connecting with people or finding hookups near you.

Factors that improve your success on dating sites

Dating vs relationship: different types
Dating app profile or bio. Photo Credit: Together2Tonight.

Dating site bios (profiles): Since you will not be able to give another first impression, your dating site bios or profiles should do the talking for you. It does not have to be out worldly creative or too informative. You should state intent clearly, use a photo (or photos) that highlight all your positive physical attributes and be funny.

First message: When you finally match with someone or ‘click’ with a potential partner, your first message is as critical as your profile. This is because while your photo and bio have attracted the person, what you say first will either keep them or turn them off. It is the new ‘how to start a conversation’. For hookup, you can open with flirting quotes to ease things up. The cheesier, the better. However, for a serious relationship, you may want to try a different tact; a question referring to the person’s publicly available details might help. Though, don’t get too personal in your first interaction.

Dedication: Whether, in hookup situations or a serious relationship, you should show a level of dedication when you and the other person have started talking (chatting). Small things like keeping to time and fulfilling promises make a person trust you faster. Also, dropping quotes from the person’s favorite movies, music, books, or poems also show that you think of them. Generally, an adult looks for these signs early in a relationship without knowing it.

There is no certain way that two different people will respond to the same question or statement, so it is better to approach each conversation differently.


We now live in a fast-paced world where everyone is as busy as possible with very little time to meet strangers when it does not involve building their careers. This change in human behavior has affected their goals and interactions, which means that what you have always believed to be a certain way may no longer be that way. The memorable words of Major League Baseball player Oscar Gamble come to mind, ‘they don’t think it be like it is but it do’.

With the advancement of technology, it only makes sense that you try to meet people where they are; and many busy single people are online now. All you need to do is build your dating sites bios or profiles, send that first message and get on with your dating life.

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