6 Creative Ways To Keep Your Beloved Pet’s Ashes Safe

When we lose a loved one, the last thing we want to do is deal with their remains. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that our pets are properly disposed of after they die. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or money to handle this process ourselves.

This article will share seven creative ways to keep your pet’s ashes safe. From burying them in your backyard to scattering them at a favorite park, read on for ideas on how to ensure that your loved ones stay with you forever.

Keep them in a special container

To keep your pet’s ashes safe, you can make a special container or place them in a ceramic pet urn. You can find many creative ways to do this, such as using a glass jar with a lid or an urn made of sturdy wood. You can also create a memorial garden for your pet, filled with flowers and stones that mention their name.

Make a remembrance plaque

There are many creative ways to keep your beloved pet’s ashes safe. One way is to make a remembrance plaque. This plaque can be made out of any material you want and can be personalized with the pet’s name and information. You can also create a memorial garden in which to place the ashes.

Embalm them

There are many creative ways to keep your beloved pet’s ashes safe and preserved. Some people choose to have their pets cremated, while others bury them in a garden or wilderness area. Here are some creative methods of preserving your pet’s remains:

1) Make a Memorial Brick:

Many people choose to make a memorial brick in honor of their departed pet. You can create a personalized brick with photos, poems, or memories. This is a great way to keep your loved one close by without having to visit their grave every day.

2) Create A Pet Memorial Garden:

Another popular way to commemorate your pet is by creating a pet memorial garden. This can be done by planting favorite plants or flowers around the gravesite that remind you of your loved one. You could also add stones and markers to remember special moments with your pet.

3) Have Your Pet Cremated And Keep Their Ashes Safe:

If you prefer to have your pet cremated, make sure to take precautions to keep their ashes safe. Make sure they are securely placed in an urn or jar so they don’t get damaged during the cremation process. Once the ashes have been cremated, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Create a garden in their honor

If your loved pet dies, there is no need to be upset or feel guilty. Instead, create a garden in their honor and enjoy the memories! Here are some creative ways to keep your beloved pet’s ashes safe:

  • Create a garden in their memory.

This is a great way to memorialize your pet and enjoy the plants they loved so much. You could also create a plaque with information about your pet and its favorite plants.

  • Plant flowers in their memory.

Roses have long been known as a symbol of love and remembrance, so why not plant them in honor of your beloved pet? Fill up their gravesite with fresh flowers each Spring and Fall while they are still remembered.

  • Place a tree in their memory.

A tree is a natural symbol of life, so planting one in honor of your loved one will please them forever! Choose a tree that reminds you of them or has flowers that they enjoyed.

  • Create an altar in their memory.

This can be anything from simple flowers to statues of pets that were important to them (or even themselves at one point!). It’s an easy way to commemorate them and feels closer to them every time you visit.

Have a memorial service

A memorial service is an important way to remember your beloved pet. There are many creative ways to keep your pet’s ashes safe and private.

Some people choose to have a small memorial service at home with close friends and family. Some people choose to have a large public memorial service attended by many friends and family members. There are many options available, make sure that you and your loved ones are comfortable with what you choose.

Another option is to scatter the ashes in a favorite place or take them on a special trip together. Once you have decided what kind of memorial service you would like, make arrangements with your local crematory or mortuary so that their staff can help with the ceremony.

Whatever route you decide to take, be sure to enjoy each moment together as a family while honoring your beloved pet’s memory.

Spread their ashes at sea

One creative way to keep your beloved pet’s ashes safe is to spread them at sea. This is a beautiful and solemn way to say goodbye to your furry friend. You can take care of all the details beforehand, or do it on a tranquil day in the ocean. Just make sure that the wind and waves are gentle so the ashes stay together as a single piece.


As we all know, death is a natural process that happens to everyone. While it can be difficult to accept, we must remember that our pets will eventually pass away. When this happens, it’s important to make sure that their remains are handled with respect and care.

Here are seven creative ways you can keep your pet’s ashes safe and beautiful:

1) Traditionally embalm the pet using wax or resin.

2) Make a memory box filled with photographs and precious belongings from throughout the pet’s life.

3) Create an altar out of wood or stone where the pet’s remains will be placed.

4) Make a sculpture or painting of the pet using natural materials like clay, bone, or feathers.

5) Create an installation featuring multiple pieces of art inspired by the pet’s life and personality.

6) Gather together loved ones for a special memorial service in honor of your beloved animal friend.

7) Spread cremated ashes on nature’s beauty (mountains, oceans, etc.) as a final gesture of love and appreciation for your furry friend.

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