Wande Coal And His Crew Accused Of Beating Up A Young Man To A Pulp

Wande Coal, a  famous Nigerian singer, and his crew were accused of beating up a young man to a pulp.

Nigerian singer Wande Coal has been accused of beating up a young man. According to a Twitter who claims to be a sibling to the victim, the singer, in collaboration with his crew, assaulted his brother for no reason.

“You’re a b-----d @wandecoal and you won’t get away with what you did to my brother this evening, My elder brother just called me subbing like a child because you and your gang beat him mercilessly simply because his vehicle was in your way,” he tweeted.

“This b-----d and his gang asked my brother to remove his vehicle so they could move, my brother obliged and went to get his car keys, as soon as he approached his car to open it, one of them slapped him, and before he could say anything else, another punched him.”

“Never felt so livid in my entire life. My elder brother called me sobbing like a child. They’d beaten him so bad he was crying so much. Who do you think you are?? @wandecoal.”

“My brother is subbing with a swollen face and black eye. All because of what???? My brother is the most easygoing person I know. Always avoids trouble, so I’m pretty sure he did absolutely nothing to warrant getting treated like that.”

These accusations are coming days after Burna Boy of accused of a similar crime. The singer’s associates were accused of almost killing some fun-seekers at a nightclub. According to a close friend of the victims, the singer’s crew orchestrated the ugly incident over a woman.

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“My Guys came to 9ja from England & USA Respectively 4 a wedding. I invited dem out to club Cubana a petty altercation with Burna Boy’s people arose (Cos of woman). The next thing Bullets started flying, one got scraped in the head by a bullet and the other one got shot in the leg,” he tweeted.

Although the singer has remained silent over the incident.

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