The rumours are true, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back together

Chemistry and history lead the way in what is brewing up to be the reunion of the year. Some may in fact argue that it is the reunion of the decade, as the 2000s couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have become an item again.

You can’t possibly have missed out on the rumours that have been going around for some time now. The #Bennifer ship has silently gathered momentum and is now officially off the shores. Jennifer and Ben have been continuously seen together over the past months, and even though they both stayed mum about it, the signs were unmistakable; a comeback was on.

While J.Lo reportedly said she doesn’t want to rush into anything, considering her recent separation from fiancé Alex Rodriguez, she and Ben have been on a solo vacation recently.

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Well, it appears that guess games are over now as a source confirms the two are now indeed “full-on” dating. According to the Us Weekly source, they are excited to see where things lead this time around.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Ben and Jennifer have always remained close friends after their first relationship ended. It is as though the feelings never really died, and now the fire has been rekindled. As the source added, “They have always remained close friends and that is the basis for their relationship. They both respect and trust each other. Ben and Jen are also very attracted to one another.”

We are sure it also helps that they have both grown even more and must’ve learnt some useful relationship lessons over the years. We can only wish them the best and hope they get it right this time around. Cheers to rekindled love and second chances.

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