Eternals reviews: is it good or just another MCU flick?

Eternals reviews are in! The second offering in the MCU Phase 4 project began its cinema run on Friday, and reviews have been coming in from every angle.

The movie, which is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, features a group of never-before-seen superheroes who have existed for thousands of years. In a bid to save the world from a vicious race of villains called, Deviants, the Eternals come out of hiding.

More often than not, art is a matter of taste and interpretation, and in the cinematic world, even more so. While some films can be said to have a general or consensus reaction from viewers, some charge far more polarized feedbacks. Eternals debuted two days ago (5 November 2021), and the reviews have literally been a war between critics and audience. The film has gotten as much praise from viewers as it has had criticism from film critics.

For what it’s worth, however, controversial feedbacks like this only spark curiosity and increase interest in the public. And that is never not good for the financial side of things. With a $69.1 million Box Office revenue so far, in a yet to be concluded opening weekend, it looks like Eternals will make some long money.

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Let’s see what’s being said about the film by moviegoers. Remember, it is all a matter of taste, and you should totally see it to make your own conclusions.

Positive Reviews

One of the people’s favorite things about the film seems to be a certain romance between two Eternals. Entertainment journalist Matt Ramos tweeted“The Best romantic relationship in #Eternals is between #Druig and #Makkari.” He didn’t stop there, adding in another tweet, “You could feel their love just by the way they looked at each other.”

Druig and Makkari in Eternals


Another audience, Pia, seems to have been particularly enthralled by Angelina Jolie’s performance. “I went into #Eternals not expecting to come out being in love with Angelina Jolie’s #Thena yet here we are… #AngelinaJolie,” Pia wrote.

A Twitter user named EternalTalks blew hot in their reaction to critics who gave negative feedback to the film, tweeting“Y’all critics are smoking crack… #Eternals is one of the most darkest beautiful and emotional Marvel movies of all time. The visuals are stunning and the cinematography is one of the best you’ll ever see. Chloe Zhao did a marvelous job!!! Top tier Marvel for me!!”

Stonely said: “ETERNALS WAS A BANGER! Story, pacing were great. Vfx was great and color grading was normal. Connected with all characters. Great twists. Unhappy with some decisions. Engaging. Overhyped credits. Top 10 MCU. 9.5/10”

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Negative Reviews

Of course, it was not all ‘love and light’ for the new MCU offering. There were some harsh takes following its worldwide release.

One critic for New Yorker said“Regardless of Zhao’s (and Marvel’s) intentions, “Eternals” is a parade of faces without experience, a movie that reaches back and forth through history and comes back empty-handed.”

Richard Roeper, writing for Chicago SunTimes, calls the film forgettable, saying, “This is one of the more forgettable MCU movies, despite the direction of Oscar winner Chloé Zhao. [sic]”

Even harsher a review was this one by a Night Vision writer, “Chloé Zhao’s dreadfully dull Marvel movie “Eternals” should really have been titled ‘Loiterers.'”

In her article for Vulture, titled, Eternals is Nobody’s Film, Angelica Jade Bastién said, “With Eternals, Marvel proves itself to be nothing more than a staid, lumbering black hole. What’s the point in pulling in Hollywood stars if you’re just going to obliterate them?…”

Eternals is currently showing exclusively in cinemas


One thing is sure, this film is fast becoming the most controversial MCU offering, review wise. The reactions will keep coming, and more people will become more interested in seeing it. Make of these reviews what you may, but the final say is left to you. And if you have already seen the film, pray tell, what side are you on?

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