For men: don’t know what to wear on the first date? Hacks that work

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Getting the first date is quite the work, but making sure you make a good impression is a whole lot harder; here is why. There is the danger that you might overdress or underdress. Basically, the best way to turn up at your first date is delicately balancing a stylish appearance.

Your confidence goes through the roof when you are one of the best-dressed people in your immediate surroundings. Automatically, you know that no one is going to look down on you or second-guess your status.

Additionally, although we mentioned the importance of dressing well to a first date at the beginning of this article, it also extends to other aspects of human interactions. Be it a meeting or any other formal setting; it is still very key to show up looking as good as is fitting.

It may come as a surprise to many men, but even when meeting others for a business, you are initially accessed by how you look. This is a reflex action and may not even be used to judge what you have to say later on. Yet, if you are perceived as a poorly dressed person, it may reflect in people’s reaction towards you. And in turn, this could set the tone for a very bad meeting.

Most importantly is when a man is meeting a member of the opposite sex in an informal setting. Either through the age-old date night or a botty call online, it is important to look your best. Here is how:

How to look good on a first date

Unsurprisingly, men take lesser time to choose outfits than women. According to a Marks & Spencer study conducted in 2020, compared to the 62% of women who have thrown tantrums at frustrations in not being able to pick the right outfit, only 20% of men admitted to ever doing this.

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Twenty years ago, it might have been seen as normal, or even ‘cute,’ for a man to show up for a date looking disheveled. However, in 2021, more women expect their dates to look as close to perfect as possible. This starts with how their ‘date’ looks. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to looking stylish for a date with a woman:

1. Smell good

Quoting Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University and the author, most recently, of Why We LoveMen’s Health says that women have a better sense of smell than men. So, unless you are going on a hike or something excessively vigorous, your first date should have you smelling nice. Long after the conversation, the smell you brought with you on the date lasts longer with a woman.

2. Wear a conversation starter

Speaking about conversations, talking with someone you are meeting physically for the first time is tricky, so you will need all the help you can get. One of such is wearing pieces of clothing that your date will no doubt spot and ask about. “Oh! This shirt says ‘Orange is not the new black,’ did you like the show that said otherwise” is a better conversation starter than commenting on the weather after pointing out the restaurant’s service. Also, if your date fails to mention any of the conversation starters you are sporting, don’t bring them up yourself. Otherwise, you may be at risk of making her appear ignorant.

3. Express yourself

While carefully planning your outfit, ensure you are not passing yourself off as someone else. Doing this may have you playing a character throughout the duration you are with the person; this is a tedious task you want to do away from the get-go. Wear clothes that are true to who you are. You don’t want to pass yourself off as playboy Tony Stark when you are really a Captain America morally-inclined Steve Rogers on your first date.

4. Wear clean shoes

If your date is shy and she finds herself instinctively looking at the floor in an attempt to avoid your gaze, you don’t want to present an eyesore. Even if the road to where you set up your date is treacherous, clean your shoes when you arrive at the location. Also, wear befitting shoes for the venue. Meanwhile, make sure that you are comfortable in it or else, you may find it difficult to focus as the pain in your toes keeps distracting you. One way to get comfortable in a shoe is by wearing it more than once before the day of the date.

5. Dress appropriately

While everyone may like Randy Orton’s WWE outfit, he would look out of place if he wore it to a wedding ceremony. Of course, unless it was themed ‘WWE Costume’. The point is; dress for the occasion and the venue. You don’t want your date to be embarrassed to stand by your side because you look like you got dragged in by a cat at a fancy restaurant. Conversely, you don’t want to look like a 100-year-old vampire in a nightclub.

While we have prioritized physical first dates in this article, you should also take note that you have an opportunity to make a good first impression on an online date. Here is how you can do this briefly:

How to Tackle Online Dating in a World Full of Liars, Cheaters, and Opportunists

How to look good on a first date (online)

These tips are for video dates:

1. Make sure your hair looks good and either shows or hides your face, as you may prefer. This part of the preparation depends on what the other person likes and what you are comfortable with.

2. Your background should fit the narrative you have been using via chats and on your dating profile.

3. Wear a conversation starter to make discussions flow smoothly.

4. Have proper lighting to not appear mysterious.

5. Take care of your skin.


Ultimately, while the goal of a first date is getting to know your potential partner, you also need to show them who you are as well. The amount of time you invest in preparing for a date tells the other person that you are invested in making them comfortable and appreciated.

A first date determines whether you will get a second; put your all into it. Don’t be lax about it, as women want their men to look good. You may also like to read our latest article, How to live a healthy lifestyle in 11 simple steps… at no extra cost.

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