How to live a healthy lifestyle in 11 simple steps… at no extra cost

See the 11 basics of how to live a healthy lifestyle without extra costs and inconvenience.

We are often told that in order to stay fit, we must eat well and exercise on a regular basis. In reality, leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a positive attitude, good mental health, and a positive self-image.

The first step toward a healthier lifestyle is to consume more greens and ‘superfoods’ while reducing your intake of sugar and alcohol. Sleeping, meditating, exercising, and reducing stress are all important components of a healthy lifestyle. But how many of us practice these on a regular basis?

It can be overwhelming at times, but it does not have to be. Living a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with a realistic approach.

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11 steps to living a healthy lifestyle

1. Eat a balanced diet

Vegetables, fruit, lean meats like chicken and ground turkey, and grains should all be part of your diet. But remember to treat yourself once in a while, whether it is a small portion of dessert one night, a splurge brunch with your friends on the weekend, or indulging in your favourite take-out every couple of weeks. The importance of balance cannot be overstated.

2. Drink more water

Water is essential for performing bodily functions, eliminating waste, and transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies. We must constantly replenish the amount of water in our bodies because we expel water through urination, bowel movements, perspiration, and breathing.

The amount of water we require is determined by several factors, but an average adult requires two to three litres per day. A colourless or pale yellow urine indicates that you are taking enough water.

Sometimes, it is possible to remain dehydrated despite drinking water. If you’re having trouble reaching your daily hydration goals, Tucson IV treatment or on call IV in Los Angeles can help thoroughly rehydrate you fast.

 3. Avoid negativity

Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude, even when it is difficult, may result in better outcomes. Allow someone or a friend to go if you believe they are negative.

4. Exercise

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress, so make it a point to move every day.

Hike, play tennis with a friend, go swimming, ride your bike, attend a yoga class, or stream an online workout. The alternatives listed above are preferable to going to the gym, especially if it is not your thing.

5. Stop being concerned about what others think

It is not worthwhile to waste your time and energy on the opinions of others, especially if they are harmful to you. If you are honest, you will attract people who genuinely like and value you for who you are.

6Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum

Limit your alcohol consumption to once or twice per week, and try to limit yourself to one or two glasses of wine or one or two of your favourite cocktails at a time.

It is not only good for your liver; it is also good for your bank account.

7. Take a vacation

Utilise the vacation days you’ve been saving at work. Take a sick or personal day as an alternative. There are physical and psychological health benefits when you take a break from work. Some of these include a lower risk of heart disease, depression, and stress. When you return from your break, you may find that your productivity has increased.

8. Put an end to toxic relationships.

Cut ties with a partner or friend who appears toxic or has caused you pain. You protect your mental health by ending such a relationship.

9. Take a break from technology for a while.

It will be beneficial to take a digital break, as difficult as that may appear.

You will be able to sleep better, be more productive, and connect with those around you on a more personal level as a result. Every day, try media detoxing for 30 minutes. Avoid taking your phone into your bedroom at night, as well as when you go for a long walk, while bathing, or at the dinner table.

10. Make an effort to read more frequently.

Read whatever you want. It stimulates and improves brain function. Reading, which exercises your brain, can help reduce mental decline in old age and may even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

11. Discover a New Interest

You will feel more fulfilled if you have interests outside of family and work. Consider taking up a sport, learning to cook, or volunteering.


Developing a healthy lifestyle does not have to imply making drastic changes. You may be more adaptable to change if it does not necessitate a complete overhaul of your life. Simply choose one thing and work on it every day, leaving the rest of your life and habits alone. You might be surprised to learn that small changes can have a big impact.

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