How to grow your natural hair fast and easy

One thing on almost every girl’s to-do list is the ability to grow natural hair fast and easy. ‘Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!’ This has always been the dream of most ladies. Yes, the Prince. Well, maybe, we can do with just the hair.

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Starter Locs Methods for Super Fast Growth!

Getting a good length of hair is surely no mean feat. We hear stories of people swallowing numerous vitamin B pills plus supplements of vitamin E just to have those locks, but they sadly look themselves in the mirror after a while of trial but see the same meagre strands sticking out and standing.

There are so many things that play a part in hair growth or even the loss of it. However, one of the factors that several people usually pass off or pay less attention to is the natural method, which is termed physical stimulation.

Physical stimulation, in the simplest explanation, involves massaging your scalp very well. Giving your scalp a very good massage by adding the use of certain natural ingredients is a sure natural method of stimulating your hair growth. This helps in the faster growth of your hair and also make the strands of your hair longer. Added to this, there is the egg-yolk-mask method and hot castor oil treatment method.

Having several natural treated options, your Rapunzel-dream hair is not yet so far from your reach. It is important for you to know and remember, however, that none of the methods, processes using any type of ingredient will grow your natural hair fast and easy from its root. What these tips will do for you is to lead you in growing much stronger and healthier hair that will break less at the ends. This will consequently increase the length of the hair.

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Tips to grow your natural hair.

Below are a few tips to help grow your natural hair fast and easy. Sit back and enjoy!

Tip 1: Perform a Scalp Massage.

This to stimulate growth swatches of scalp products.

There is a lot of expense of time and cash expended and heaped to purchase hair products that it becomes so normal to let slide the memory of the actual beginning position or root of hair growth. That is your scalp. A professional hair restoration surgeon, Dr A.J Bauman once said, “Just like good quality soil is essential to growing healthy plants and flowers, a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth.” Following research, it has been proven that a massage of the scalp positively affects the stress hormones and also has significant effects on the heart rate and blood pressure.

Hence, one of the ways to naturally grow hair at home is to engage yourself in a simple scalp massage. This exercise will increase the flow of blood to your scalp. It will also increase the strength of your hair roots and also, aid the speed of nutrients getting to your hair follicles by supplying them faster. Even with your dry hair, you can perform a scalp massage by yourself. However, if you do add oil that is nutrient-rich together with a massaging process, the advantage and the benefits of this tip will only be doubled. Note that if your roots are oily, it is advisable you keep the performance to just once every week.

Tip 2: To prevent hair breakage, use an egg yolk mask

Surely, this goes to show that the treatment method we put our hair is very key and imperative to the natural growth of hair. If you have the kind of hair that breaks always before it grows past the level of your shoulder, your quick and fast natural method to address it is with an egg mask. Lecithin and protein are some of the many nutrients in eggs. Protein and lecithin are nutrients which makes your hair strands much stronger, nourish them and also heal them. Also, the sulfur contained in eggs is of an advantage as it also aids the treatment of dandruff.

If you want to make an egg mask, take a couple of eggs, and mix with a double tablespoon of olive oil. Take half a cup of water – this is to dilute the egg and olive oil and lessen its stickiness – and add it to it. The mixture is done. In applying the mask, you can directly apply it to your dry and brushed hair. Leave the mask on it for at least thirty minutes. After this, use your shampoo, and then condition just as you regularly do.

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Tip 3: Watch your medications

Numerous drugs and pills have proved to be significantly associated with the loss of hair. Antihypertensive, that is a class of medication that is used in maintaining blood pressure, is one of the medicines that is commonly known to increase hair loss. Others such as those for birth control, cholesterol, statins, some drugs used to repress depression and also certain hormone replacements including thyroid, and testosterone have also been associated with hair loss.

Never forget, ensure you take a lot of caution if you are in any of these medications. Do not just stop these prescriptions. If any of these side effects are noticed by you, discuss them with your doctor.

Tip 4: Regularly use cool water to rinse. This strengthens hair

It is known that skin dryness can be linked to or caused by the use of hot water. One thing however that is not commonly known is that it can damage your locks as well.

The use of cool water aids in the closing up of the cuticle thereby strengthening pre-styling hair follicles. The best and most effective way to do this is to use cool water, but if you find it discomfiting or you’re not able to take them, lukewarm water will suffice in its place.

Tip 5: Grow your natural hair fast and easy by doing a castor oil treatment

One of the most undermined hair treatment ingredients is castor oil. After knowing its standout benefits and advantages, you may begin a rivalry between it and your coconut oil or maybe a clear hands-down knockout.

With it’s antibacterial and antifungal content, castor oil is effective for the prevention and treatment of infections on the scalp, which can prevent the growth of your hair. This is just the first.

Secondly, its nutrient properties such as proteins, vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids and more are another advantage of castor oil to the hair. These nutrients can go through dry hair strands and cover up the shaft of your hair, in doing so, moisture is retained.

The third reason is that it is a great hot oil treatment method. By massaging castor oil into the roots of your hair, this will aid your scalp resulting in it being able to take in and soak up all of the nutrients contained and provided by the oil. This will help grow your natural hair fast and easy.

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The process of giving yourself a hot oil treatment includes rubbing the castor oil into your scalp. Go ahead and apply it all around and all the way down to the hair strand ends. Put your hair on your head in a pile, using a shower cap to cover it up, then with a blow dryer, for the next fifteen minutes, dry it out. You can go ahead and hop into the shower. As usual, you can shampoo and condition. After this, you will surely notice, instantly, that you have much softer strands.

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Tip 6: Improve healthy blood flow by avoiding smoking

Unsuspectingly, smoking affects your hair in one way or the other. Since it is much more of a personal act, without judgement or prejudice, it would be a big lie if we say that smoking does not affect at all on your hair.

The blood that flows to the hair follicles and scalp is restricted. This restriction stretches to limit the reception of vital oxygen and nutrients which are obviously needed by your scalp and hair to be healthy. Another thing is that smoking releases toxins which can also find their way into the hair follicles thereby causing problems and hindrances.

Tip 7: Take healthy fats in place of hair growth supplements

It is easy to pop a pill for hair growth since it is called a supplement. Truth be told, no one is very sure of their level of effectiveness. Do they actually and truly help the rate of increase in hair growth? We cannot say for sure. Can we? What we can say, however, is that there is an unnecessarily significant size of vitamins and minerals, including biotin, that can cause a lot of problems for you in other ways – like breakouts.

Funny as it may sound, you can and should rather eat better to increase your hair length. Nutritionists comment that this is actually a smarter method in making your hair grow naturally faster. The natural occurrence of minerals and vitamins in foods can be utilised and maximised by the body. Naturally, nutrients are supplied, delivered at healthier proportions when they are derived directly from food and not supplements. This is the way of Mother Nature.

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Intake of a good amount of healthy fats such as omega-3s can be a springboard to the growth of longer, natural hair. We know that on its own our bodies do not produce omega-3 fatty acids, but this healthy fat is very important for hair health. Getting these healthy fats into our consumption is therefore essential. Again, they strengthen hair strands by nourishing hair follicles. This gives the hair stands an even and radiant shine.

Tip 8: To keep your natural hair healthy, limit heat styling

One way or the other a good hairstylist must have told you to drop, reduce or limit your routine of heat styling. If you want your hair to grow faster naturally, this advice is obviously a simple well-known fact. Your hair will certainly be damaged by persistent and continuous use of styling irons and blow dryers. Use of these can cause your hair to become dry and easily broken. What this leads to is that it can cause your hair to break and thus the length of your hair will become shorter. In trying to grow hair naturally, it is better to use air-drying for your hair. Totally avoid the use of any of the heat tools. And, if for any reason a heat tool would have to be used by you, then you should go for a heat-protectant spray.

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Tip 9: Allow your hair to repair itself. Do not overuse shampoo

It has been said that some of the broken hair, dry hair strands, and brittle mane can be linked to overuse of shampoo. This is noted as the cleanser removes the natural oils from the hair when it is used.

Some shampoo their hair more than others simply because of the kind of hair they have. Thus, the frequency of the use of shampoo to wash the hair will surely vary. Hair types that are rougher and thicker can manage without being washed for some days. On the other hand, the thinner and smoother hair types may begin to feel oily even after a single day. If this is your case, you can use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can soak up excess grease just as you work for your longer natural hair.

Tip 10: Stimulate circulation by creating a cinnamon-based mask

Cinnamon is perfect for your oatmeal in the morning. However, we have also discovered that it can do more than that. Cinnamon possesses anti-microbial properties, it is also beneficial for the hair, as it nourishes hair strands and stimulates the circulation of blood. In creating the cinnamon mask, take equal proportions of cinnamon and coconut oil and apply them specifically to the roots of your hair. Allow it to stay there for at least forty five minutes. After that, go and rinse it off.

Other Tips

  • Get a regular trim of your split ends. This will help remove split ends that are dry and damaged. If you don’t they could extend and cause more hair break.
  • When detangling your hair you should always brush your hair gently. If you are not gentle with your hair especially when it is tied in knots you will end up breaking more hair than growing it.
  • Reduce the stress that you put yourself through. You may not know but there is an association between stress and hair loss. Keep yourself to a bearable degree of stress.
  • To avoid your hair tangling, which leads to forceful combing, which in turn causes hair to break, use a silk pillowcase. This will not directly grow hair but will make it smoother having less friction.
  • Keratin products combat dryness, cause a shinier looking hair, make hair strands stronger and prevent hair breakage. Therefore, it is a good product to use in aiding hair growth and health.

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A woman’s hair is her pride and beauty and this is the reason many want to grow their natural hair in the fastest and easiest ways possible.

So, these are my recommended ways to grow your natural hair fast and easy.

As much as natural hair has got enough room for creativity with it, it can sometimes be frustrating when the desired result is not achieved.

In case you know about some other helpful tips that can grow natural hair fast and easy and they haven’t been listed above. Feel free to post them in the comment section.

Finally, the post is for information purposes only. Use your discretion at all times.

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