Doctor Cupid: 5 signs you’re in an unhappy relationship

Committing yourself to someone daily takes a lot of work, bearing in mind that people can only aspire to be perfect- we’re all far from it.

5 Red Flags In Relationships
5 Red Flags In Relationships

There are numerous challenges in every committed love relationship and sometimes you’re left to wonder if you’re truly happy being with your partner or not. More often than not, there are signs that tell you when your relationship has moved from that happily ever after you imagined to something toxic for you.

A lot of times, the signs are right in our faces but we make an effort to ignore them and make excuses for the partner making us unhappy. A good old adage says, “it is better to have a broken engagement than a broken marriage.”

Ask yourself questions. When the fights become constant, the lack of commitment is apparent and things are generally not as rosy as they once seemed, it’s really time to ask questions.

You see, every man has a secret obsession and his partner always dreams to be that obsession, but some relationships are unhappy.

These are some signs that you may be in an unhappy relationship.

1. No desire to be together

One of the biggest signs of unhappy relationships is that your partner has lost the desire to spend time together.

When your partner is not interested in sharing moments, and when they do spend time together, there’s no new conversation. Everything feels the same and redundant.

The routine has taken over and the entire relationship feels so monotonous and predictable to the point that the two partners could think of a million other things that they’d rather do than spend time with their significant other.

2. You’re constantly criticizing each other

When you start dating, your tolerance for your partner’s habits and behaviour is at a high level but over time, this changes.

When you’ve been together for some time, you become more and more aware of the things that annoy you, and if you can’t help but constantly criticize each other for it then you need to read the signs.

Sometimes, you might decide that this is making you unhappy in the relationship.

3. You’re feeling lonely in the relationship

A relationship should be a community of two people  staying in love with each other, and if you’re feeling lonely in the relationship, it means that you could be in an unhappy relationship.

If you’re in a committed relationship and you still feel like you’re all by yourself, this might be the time to reevaluate yourself. This could be as a result of your partner not being available for you.

4. You’re fighting over trivial things

It’s okay to get into arguments and disagreements in a relationship but if you’re constantly fighting over things that don’t seem to matter, you might need to evaluate your feelings for your partner.

This likely means that you’re annoyed by each other to the extent of constantly being on the lookout for the other person’s next mistake.

5. You’re daydreaming about being single again

After being stuck in an unhappy relationship for some time, you could start daydreaming about being single again.

If all of the above signs or the majority of them are your experiences in your relationship at present, then that’s an indication that you’re in an unhappy relationship.

There are two things you can do about it: You can either move on or fight for it if you believe that there’s still hope. But remember that the fight and the effort must be mutual.

Still not sure if these tips will help or not? Try these resources on his secret obsession website will help you.

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