Ideas for classroom Valentine’s Day party

If you want your classroom to have the most fun on February 14, then you need to start planning an amazing Valentine’s Day party. Every Valentine’s Day, thousands of kids exchange cards with their friends, secret admirers, and teachers.

However, putting a new spin on an old holiday might be more challenging than you anticipated. Nonetheless, here are a few fun and original ideas for your classroom Valentine’s Day party.

Have rotating stations with different activities

One of the best ways to keep your students on their toes this Valentine’s Day is to have rotating stations for them to enjoy all over the classroom. This allows them to try new things and keeps them entertained for longer. If you want the party to last an hour, set up four or five stations for students to spend around 5-10 minutes at each.

Then, you can bring the whole class back together for a story, movie, or snack time. At the stations, you can include games, cookie decorating, a Valentine’s Day card creation station, or a reading area.

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Play some heart-pumping games

Playing games as a class is a fantastic bonding experience for you and your students. A few game ideas to try out for your Valentine’s Day celebration could include a tic tac toe game with heart-shaped bean bags, a paper airplane flying contest with heart-shaped crafts, or a Valentine’s Day-themed game of hangman on the chalkboard. If you haven’t done so already, you could also make a game out of having your students help you execute a few classroom decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Serve delicious treats

After you finish playing games with your students, it’s time to serve some treats. Giving out cookies and candy helps motivate your students to be on their best behavior on holidays and throughout the rest of the year. However, before serving food to students, make sure to learn about any potential dietary restrictions that your students may have, such as a peanut allergy.

Overall, Valentine’s Day is one of the most enjoyable school days of the year for students. Now that you have some ideas for your classroom’s Valentine’s Day party, it’s time to show your students how much they mean to you!

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