Tom Brady is joining FOX network as a post-retirement consultant

Even though Tom Brady has announced that he will return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for one more season, retirement can’t be too far away. The New England Patriots immortal hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2017 and it’s beginning to show with him getting older every day

He looked visibly thinner during his introductory press conference earlier this week -His hairline began showing signs of gray at last year’s championship parade which signifies how much time spent outside under LED lights affects players’ health over long periods, It would feel weird to see Tom Brady selling NFTs and remaining disconnected from the sport he loves.

We all knew that Tom Brady would eventually make his way into the broadcasting world, but it’s nice to finally have him confirm our suspicion. We can’t wait for season three of “Brady overtime” and hope he does well enough, so we don’t miss any games! FOX Sports reports that Brady has finally made up his mind on the post- football life, as he will be joining their new top team with Kevin Burkhardt after Joe Buck and Troy Aikman left for ESPN. This is one way to answer Tony Romo at CBS!

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It should come as no surprise that Tom Brady is following in the footsteps of other elite quarterbacks and pursuing post-career success. After all, he was always one step ahead during his career as an NFL player despite being 5 years younger than most starters when they were promoted from backup to starter at age 24 (Brady had already won two Super Bowls before).

Nowadays it seems almost every former star athlete has their own broadcasting gig or production company after theirs ends; Favre does radio spots for Vikings games while Bree’s reports on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown show–although there’s been some grumbling about how much money these guys make compared with what players used to, Brady will have the privilege of calling another Super Bowl in 2025. He was just misses out on this year’s game, which also goes broadcast by FOX and they got an A+ replacement for their former announcers with Buck lensing down as well!

We all know how ratings success can lead to a long career. Romo might be able take his talent and fame in broadcasting, too!. The fans of Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback, Brady Lyle are in luck. After an impressive 2018 campaign with the team that saw him record 2200 passing yards and 21 touchdowns but also suffer through six interceptions while playing all 16 games last season as well; it looks like he’ll be sticking around for at least one more year!  The future is bright when you’ve got this guy on your side – I can’t wait until next September.

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