Who is Katie Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel’s Daughter?

Katie Kimmel is a young and beautiful American actress, painter, ceramicist, and fashion designer. She is well known as the daughter of Jimmy Kimmel, the executive producer and host of a late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

She has released a line of t-shirts. In addition, Katie is also an artist who currently works in the Mojave Desert in California. Plus, she enjoys writing biographies in the third person.

Early Life and Education

Currently 31 years, Katie was born to parents Jimmy Kimmel and Gina Kimmel on 28 August 1991. She has not released information about her birthplace. Although Kimmel shared her childhood experience and her step-siblings’ names, Kevin Kimmel, William John Billy Kimmel, and Jane Kimmel, she also has two other cousins, Wesley Kimmel and Beatrix Kimmel.

Speaking of her educational background, after graduating from high school, Katie joined The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While in the school of arts, she started running another degree program. Eventually, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree in ceramics, painting, and video.

Top Ten Facts About Katie Kimmel

  1. Katie’s parents gave birth to her when her father had not yet gained any solid footing in the entertainment industry.
  2. Her mother, Gina Kimmel, is her father’s first wife and is a costume designer.
  3. One time, in a central comedy show co-created by her father Kimmel, Katie supported by borrowing her voice to a dummy depiction of herself in Crank Yankers.
  4. Katie’s father had her when he was just 24 years old. He recalled this in an interview with Vulture. Katie is his oldest child and daughter as well.
  5. She is also a relative to Jonathan Kimmel, a writer, director, actor, producer, and composer for television and film. She is his niece.
  6. The originality of Katie’s creativity is Top notch and Amazing. She strives to maintain her works original, even if it means eating different stuff daily to keep her thoughts and imagination about her food art growing.
  7. Katie made her first appearance in her father’s late-night TV show The Man Show, in 200.
  8. Although Katie’s Dad and Mum are no longer together, Katie’s dad is very much involved in what she does. He is proud of her and would go to any length to support her.
  9. Katie’s father criticized a fashion brand in December 2017, ‘Reformation,’ for plagiarising his daughter’s t-shirt line designs in a tweet. 
  10. Kimmel and his daughter Katie received support from their Twitter followers and condemned the Reformation for using the work of a somewhat unknown artist without her knowledge or permission.

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Katie predominantly works with ceramics, even though she is also a highly skillful painter. Kimmel sometimes retains doubt about calling herself one, even as a well-established artist. In an interview with Consort, she shared a thought, “Sometimes I’ll start to think about my work, and I’m like, ‘Ok, I’m not an artist, I’m a 10-year-old living in an apartment.’

Other times I’m like, ‘I am an artist and my soul is 7 feet tall,'”. She added that she thought it was weird insecurity many artists have, so maybe Katie became an artist when she started feeling that way.”

Artist and Ceramicist Katie Kimmel's Gift Picks and Fave Holiday Traditions - Society6 Blog

Fashion Designing and Ceramic Art Crafts

Speaking of her fashion career, Katie is also an up-coming fashion designer. She is passionate about fashion and uses her creative abilities to produce magnificent fashion ideas. Kimmel has even released t-shirts with Italian food phrases like “Linguini and Clams” and “Chicken Parm” written in block lettering.

Between 2000 and 2003, she also made several appearances in the TV show co-hosted by her father, Kimmel, and Adam Carolla titled The Man Show. Seeing all that Katie has accomplished, Basic Brainheart interviewed Katie and asked what her proudest creative moment was.

She responded hesitantly, saying she felt like it was the dog vases. Furthermore, she shared a story about how a stranger she met at a craft fair knew who she was because of them. The person who knew about her from her work and the encounter intrigued Katie Kimmel.

Talking about the meeting, Katie Kimmel said, “In my head, I was like, ‘Oh my freaking god! That is so cool. I was so excited about it. I bragged about it to 400 people.”


Through her art and design career, Katie Kimmel seeks to bring joy to people’s lives. Kimmel also said she loves to make stuff that will trigger happy memories that people have forgotten about. Katie also mentioned her intentions for publicizing her artworks, which is for people to find it easy to connect with them.

This kind of positive energy is why we are here. Kimmel has a studio in Inyokern, California. She is currently collaborating with Stern on an August show titled Eggs to See at LA’s La Luz de Jesus gallery. Furthermore, one of her favorite recent works, which she portrays as her “top dog.”

A ceramic rendering belonged to her great-grandpa’s ex-girlfriend, whose shape looked like an egg. Most significantly, Kimmel’s inspirations dose not in any particular order, including antique malls. Sculptural artist Brett Douglas Hunter, ceramic artist Seth Bogart, Nashville-based, and her friend Lorien Stern, whom she met on Instagram.

All work well as friends; however, it is shocking to see the common thread of Kimmel and Stern’s friendship is, as she tells it, eggs. Referring to her work, Kimmel has her focuses primarily on two common connectors she believes that nearly everyone on earth shares; food and animals.

Personal Life

Katie Kimmel was born on 28 August 1991. Her full name is Katherine Kimmel. Unlike many children of TV celebs, Katie Kimmel was not born into wealth or raised in a lavish Malibu mansion. Instead, Kimmel came from an origin much more humble, as her father was still far from fame when she came into the world.

At that juncture in time, Jimmy Kimmel worked as a morning radio host, and he didn’t get such high pay from the Job. 

Is Katie Kimmel Married? 

Yes, Katie Kimmel is married. She is married to Will Hodgson, who is a singer. Hodgson engaged her in 2019 and married on 21 September 2021. After having a fantastic relationship for some time, her boyfriend engaged her in January 2019 at a seafood Beach.

Funny enough, despite dating themselves for a long, her boyfriend still got the wrong ring size for her.  Katie and Will were friends for a long time before getting committed to each other. Before now, Katie and Maddy were married. She had two kids with him before they later separated.

Jimmy Kimmel's Daughter Katie Engaged: See The Proposal Video
source: radaronline

Katie Kimel on Social Media

Katie Kimmel is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and her fashion website. On Instagram, she is @katiekimmel and has 54K followers; on Youtube, she is Katie Kimmel and has 254 subscribers, while her fashion site is kathiekimmel.com.

Latest News

For security reasons, Kimmel has not shared her exact place of residence. Katie is pursuing her career in art/film as well as fashion. But currently, she works in the Mojave Desert in California while she enjoys her third-person biography writing.

Net Worth

Kimmel has relished a long career in the art/film industry for about a decade. She has accumulated a decent fortune as an actress, ceramicist, painter, and fashion designer. Based on her dedication and commitment to her career, she has acquired about $2 Million.


Katie Kimmel is a young woman passionately pursuing her dreams to light happiness in the lives of others through her art and creativity. She has gained popularity for herself in the entertainment industry daily. Furthermore, she is still married and is a mother of two lovely kids.

She spends time focusing on her family and her career, and so far, she has them going on excellent.

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