Britney Spears could appear on The Drew Barrymore Show

When asked if she would be interested in interviewing Britney Spears for her talk show The Drew Barrymore Show, actress and producer Drew Barrymore said that the singer would make an excellent guest.

“We can have a unique conversation,” she told Variety editor-in-chief James revivalist. “There are not many people out there who’ve publicly lost their freedom, had breakdowns front everyone become punchlines fought back.”

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Indeed, both Barrymore and Spears were brought into the entertainment industry at very young ages – Barrymore was six years old when she starred in E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, whereas Spears was enlisted as a cast member of The Mickey Mouse Club at age 10.

The words of these women have been passed down for generations to come. Even though they each had different experiences, both Spears’ conservatorship under her father Jamie Lynn-Spears and Barrymore’s legal emancipation from her parents at age 14 were moments where she could finally be free in order pursue what made them happy; whether it was fame or family loyalty – nothing kept these ladies down!

When asked about her thoughts on Britney Spears’ words, Drew Barrymore responded positively. She said that it was such a moment for her and the viewers at home could feel how excited she really felt.

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