Why was Steven Crowder banned from YouTube for one week?

Hilary Crowder became famous for being Steven Crowder’s wife. Steven Crowder is a popular American-Canadian intelligent political anchor, channel commentator, and comedian. He hosts a program on his YouTube channel and podcast called-Louder with Crowder. In this program, Steven discusses and explains the socio-political happenings in the United States. He’s also a former Fox News Correspondent.

Early Life and Education

Hilary Crowder was born to her parents as Hilary Beth Korzon on 1 January 1987. Her ethnicity is white, while her nativity is American. She attended Calvin College and finished in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. After which she started working as a sales manager. 

Her husband, Steven Crowder, grew up with his parents in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. He was born on 7 July 1987. He came from a mixed household. The name of his Father is Francine Crowder, a U.S. citizen, while his mother is Darrin, a French Canadian. His family moved to Quebec, Canada, when he was three. 

In Canada, his mother, Darrin, worked as a stylist and costume designer for televisions. Steven Crowder grew up with his older brother, Jordan Crowder, until his teenage years. Ever since Steven was a kid, his dream was to work in the entertainment industry. That has always been his passion. Having a strong passion for the entertainment industry did not stop him from going to high school.

He attended Centennial Regional High School and graduated as a C+ student. Following his graduation from high school, he majored in creative arts at the ‘Champlain College,’ Vermont, U.S.A. Steven once mentioned being bullied while growing up because of his reserved nature.  

He further said that his friends neglected him because he refused to join them to smoke and drink due to his Christian faith. While in college, he realized that he had a passion for comedy. He decided to give it a try. One of his professors back in college mocked his dreams and said that Steven could not become a comedian. His birth sign is Cancer.

Top 10 facts about Steven Crowder’s wife

  1. Hilary Crowder was born to her parents on 1 January 1987. She celebrated her 35th birthday this year, 2022.
  2. Steven Crowder is a former Fox News Correspondent.
  3. Steven appeared for a short while in the live-action T.V. series ‘Yo Awesome Awesome!,
  4. Hilary and Steven tied the knot in August 2012. Steven loves and admires his wife; hence, he uploads her photos regularly on social media.
  5. After having a delay in childbirth for more than ten years, Steven’s wife, however, gave birth to twins.
  6. In July 2021, Crowder had to undergo a surgical operation due to a Congenital anomaly.
  7. Hilary Crowder has a successful interior decoration business, earning her $500k as her net worth.
  8. He wrote about the benefits of abstaining from sex before marriage.
  9. His wife has suffered a neurological condition which made the doctors admit her to the hospital. The ailment damages the nerve cells and weakens the muscles, leading to paralysis. However, Hilary recovered fast.
  10. Steven Crowder and his wife own two beautiful dogs, Betty and Joe Luis

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Steven began his career at age 12. A company hired him as a voice actor on the children’s television show Arthur, where he played Alan “The Brain” Powers. He acted in thirteen episodes between 2000 and 2001. The actor revitalized his voice role in the film Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.

In 2002, he premiered with a small role in Two Summers. A few years later, he featured in several movies such as The Covenant and The Secret. His acting career was not doing well, one of them being his political views. He was a staunch firm and a right-leaning young actor. His broker once told him that he would never find success in Hollywood if he continued to hold to his political belief systems.

His dream of becoming a Comedian came to fruition while working for the Just for Laughs comedy festival. He met several up-standing comedians at the event and was inspired and motivated to kick start his comedy career. However, the show planners were not impressed by his attitude and fired him from the event.

Steven Crowder's Wife, Hilary Crowder


Steven began attending municipal events and, within a short time, began his stand-up comedy career. However, it was challenging in the beginning. He was mainly mocked by the crowd, though some of his shows were promising. Nonetheless, he was persistent in making a career as a comedian. In 2005, he returned to the Just for Laughs festival to perform as a comedian.

By now, he had turned 18. He received positive feedback. Also, he was the youngest stand-up comedian in the record of the event back then. The event planners were excited about Steven’s success and his subsequent fame, which made them feature him on ‘X.M. Radio.’ Due to how successful the event was, the organizers arranged for a comedy tour with the famous star.

Steven also appeared in films such as To Save a Life. In the late 2000s, he became less committed to his career. He changed his focus and started posting comedy skits on the internet, which showed him making fun of big names and leftist politicians.

Different magazine networks, such as Pajamas Media published the funny videos he produced. In 2011, he attended the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he functioned as the moderator.

Fox News

Steven became a presenter with Fox News in 2009. He was 21, making him one of the youngest observers on Fox News. Steven worked with the news outlet until 2012. In December 2012, during the Right to Work Rally in Michigan, Fox News posted a video where Steven got struck by a left-leaning union member.

Many right-wing experts slammed the incident as an example of leftist intolerance. When the media uploaded the video, it showed that Steven was the first to launch an attack. Steven was angry about the entire happening and made several provocative statements against Sean Hannity, a famous Fox News host. In October 2013, Steven and Fox News parted way.

Louder with Crowder

After leaving Fox News, He began his own YouTube channel, Louder with Crowder. He kept promoting his political belief systems and uploaded sarcastic videos on his YouTube channel. In October 2012, he made a video mocking Barack Obama, which went viral after being featured in The American Spectator.

In 2017, his YouTube channel became more popular, and as a result, he became consistent in uploading videos. The Blaze Media website and Conservative Review became interested in Louder with Crowder, making it become a daily program. Currently, they air on Conservative Review’s CRTV.

Steve came under scrutiny in 2019 after making a derogatory and racist comment against T.V. host and producer Carlos Maza. Carlos later allegedly mentioned that fans attacked Steven after that. However, Steven defended himself, saying it was just a joke. YouTube did not crack down on the offensive video. The video caused an uproar, which made YouTube demonetize his videos.

They said that he needed to resolve people’s concerns about his channel. In February 2018, he sat outside the Texas Christian campus with a poster that said, “Male Privilege is a Myth, Change my Mind.” which later became a popular meme.

Crowder was suspended for one week from YouTube in March 2021 after violating the presidential election integrity policy by questioning the authenticity of the election results in Nevada. Furthermore, the developers removed him from the YouTube Partner Program, responsible for running ads and indefinitely producing revenue on the platform.

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Personal Life

Steven Crowder said, although he had been in a relationship in the past before marriage, he maintained his virginity till marriage. He believes in Sexual Purity. He got married to his wife Hilary Crowder, formally known as Hilary korzon, in August 2012. Steven wrote about the benefits of abstaining from sex before marriage.

Hillary Crowder is a career-driven businesswoman who oversees her father’s family-owned business while also working on expanding it forward. In 2020, she had a Miscarriage. In July 2021, Crowder had to undergo a  surgical operation due to a Congenital anomaly. He had pectus excavatum, known as Sunken Chest.

In this surgical procedure, the surgeons inserted titanium bars into his chest. This Surgery led to pleural effusion (fluid accumulation) in his chest, causing severe pain. A few weeks later, he was rushed to the hospital due to a Pneumothorax-collapsed lung.  

Social Media

Steven Crowder is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where he is @louderwithcrowder with 1.1 million followers. On Facebook @stevencrowder, he has 3 million followers, while on Twitter @scrowder, he has 1.6 million followers. The famous YouTuber @stevencrowder has over 5.49 Million Subscribers with over 1.3 Billion views on his channel.

Latest News

In August 2021, Hilary Crowder, the wife of Steve Crowder, gave birth to twins, a boy, and a girl, Magnus (boy) and Charlotte (female).

Net Worth 

Due to Steven’s career in the entertainment industry, he has a net worth of $3 million and $4 million. He earned so much from his works and the materials he created. Crowder is said to earn up to $100,000 a month and $1.2 million a year. While his wife, Hilary, has a net worth of $500k.


Hilary Crowder and her husband have been through difficult moments in their marriage. She had a series of hospitalizations, miscarriages, and much more. Yet, Steven has stayed by his wife’s side, and the light of their romance has not gone off. Instead, they keep fanning to flame their love. They are an inspiration to younger couples.

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