Top 7 Flutter State Management Libraries In 2023

The popularity of the Flutter framework is not hidden, as it enables the mobile app development team to build robust, feature-rich mobile applications for both platform iOS and Android. With the help of the Flutter framework mobile app development companies’ development team can easily create apps for mobile, website development, and desktop too. So to get the best Flutter app you need to hire flutter developer. Google is a portable User Interfaces toolkit, as it is a single codebase, so there’s no need to write different code for different platforms. Worldwide, developers and businesses use the Flutter framework to build an app, gradually growing. And the most pleasing and eye-catchy part is that it is free as well as open-source.

Primarily, the Flutter toolkit displays stateful or stateless widgets, however, it doesn’t handle state management or architectural design and other frameworks. For controlling states, a Flutter app development industry provides a number of alternatives, also the community that surrounds it gives plenty of solutions.

Flutter State Management

This is surely an important topic to consider, especially when you are developing Flutter apps. In actuality, this is a mechanism just to keep track of every User Interface modification particular a user makes. The whole management of mobile, web, and desktop apps depends on it only. To keep the data and informational updates simpler, for Flutter app development, a state management library plays a great role.

If you are looking to hire flutter developer These libraries make it simpler to develop as well as maintain mobile apps regardless of the type of state alterations or changes that are present. By updating the mobile application states in accordance with the UI, the declarative programming approach of Flutter enables the application development team to create UIs from scratch.

The architecture of Flutter is self-sufficient, especially when it comes to state management. While developing a tiny mobile app with few state changes, state management libraries are often ignored. A state management library is result-oriented as well as a preferable choice, for making intricate on demand app development services. Let us have a deep dive into the below write-up to know the top 7 Flutter State Management Libraries for 2023. 

Top 7 Flutter State Management Libraries

It actually doesn’t matter what type of state alterations in the app experience, state management libraries of Flutter make it very much simpler to build as well as to maintain them. To return alterations to the state of the mobile app, Flutter utilizes a declarative programming model. Have a quick glance at the top Flutter State Management Libraries.

BLoC (Business Logic Component)

This library is one of the most often utilized strategies. This library enables the separation of all Flutter mobile app functionality into a single component which is well known by the Business Logic Component.

In Flutter mobile applications, BLoC patterns are often assigned to each screen. We may do this by dividing the display code from the business logic, just to make it simpler to test as well as reuse. When the mobile app development teams use consistent patterns & standards, they may work on the same code base.

Bloc/RXRx is an amalgamation of BLoC with the reducer pattern. A reducer pattern is a function that accepts the current state as well as actions as inputs & outputs a new result in the form of a new state.

Inherited Widget

This library is offered by the Flutter framework just to make state management simpler. With the help of this other child, classes can easily access or inherit the data from the parent class. These inherited widgets are created on top of the tree, and simply enhance the compatibility of mobile apps. So with the Inherited Widget, there is no need to write the code for each child class, by using the Inherited Widget’s convenience class users may pass the state down. Using InheritedWidget for state transitions has no impact on any of the widgets above it, as InheritedWidget is the lowest-level widget in a tree. If you want to know more about the Inherited widgets then you have to connect with an experienced mobile app development company, as they can help you to know it deeply.


Inherited widgets are wrapped in provider packages and this helps to make them more user-friendly as well as reusable. Provider package can be used by anyone who wants to use an Inherited widget. The Provider class in the Bloc pattern accesses widget tree objects internally. A provider package may be utilized with state objects such as ChangeNotifier, Triple, ValueNotifier, and others.


A person who created the Provider can also create Riverpod, which is a completely new implementation of Inherited Widgets. This is so that the author may avoid certain concerns that were experienced while building Provider in Riverpod.

The builders of Provider developed the library to address the concerns that development teams have when using it. A straightforward as well as user-friendly InheritedWidget redesign has been made. Lately, it has moved past the experimental stage, although it is comparatively the latest as well as less popular than the Provider package. 

This simply Riverpod detects the issues in the coding at compile time as opposed to waiting till run time. All thanks to the unidirectional data flow, which makes the Flutter app development services more scalable, which by default build app objects accessible in the devtool of Flutter. Moreover, it makes patterns independent of the Flutter framework as well as simplifies complicated object graphs. So if you hire an app developer then Riverpod will make easy or simplifies complicated object graphs.


As per the report of the official literature, Mobx is an effortless method of integrating reactive data with the UI. MobX operates in some seemingly effortless methods behind the scenes, but individuals have to comprehend a few crucial ideas & terminologies. Observables, Actions, & Reactions are the 3 basic principles on which Mobx is built.

By using a state-management framework, the reactive data of MobX is simply coupled to the UI. This wiring looks very much natural while being automated. User interface development teams are liberated from having to panic about keeping these 2 things in sync as well as may concentrate just on what reactive data requires to be consumed.


This is another well-known state management library for the development of the Flutter app that is small, swift, & reliable. Flutter framework includes State Management libraries such as Redux, Provider, MobX, BLoC, and more.

GetX is a potent little framework that may also be utilized for dependency injection. State management of Flutter enables information transit inside a mobile app. In addition, every time information is supplied, the program is rebuilt since the state is altered.


The most recent state management library is Cube library of Flutter, which employs dependency injection with no need for code creation. Since the project is not an old one and in fact still in its early stages, not every Flutter user is familiar with it. This process is very much easy to understand, even if you are new to the Flutter framework. Additionally, recreating widget trees as necessary minimizes the code complexity & objectively simplifies state management.

Cube is user-friendly for novice users, as well as its popularity is growing day by day. The mobile apps’ core focus is object-oriented state management. As a consequence, the widget tree is just rebuilt when needed, which lessens code complexity.

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