Five ways to keep snakes away from your toilet

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If you have heard of cases of people dying from snakebites in their toilets, learn five ways to keep snakes out of your toilets. 

No one wants to be bitten by a snake. Hence they stay away from bushes and swampy areas— anywhere they could get bitten or come in contact with snakes. However, what can you do when the snake you’re running away from comes to you in your toilet bowl?

This was the case of a 47-year-old man who used a toilet that, unknown to him, had a snake inside it. The incident took place on 7 November 2021 in the Netherlands, on a South African nature reserve.

According to the report, he didn’t realize that a snouted cobra was in the toilet bowl, which wasn’t totally his fault, as checking the toilet for a cobra may not have been the first thing on anyone’s mind when they have got to use the toilet.

When the man arrived at the hospital, doctors noted his genitals were swollen and deep purple from the snakebite. Just as everyone was trying to forget about that, discussions about the matter resurfaced again on Monday, 22 November 2021, following the death of an official from the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Ogah Bercy.

Online reports alleged that a snake bit Bercy while she was using a restroom in her flat at the NAF Base on Bill Clinton Drive in Federal Capital Territory. She was rushed to the hospital for an anti-venom dose but died in the process. Since then, everyone has been asking questions about how snakes and other reptiles manage to find their way into bathrooms and then toilet bowls.

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How can a snake get into your toilet bowl?

Many people do not understand how a snake can get into their toilet bowl, and you can’t blame them because it is truly bizarre. However, if you look at it critically, you would realize that there are various ways a snake could find its way into your toilet.

One way is the structure of your toilet bowl. The toilet bowl has an opening that connects it to underground pits and septic tanks outside the building with pipes. If you have holes around your septic tank, snakes can easily get into your toilet bowl from there.

Five ways to keep snakes away from your toilet

Having snakes inside your toilet bowl or in your environment is completely unsafe and should not be treated with levity. Learn about various ways to keep snakes far from our sewage and environment.

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1. Keep Your Environment Clean

Keeping your environment clean will naturally keep the snakes away. Always cut the trees around your house and trim the grasses to be very low. 

Snakes like to lie in a warm sunny place to regulate their body temperature, and grasses do this for them. Also, ensure to use chemical repellent around the bordering of your house via fumigation. This helps to keep the snakes out.

2. Cover all openings

The only way snakes will get into your toilet is if there are openings that allow them to move freely. So to prevent snakes from showing up unannounced in your toilet, the first step is to cover all openings.

3. Ensure proper fumigation of your environment

Proper fumigation of your home environment, in general, is the first step to securing your home against snakes and other harmful reptiles. You can decide to fumigate your toilet sink and septic tanks twice a year, using special pesticides designed for such a purpose.

4. Avoid rat infestation

Well, we know that cats love to eat rats, which is why they can’t live in harmony. Well, the same goes for rats and snakes as well. If you don’t want them in your home, then don’t keep food around for them. Get cats if you are finding it difficult to keep the rodents away. Your safety should come first.

5. Check for snakes before you use your toilet

While all of these measures will be put in place to ensure your safety, one thing you must always do is to check your toilet before making use of it. Avoid going into the bathroom or using the toilet when it is dark. Also, ensure to keep your toilet lid closed at all times.

Now, you should know that being security conscious isn’t because you are scared but because it helps you spot anything that may harm you quickly.

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