What’s Next For Dune? – a sequel, spin-off TV show, video games and more

With the release of Dune, we seem to have reached the beginnings of the next sprawling fantasy franchise. The movie is getting some fantastic reviews from critics, and theatergoers are also supporting their positive comments. Overall, with the amount of attention that we’ve seen from the movie so far, it’s almost impossible to imagine that we won’t see the Dune title popping up all the way across popular culture.

But what could be next for the already hugely popular movie? We take a look at what we do know is coming, as well as some potential opportunities for Dune below.

Sequel and a TV show

This is something we do know is happening. As Warner Bros. and Legendary are bringing the second half of the original novel to the big screen. For those who have seen the film already, most would have expected it to happen. However, they’ll have to wait until October 2023 to catch the next installment in the epic journey. The good news for fans is that there will be a TV spin-off too as Dune: The Sisterhood is coming to the small screen. It has been confirmed that the movie director Denis Villeneuve will be executive producer of the TV version; it’s a great move which will mean that it won’t be allowed to stray too far from its roots.

Video game star

There has been a number of video games based on Frank Herbert’s original Sci-Fi novel released before. In fact, no less than six titles have been released in the past across many platforms, the first Dune game hit the Commodore Amiga and MS-Dos (PC) back in 1992, and it has just as much as a storied past as the movie. Dune also appeared on consoles and left a real legacy. The games themselves weren’t universal hits, but some of their aspects definitely were. Dune II was a real-time strategy title that leaned towards other games of its time like Populous but took their best parts and made them better. The last game based on the movie title was released back in 2001, but the forward leaps made in gaming technology have been huge since then. Much like the movie ‘reboot’ with the advances and changes in cinematography, it’s time to bring Dune back to gamers with a true homage befitting its already honorable gaming legacy.

Moving into another game sphere

Another facet of gaming that is gaining popularity is the interest in online slots. While it may seem that the casino game concept is strange, it’s something that has seen many film tie-ins over the years. There are DC Comics-inspired games and plenty of classic movie genre material that has remained popular on certain platforms. In particular, there are slots based on Jurassic ParkGremlins, and even the work of Bruce Lee that you can still find among the slot titles on Foxy Games. It’s definitely a different area of gaming, but one which has seemed to be something of a mainstay when it comes to movie tie-ins.

More media attention

If the attention given to the movie itself continues at its current pace, then it wouldn’t be unimaginable for there to be a host of media outlets prolonging its longevity. Classic sci-fi movies such as Star Wars have podcasts, Dune is already a classic story, and this is another adaptation of it. So, it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility that this could spawn a host of new podcasts to go with its popularity. Also, the news that part two of the story is coming gives fans the chance to dissect and discuss what we could be seeing next.


What’s Next For Dune? - a sequel, spin-off TV show, video games
Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet for Dune (2021)

With a successful movie reboot finally unshackling the potentials that Frank Herbert’s masterpiece holds, it is only a matter of time for us to see a Dunedom (a Dune fandom). All aspects of entertainment will feel its impact when the franchise receives the attention it deserves.

The lead stars — Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet — are also well-loved and have brought their fans together for the film. It will not be surprising if the movie ushers us into a whole new way of entertainment. We can only wait to see what will happen next for Dune.

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