Chris Rock admits cancel culture is killing comedy

Ace comedian Chris Rock has expressed concern about how the popular wave of cancel culture has stripped the art of comedy of its freedom and range. He lamented this while speaking on The Breakfast Club earlier in the week.

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He talked about life during COVID, trying new things, and of course his new movie ‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’ which premieres in cinemas this weekend.

Speaking on the subject, he said: “Now you have a place where people are scared to talk; especially in America, ‘people are scared to talk’. But it’s alright, we gotta make adjustments.” Chris further added that cancel culture is not bad if and when it helps people who are marginalized. He highlighted transgender people, and the physically challenged. He explained that there however is a problem when it hinders artists from expressing themselves.

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That wasn’t the only subject of the over 20 minutes lively conversation though. He was also asked about his new movie Spiral and he described it as “the bloodiest episode of Law and Order you’ve ever seen”. The movie is rumoured to be the last installment in the Saw franchise.

The movie stars Chris in the leading role and Samuel L. Jackson as his father. A number of critics have referred to it as ‘timely’ because it addresses police corruption. Chris however had this to say about that: “Police corruption has been going on forever and you can make a movie about it anytime; 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or next year. This alludes to the ever relevant nature of the subject and how it has transcended time.”

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On a lighter note, Chris, 56, revealed he has been trying out new things. He is learning to swim and has also gotten his first ever and second tattoos in quick succession in the last year. He is expected back doing comedy tours next year.

‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’ is out in cinemas this weekend.

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