Yaron Varsano Biography: Gal Gadot’s husband, age, children, and net worth

Born 28 June 1975, Gal Gadot husband, Yaron Varsano, is an Israeli real estate entrepreneur, film producer, and businessman. He is, of course, known mainly as the husband of the screen goddess and model. Yaron is a big name back at home in Tel Aviv, where he runs a company that constructs and sells premium properties.

The Israeli national, born to Jewish parents in Amsterdam, Netherlands, spent a large part of his life there alongside his brother, Guy Varsano. Yaron owned and managed the Versano Hotels in Tel Aviv alongside his brother and wife, Gal, before eventually selling the property to Russian oil mogul and owner of the EPL outfit Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich, for a reported sum of $26 million in 2015.

Considering how well they’ve managed their relationship and privacy, it is interesting, to say the least, that Yaron and Gal Gadot have been married for 13 years now. The two first met back in 2006 at a party and felt an instant connection. Two years later, they put things to bed and became man and wife. Today, they have three beautiful children together.

Learning about celebrity spouses can be pretty enjoyable. Here, we have yet another spouse to a famous person, mostly recognized based on that association but has an entire booming career and exciting life hardly ever discussed. Allow us to feed your curiosity in a few paragraphs as we find out more about Yaron Varsano. Before we proceed, see these ten facts about him.

10 interesting Yaron Varsano facts

  1. If you were already thinking it, this is confirmation that Yaron is much older than Gal Gadot; there is a ten-year gap between the businessman and the actress.
  2. Varsano met the love of his life in 2006 at a Yoga retreat in a desert somewhere in Israel, and he knew almost immediately that he had found the one.
  3. Suppose Zodiac signs are anything to go by; in that case, one can infer that Yaron’s Cancer sign is indeed manifesting in his life, as people belonging to the sign are known for their business acumen and resourcefulness.
  4. Though born and raised outside of Israel, Varsano seems well-grounded in his people’s culture and religion; the business tycoon is a practicing Judaist.
  5. Yaron is a man who knew what he wanted with Gadot, and it is said that he told her on their second date that he would propose to her in two years… and that’s exactly what he did.
  6. September 2021 made it 13 years since the couple has been together; they got married in a private ceremony in Tel Aviv on 28 September 2008.
  7. Both Yaron and his wife served in the Israeli Defense Force as part of compulsory service to their nation.
  8. Varsano is very supportive of his wife’s acting career; in fact, he discouraged her from quitting when she got overwhelmed after having their first child.
  9. Together, Yaron and his wife own a Production Company called Pilot Wave, whose primary goal is to push projects that inspire and celebrate women.
  10. According to several sources, Yaron Varsano currently has a net worth of $30 million.

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Early life and education

Yaron, as initially mentioned, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Jewish parents. There, he was raised alongside his brother, Guy Varsano, who is also now into properties. Not much is known about their childhood, but reports claim that they spent the majority of their formative years in the Netherlands. One can also assume that their parents set their feet in the family religion as Yaron practices Judaism till today.

He attended the International School of Amsterdam and later enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, New York, from where he graduated in 2000. His foray into business began after the completion of his education.


Varsano moved back to Tel Aviv, Israel, after graduating from the Institute of Technology. He teamed up with his brother on getting there, and they set up their own real-estate company. Although there is no detailed information about their business, many sources claim it was quite successful.

A high point of his real estate career is the hotel he and his brother established in Tel Aviv. Gal Gadot was traveling a lot due to filming schedules, and they shuttled between the US and Israel very often. Resultantly, they stayed in hotels a lot, and on one of such trips, they found a hotel that was built like an apartment complex. It gave Yaron an idea, and he soon embarked on building what will become Versano Hotels.

Yaron and his brother ran the hotel for years, and in 2015, they cashed in on the property. It was sold for NIS 100 million (almost $26 million) to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich who owns Chelsea FC in England.

In addition to his real estate business, Yaron also owns a production company with his wife. The company christened Pilot Wave is focused on championing projects that celebrate and inspire women everywhere.

As Gal Gadot husband

Gal Gadot husband

In 2006, Yaron attended a Yoga retreat in a desert in Israel. The party was organized by someone who is reportedly a mutual friend of himself and his would-be wife, Gal Gadot. The two met for the first time at the party and thus began their journey. It is said that they both felt a connection towards each other and went on more dates after that. Knowing what he wanted, Yaron opened up to Gal about his intentions on their second date. He told her that he wanted something serious and that he would propose to her in no later than two years.

It is not strange at all that Gal, who was only about 22 years old at the time, was a bit confused about Yarons proposition. On the other hand, Yaron was already over 30 and was sure he had found what he wanted. Just as he promised, he proposed to Gal in 2008, and they got married the same year. Their wedding ceremony was a private affair that took place in Tel Aviv amidst family and close relatives.

Gal Gadot wedding dress

For some reason, Gadot’s wedding dress has some fame of its own. For her wedding, she wore a white dress with various details in rhinestones. The dress, which had a large neckline at the back, boasted light straps that adjusted her back and shoulders.

Gal Gadot wedding dress
Gadot and Yaron getting married in 2008

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Yaron and Gal Gadot children

Almost three years after getting married, Gal and Yaron welcomed their first child. Alma Varsano was born in 2011 when Gal’s career had just begun to take off. Having a newborn made it hard for her to juggle work, and she even considered quitting acting. Her husband was, however, there to urge her on.

In an interview with Glamour, Gal said: “When Alma was around two, I was really anxious about how to travel with a child, moving her from one country to the other, all the different languages. It was my husband who told me: ‘Gal, think about what kind of a role model you want to be. If you want to show Alma that she can follow her dreams, that’s what you should do, and we will figure out the logistics.'”

Their second child, Maya Varsano, was already growing in Gal’s belly when she shot parts of Wonder Woman in 2016. Maya was later born in the following year.

In March of 2021, Gal announced that they had a third baby on the way in an Instagram post. Before the announcement, the public had already donned their detective hats after Gal appeared at the Golden Globe awards in a loose-fitting outfit.

Yaron Varsano Biography: Gal Gadot's husband, age, children, and net worth

It is unclear the exact date that Daniella Varsano was born, but Gal shared an Instagram post that featured the newborn on 29 June 2021. “My sweet family. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy (and tired) we are all so excited to welcome Daniella into our family. I’m sending all of you love and health. GG,” she captioned the post.

Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot

Born 30 April 1985, Gal Gadot-Varsano is an Israeli actress and model who, at age 18, was crowned Miss Israel 2004. Gal served two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a soldier before proceeding to study at the IDC Herzliya college while building her modeling and acting careers. Gadot’s first international film role came as Gisele Yashar in Fast & Furious (2009). She then gained global fame by portraying Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe. This job comprised films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeWonder WomanJustice League, and Wonder Woman 1984.

Gadot is also an active model. She took part in the Maxim photo shoot ‘Women of the Israeli Army’ and was featured on the cover of the New York Post. She has headlined many international ad campaigns, including Captain Morgan rum, Gucci fragrances, Vine Vera skincare ranges, Jaguar Cars, and more. Gal has also been the face of Gucci’s Bamboo perfume brand, Huawei smartphones, and Miss Sixty. For eight years (2008-2016), she served as the main model for Castro’s fashion brand. In that period, she appeared as the cover girl for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Bride Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and many more

Gadot’s Wonder Woman character was named Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women & Girls by the United Nations. This ambassadorship resultantly won her an invitation to give a speech at the UN in New York City.

Gal Gadot net worth

Gal Gadot has been placed twice in annual rankings of the world’s highest-paid actresses. The first time was in 2018, and the second was in 2020 when ranked among the five highest-paid actresses in the world. Celebrity Networth reports a $30 million wealth for the actress and model.


Yaron Varsano certainly has to be one of the luckiest men alive. He has been with Wonder Woman for 15 years, has three beautiful kids with her, and runs a thriving business. Gal is lucky to have him too, as he is the biggest supporter of her career. It is even more interesting that they started out before fame and wealth. One can only wish them continued bliss and success, both as a couple and as individuals.

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