Know Your Business – A Huge Step Forward to Business Verification

Digital Identity theft incidences are increasing across the globe, and the lack of proper security protocols results in substantial financial losses for the companies. According to the United Nations reports, the economic loss is around $2 trillion due to money laundering.

It is an alarming fact for businesses that want to ensure long-term stability in the market. The professionals must handle the issue timely. For this purpose, Know your business solutions can help as an authentication tool for all businesses.

The procedure will highlight any company dealing in confidential transactions with other institutions. The international guidelines for AML and Know Your Business are apparent in that they want to safeguard the business exchanges to reduce the instances of illegal money laundering. 


The Emphasis on Regulatory Approach to Know Your Business Procedure

The KYB checks demand that businesses verify the identity of their clients before onboarding them and giving them their services. According to 4AMLD, companies should be stringent in their scrutiny procedure to ensure that bad actors do not violate the system’s integrity. 

According to 5AMLD, the staff members should conduct the review process on individual clients and the corporations they want to work with. Such directives ensure that no real businesses work with any illegal corporations.

Money launderers use different tactics and stay under the cover of large business structures to carry out their evil plans (Importance of business verification). Therefore, the European Union enforces strict regulations for CDD (Customer Due diligence) to detect fraudsters. 

For big corporations, it is like a legal compliance guideline, and they should adopt a proper screening procedure for all the stakeholders (suppliers, vendors, and traders). GDPR and FinCEN also emphasize the importance of knowing UBOs before initiating a professional relationship with the enterprises.

As per the latest rules and regulations, all businesses should maintain a proper record of UBOs of all legal companies. It is the responsibility of the companies to register all their details. The step is essential to distinguish between genuine and illegal companies (i.e., company verification is critical). When all the information is in the record, it will be publically available to the organizations. 

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Know Your Business Procedure – What is it?

Know Your Business is an authentication procedure (just like KYC). It cross-checks business identities by capturing data from APIs. The online KYB checks use the registration number of businesses and special jurisdiction codes to collect accurate data for other companies. The use of automatic registers can help verify businesses seamlessly and error-free. The automated procedure saves time and several company resources. 

The Importance of Business Search, Filings, Statements, and Networks

The data collection procedure on companies includes address information, the company’s current status, the nature of the business, their UBOs, any previous names, and their trademark registration. The KYB checks system also demands a financial summary of all the active accounts.

The step is vital to establishing authenticity. Moreover, business filings are about quick authentic data on the company’s financial status. It also ensures access to financial information, their sources, and the provision of annual reports. 

Business statements can help organizations keep an eye on the changes in their management and organizational hierarchies. The difference can reflect the flexible nature of businesses, and it can also mean that there should be follow-up sessions regarding business matters.

If there is in-depth information available on organizational structures, other companies can know about their subsidiaries quickly. Important factors can include the business’s country of origin and the value its business transactions hold. 

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Know Your Business System – What Could be the Challenges?

  • The biggest challenge in the process is the collection of UBOs, especially in regions where the information is not essential for documentation.
  • Poor information on shareholders can make investigation processes difficult. It can even make it hard to determine the authenticity of the business. This can lead to heavy financial fines due to a lack of compliance.
  • Another major issue in the process is data availability in correct formats. Sometimes there are different changes in the companies, but the data does not reflect those changes because it was not updated timely.

Final Thoughts

Finally, using AI and ML algorithms can help in smooth information retrieval. It can facilitate collaboration with the right partners and highlight cases for a comprehensive review process. This is important in reducing costs and instances of possible non-compliance.

Efficient KYB checks are almost like a KYC procedure, but the difference is that it helps verify businesses, whereas KYC is for individual customers. The KYB checks solution focuses on screening corporations to ensure better compliance. 

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