Notes from Liberia: Photographer Yagazie Emezi documents the vibrancy and beauty of West Point women for Vogue magazine

This week’s vogue features documentary photographs of Yagazie Emezi, a Nigerian who swapped the chaos of Lagos for the persistent rains of Monrovia.
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An aspect of Yagazie Emezi‘s work focused on documenting the cultural and aesthetic of women of West Point, a coastal slum of about ten minutes from the city of Monrovia. Peculiar makeup, vibrant colours and unconscious disregard for approbation in their fashion choices and style are some of the striking features that the photographer unravelled. Though not immune to global influences the women of West Point are not afraid to experiment with extreme makeup, they have positive body image and frequently express themselves through their choice and mode of dressing, makeup and hair styles.


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Graphic strokes of winged eyeliner create a minimalist look.


Wigs and weaves are big business in the city and are often worn for up to four months at a time, while heavy graphic prints are popular for their level of intricate detail.


Pink is a favourite colour for women; eyebrows are emboldened with black pencil.


A popular jersey dress that’s sold in bulk in the city, in different colors with the symbols for various chemical elements printed on it. The cut is always body hugging and worn by women across a wide spectrum of sizes and shapes
West Point’s women use vibrant and striking shades of eyeshadow and lipstick to create contrast with their skin tones.
To economize on costs, braids can stay in for months, and bright accessories are typically added as plaits get older.
Wearing a sports jersey and a beaded necklace, a young girl displays her personality.

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Photo Credit: Yagazie Emezi |Instagram: @yagazieemezi


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