Health hack: Easy ways to eliminate pimples

Almost everyone at one time or the other had suffered from big fat and ugly pimples on their faces. 

Such breakouts are fairly common during puberty. Sometimes they may be due to reactions to soaps, creams, and even drugs. Stress too has been implicated in some cases as the cause of pimples breakout. However, no matter the underlying cause, believe me, pimples are no fun. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll consider them to be a total nightmare.

While we may not have control over these periodic breakouts, it doesn’t follow that we have to accept defeat and wait for the blemishes to go away. Yes, we can be proactive in the way we manage them and get our faces back. But first, we have to understand that our bodies and faces are quite different and so we need to understand what works for us. Nevertheless, try these five easy ways to quickly get those pimples out of your face rather than to pop them (yuck).

1. Hands off

Almost all dermatologists agree that it is wrong to pick your pimple or pop zits. Picking your pimple may seem tempting, but remember that once you’ve picked it, it will take longer to heal; and it is most likely to scar.

2. Skip home-made remedies

For example, toothpaste, and lemon juice have been cited as wonderful home remedies for blemishes, it is still not safe to use them especially for pimples. Why? Because toothpaste is much more complicated than it used to be and can irritate over dry skin. The same goes for lemon juice, it won’t have any effect on the pimple itself. What this means is that we should totally avoid remedies that won’t work, especially the ones that come first to our mind.

3. Apply warm compress

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  8. Really cool article but I wanted ask if there is a right spot treatment because over time I have tried different types but still no difference?
    I think not rubbing your hands on your face regular helps.
    Lovely article.
    Nice one Wendy


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