4 delicious reasons why wine-lovers should visit chile

We know there are tons of places around the world to visit and drink great wine. People most often think of the European countries and cities that are well-known for their history of winemaking. But what about the others? There are beautiful winemakers all over the world!

South American Wine Country on a BU...
South American Wine Country on a BUDGET - Argentina/Chile - Episode 9

Today, we’ll discuss the wine from Chile. This South American country isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—its wine steps up to the plate with other wine leaders. If you want to see it for yourself, follow along with our reasons why wine-lovers should visit Chile and explore the country’s wine themselves.

For wonderful landscaping & sopography

Wine-lovers know that landscaping and topography have a massive effect on how grapes grow and how the wine tastes. For a wide variety of flavor, a country needs to have a varied topography.

Chile’s got it all. Though it’s a very narrow country, it also has miles of coastline. There’s desert on one side of the country and ocean on the other. The length of the country also increases the temperature and climate variation, allowing for great grape production. And, of course, the country is absolutely stunning, so that never hurts for a vacation!

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For Santiago

Santiago is the city most folks think about when they think of Chile. And when it comes to wine, they think of it for good reason. The city is exquisite, and the wines you can find there are seemingly never-ending. There are quite a few wineries within the city itself, but if you’re going for food and wine, we’d suggest some visiting some wine bars. Barrica 94 is an excellent choice for classic Chilean fare and even better wine!

For the wine valleys

Santiago isn’t everything Chile has to offer for wine. When you’re exploring Chilean wine regions, you’ll learn that the Maipo Valley is the country’s most popular, in part due to the region’s close connection to Santiago, stretching from there to the Andes—not to mention the 7,000 acres of vineyards! But there’s also Colchagua Valley, or the Napa Valley of Chile. There you can find over 1,700 vineyards and the delicious Carménère grape.

For Carménère

Speaking of that wonderful grape, Carménère is special to the country. The red wine you’ve been dreaming of is right here in the Chilean countryside. The top Chilean wine producers utilize this grape to round out all their reds. Don’t underestimate the power of a good red from this country.

We hope these reasons wine-lovers should visit Chile will get you to plan a trip to this stunning country—if not for the wine, then at least for the perfect nature all around! You may also like to read, 10 sites to see when visiting Las Vegas.

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