Jay Z inducted into the songwriters hall of fame.

Jay-Z talks retirement
Jay-Z talks retirement

American rapper and businessman Jay Z (real name Shawn Corey Carter), last night was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the 48th Annual event of the Induction and Awards Gala in New York. He is the first rapper to be inducted into the elite club, and by no other person but former US President, Mr Barack Obama.  Jay Z, however, was not physically present to receive the award, which fuelled speculations that his wife, Grammy winner and Formation singer, Beyonce, has put to bed. The couples are expecting to welcome twins any time now.

However, Jay Z took to Twitter to share his thanks



The award was received on his behalf by a close friend and music publisher, Jon Platt. Speaking at the event, the publisher said that the rapper was “Really sorry he can’t be here with you tonight.” He then went ahead to pay some glowing and touching tribute to the rapper. “What’s so incredible about Jay is that after selling after more than 100 million albums, Jay is one of the most self-aware superstars you’ll ever meet”, he said. “As the great Quincy Jones put it, Jay Z knows why God gave us two ears and one mouth: because it means you’re supposed to listen twice as much as you talk”.


He further added “Jay Z accepts not just the benefits of his fame, but also the responsibilities of it. He understands what his work means to his millions of fans around the world just as much as he understands how important it is that he’s becoming the first rap artist to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. And he also knows that so many came before him that didn’t get this opportunity and didn’t receive this honour.”


Jon Platt. Image from Variety magazine


“You see, when it comes to the industry’s biggest honours, the hip-hop community has a very long history of being told “You’re not songwriters,” “You’re not quite there yet,” “It’s not your time yet.” Well, to all the songwriters and artists from our community and our generation, Jay would want you to know that this induction is a signal that your time has come and your time is now. He would tell up-and-coming hip-hop artists today that there can be no mistake or question that you are indeed songwriters, and your gift cannot ever be overlooked. And Jay would want you to know that as proud as he is to be the first, he’s even more proud that he won’t be the last.”


He concluded by adding, “I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. But legends? Legends are forever, and tonight Shawn Carter takes his rightful place among the legends in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and this moment will live on forever. On behalf of Jay, I thank you for this honour of a lifetime.”



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