Big Brother Naija Season 3 housemates: Where are they now?

Big Brother Naija season 3 housemates brought a lot of spice to the show, appropriately tagged Big Brother Naija season 3, which marked the continuation of the much-loved reality TV show. 

Unlike its predecessor, which returned after 11 years, Big Brother Naija season 3 housemates showed both viewers and the organisers of the show that it would be worth it to keep the show going; something that they did.

For the third season of the show, a total of 20 housemates stayed in the house for 84 days. During this time, they brought a lot of drama and entertainment, which they still bring to the table now, more than two years after the show.

Miracle Igbokwe won the grand prize after the 84 days elapsed while Cee-C emerged the first runner up. It would be interesting to see where all 20 housemates are now, and that is exactly what we will examine in this article.

We previously shared the activities of the Big Brother Naija season 1 housemates as well as the Big Brother Naija season 2 housemates. Check them out as well.

For the third season of the show, season 1 housemate, Ebuka continued his duty as the host of the show, something that he began on the second season. Ebuka was a housemate in season one of the show when it was still known as Big Brother Nigeria.

Continue reading to find out exactly what your favourite BBNaija season 3 housemates are doing now.

1. Miracle Igbokwe

Miracle was one of the most loved BBNaija season 3 housemates, as evidenced by the fact that he won the show.

He was one of the most talked-about housemates on the show, mostly because of his relationship with fellow housemate, Nina. His tactics, if any, ensured that his name was on the lips of almost everyone watching the show.

After winning the show, many expected the Imo State-born pilot to go into the entertainment industry like many housemates do, but he disappointed fans.

Instead of doing as expected, he travelled abroad to continue pursuing his dreams of becoming a pilot. Before doing this, he met with then governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, who promised to help him with funds for his education.

He regularly shares updates on that, and in 2019, he announced that he had been certified an instrument-rated pilot. Apart from that, Miracle is also a farmer.

He shared this little tidbit on his Instagram page. However, he has not updated his page since December 2019.

2. Cynthia ‘Cee-C Nwadiora

Cynthia Nwadiora, known popularly as Cee-C, is also one of the BBNaija season 3 housemates who were very popular on the show.

In fact, Cee-C is popular even now, as her fans still manage to bring up her name during Big Brother Naija conversations.

Cee-C’s participation in the Big Brother Naija show began the trend of ‘fan life’. Her perceived arrogance caused people to dislike her and to rise up in her defence as well.

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Now, Cee-C is an award-winning social media influencer, an actress (“Another Father’s Day”, among others) and an entrepreneur. She founded the Cegar brand, which includes a loungewear department and a logistics company.

She continues to wax stronger as the years pass and with her fans behind her, we can’t wait to see which new feats she will conquer.

3. Tobi Bakre

Tobi Bakre was also one of the biggest names out of the Big Brother Naija season 3 show. He was also one of the most beloved Big Brother Naija season 3 housemates.

He started a romantic relationship with fellow housemate Cee-C in the first few weeks but the relationship became sour and the two went their separate ways.

After the conclusion of the show, Tobi went on to sign several high profile endorsement deals.

These days, Tobi is a public figure who is known for his roles in movies like “Fix Us”, and “Sugar Rush”; the brands he represents and his amazing artwork.

4. Bamike ‘Bam Bam’ Olawumi

Bam Bam’s story is one of the most interesting among the Big Brother Naija season 3 housemates.

She sparked a romantic relationship with fellow housemate Teddy A while she was in the house, and while no one expected them to make much of it, they surprised everyone.

The two went on to continue their relationship after the house, delighting their fans and ‘shippers’. When they eventually got married, the news took over social media as fans struggled to get a glimpse of first their traditional wedding, then the white wedding in Dubai.

Now, she has welcomed a baby girl, Zendaya Adenibuyan, with her husband, Teddy A.

Bam Bam has also released a song titled “Worry”.

She has starred in films like “The Gift”, “No Budget”, and others. Bam Bam is also a brand influencer and entrepreneur.

5. Teddy A

Teddy A entered the Big Brother Naija season 3 house with a bad guy reputation that he did not manage to live up to.

He started a romantic relationship with fellow housemate Bam Bam. This relationship with Bam Bam made him popular within and outside the house.

After leaving the house, he secured more than a couple of modelling gigs. He has also released a couple of songs towards his music career.

This has not proved to be effective as his music career is still on the rise. Hopefully, as time passes, he will see a little more luck with his career.

6. Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada was one of the most interesting housemates on the Big Brother Naija season 3 show.

However, Ifu Ennada’s stay in the house was cut short as she could not garner enough fans to keep her in the house.

After the house, Ifu Ennada got busy. From hosting events to acting as a brand ambassador, she has definitely been busy since then.

She eventually progressed into entrepreneurship by launching her own skincare and haircare brand, BeautifuSkin and BeautifuEnnada.

7. Princess

Fans expected Big Brother Naija season 3 housemate Princess to get into the house and turn things upside down, but it turned out that she was more of the quiet sort.

She did play her game smartly while in the house but she left once her time in the house was up. Once she left the house, however, much was not heard from her for a while.

She resurfaced as a media personality and an entrepreneur, setting up a beauty store called Primadonna beauty in Abuja.

8. Anto

Anto was one of the BBNaija season 3 housemates who was known for being beautiful and eloquent. Her romantic relationship with fellow housemate Lolu also worked in her favour as this made fans admire them even more.

What is more, Anto got a second chance to return to the house after she was evicted, but this did not help her get to the finish line.

After she left the house though, Anto truly shined. The former basketball manager has modelled for several brands and even gets front row seats for many high profile events in Nigeria.

She has also gotten her turn as an actress, starring in the movie “Dear Affy”.

9. Lolu

Lolu’s time in the BBNaija house saw him as calm and level-headed but his relationship with Anto made him stand out. Like her, this was not enough to get him to the final.

Outside the house, Lolu has continued his calm ways and is rarely seen at events, even though he was seen at a few in the early days following his eviction.

These days, he works as s host, most recently hosting the Gulder Ultimate Search Viewers Connect show.

10. Bitto

Bitto was one of the most standout housemates in the BBNaija season 3 house,  so it was quite a surprise that he did not make it to the final.

After his exit from the house, Bitto did not surprise fans who thought he would end up as an on-air personality (OAP).

He is currently a broadcaster at Planet 101.1 FM.

11. Alex

The first week after Alex got into the BBNaija house, she largely went unnoticed.

However, during the very first house party, Alex wowed viewers with her energy and dance steps.

Alex’s rivalry with Cee-C also added to her popularity both within and outside the house as fans of both stars competed.

Now, Alex is doing very well as a brand influencer, TV personality, and actress. She also made her movie debut in the movie “Merry Men 2”.

To up her acting and filmmaking skills, she enrolled at the New York Film Academy.


12. Nina

Nina’s relationship with Miracle took her from being just a regular housemate on BBNaija to one of the finalists on the show.

Apart from this, her beauty endeared her to many so that she was able to grow a huge fanbase and attract endorsement deals from high profile companies.

Nina was recently profiled by The NET NG as one of the most successful and relevant Big Brother housemates till date.

She snagged a spot for herself among the top five housemates that were profiled and showed that she is still very influential.

Since she left the BBNaija house, she has since married the love of her life and birthed a baby boy named Denzel.

13. Angel

Angel was one of the BBNaija season 3 housemates who went in with the unflinching belief that he could win the show.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for viewers to pick their favourites and he did not get enough fans to make it to the final.

After the house, though, Angel did not waste much time and instead, became the first housemate to get married. He married his Canadian girlfriend.

At the time of this article, Angel is a documentary filmmaker and a philanthropist. He recently donated COVID-19 palliatives to communities in Bayelsa State.

14. Dee One

Dee One’s strategy going into the house was to be the comedian of the house. This was a fact that he revealed at the opening ceremony.

Well, this strategy worked for him to a point but was not enough to get him to the finals.

After the house, Dee One decided to commit to fully chasing his dreams. He started attending shows and showing himself off as a comedian.

Many people were not so surprised to find that Dee One is hilarious.

15. Rico Swavey

Some Big Brother Naija Season 3 housemates were already gaining grounds as rising artists before their time on the show. Rico Swavey was one of them.

It was assumed that Rico Swavey, with his young and handsome face, would be a favourite among the ladies in the house, but that wasn’t the case.

Rico Swavey, whose real name is Patrick Fakoya, is now a model, singer, producer and an actor.

He has released a number of songs including “Fresh and Clean”, “Only You”, “Emotions”, among others.

He has also featured in a number of Nollywood movies including “Dark Listed”, “The Promotion”, “What Are Friends For?”, among others.

16. Leo Da Silva

During his time in the Big Brother Naija house, Leo Da Silva was known as the gentleman of the house.

It was quite obvious that he went into the house to promote himself and his brand. Apart from one or two misunderstandings, he was not involved in any drama.

Predictably, this did not take him very far into the game.

On the outside though, Leo has done very well for himself. He is now an investor, a model and a social media influencer.

Only recently, Sidomex Entertainment shared a very interesting story on the responses to one of his tweets. Influencer indeed!

17. Ahneeka

At first glance, Ahneeka was expected to be the fun, extroverted member of the Big Brother Naija house, but she turned out to be introverted instead.

While she contributed a lot during in-house activities, it seemed like she tried her best to stay out of the limelight.

After her stay in the house came to an end, fans came together to gift her a million naira. Talk about fan loyalty!

She also starred in the movie, “No Budget”, alongside Kehinde Bankole, Teddy A and others.

These days, she is a TV host, hosting the YouTube show Showbiz Patrol, where she discusses entertainment gist.

18. Khloe

If there was an award for the most dramatic housemate on the Big Brother Naija season 3 show, then it should have gone to Khloe Abiri.

It was a new episode of drama every single day and this kept things exciting. Khloe was disqualified halfway into the show but was reintroduced a few weeks later.

She didn’t make it to the finals though.

These days, Khloe is still the dramatic person that she was on the show. She is always in the news for saying something controversial but her fans love her nonetheless.

She is also an entrepreneur, managing Koko by Khloe Beauty, where she sells makeup and beauty products, as well as Koko by Chloe Clothings, where she sells clothes.

She was most recently in the news again after she appeared to admit that she went under the knife.

19. K Brule

K Brule was disqualified alongside Khloe during Big Brother Naija season 3. He was disqualified for using “strong threatening words and attempting to physically harm a fellow housemate.

Since he left the Big Brother Naija house, not much has been heard from him. By the looks of his social media pages, he still releases music and is living his best life.

20. Vandora

Vandora took all the attention on the BBNaija show with her beautiful and infectious smile.

Once she got out of the house, she got to work as a brand influencer and a TV host. She even earned a gig hosting “My Perfect Wedding” on Africa Magic.

Now, Vandora is a YouTube star. On her YouTube page, she shares everything from beauty looks to cute videos featuring her boyfriend.


The Big Brother Naija reality TV show serves as an avenue to elevate housemates and provide them with opportunities that they would normally not get.

A classic example of this is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who participated in the first season of the show and leveraged it to become a host, presenter and public figure.

With respect to the Big Brother Naija season 3 housemates, it is very nice to know that a number of them made adequate use of the opportunities, reaped a lot from it and continue to even now, nearly three years later.

Of course, this is not the end of the road for them and we cannot wait to see what feats they will continue to conquer.

Don’t forget to share this article with all the Big Brother Naija fans you know and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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