Domo Wilson: Bio, Facts, Relationship, Bisexuality, And Other Shocking Discoveries

Domo Wilson is a content creator and social media star famous for the comedy videos she posts on her Facebook wall, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms. Her lively and hilarious performances depict her videos. Her perspective, philosophical ideologies, and honest approach to various topics lend her videos a unique freshness.

Her videos cover a wide range of activities such as funny reactions to day-to-day circumstances, forgetting to take the phone to the bathroom, adolescent concerns, severe issues like living life as a bisexual or a gay person, etc. Apart from the funny skits that she uploads on her social media pages, she is also a musician who performs all over the United States. She delivers motivational speeches at schools and performs at music shows and clubs. 


Early Life and Education

Popularly known as Domo, Dominique Wilson was born on 24 June 1994 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Domo is a Black American who’s talented in songwriting and instrumentals. Domo was born into a family of five consisting of 4 boys and a girl. Her youngest brother was born in 2016.

At a tender age, her family relocated from Illinois to Valparaiso, Indiana, and she was mainly brought up there. Her mother’s name is unknown from source documents, and her father’s name is under review.

Top 10 Facts About Domo Wilson

  1. Domo Wilson, a famous black American, was born on 24 June 1994 and had a cancer zodiac sign.
  2. She is not only a songwriter, an instrumentalist, and a comedian. She is also a motivational speaker who gives motivational speeches in schools.
  3. When Domo and her partner Crissy broke up, Domo accused Crissy of infidelity on several occasions and that she was with her because of the fame and money she stands to benefit.
  4. Domo’s pregnancy via artificial insemination was not a hidden act. She made it publicly known to her fans.
  5. At age 2, Dominic, Domo’s beloved son, was diagnosed with Autism. This inspired her to make a video on how to raise children with special needs,
  6. Domo has been on YouTube since 2010 but was not popular. She came to the limelight when she made a short video and shared it on the vine platform in 2014.
  7. She has always been attracted to females and female celebrities since elementary school. It took her many years to become courageous and tell her mum about her sexuality.
  8. Domo said she’ll always be bisexual, even if she decides to marry a man. She also said she wouldn’t date at the same time.
  9. Wilson released the bisexual anthem she sang, titled becoming myself. The famous star is proud of living her authentic identity.
  10. As of May 2022, she’s an Apollo Neuro Organization brand ambassador. Apollo Neuro stress-relieving technology uses scientifically sound, wearable touch therapy to improve the body’s resilience to stress. 

Domo Wilson and Son

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In March 2010, Domo created her YouTube channel @domowilsonisbae to post comedy skits, songs, and vlogs. However, she came to the spotlight when she made a short video and shared it on the vine platform in 2014. Her lively acting and hilarious comic timing on the Vine entertainment platform made her famous instantaneously.

Being a talented singer and songwriter, she became more popular through her songs. She released several albums like Chapter 25: Domonique, Domo vs Domonique, and Rap&Roll. She’s a gifted instrumentalist who keeps developing her skills consistently. 

After getting into a relationship with Crissy Danielle, they created joint accounts on various social media platforms, including YouTube, where they have over 1.3 million subscribers. Domo has more than 800k active subscribers on her channel, and Crissy has 740k subscribers. 

Domo Wilson is primarily known for her comedy skits. In some of her videos, she tirades about the topic she is treating, while in others, she demonstrates the whole scenario. In the videos where she presents the situation, she generally acts out all the characters she is portraying, e.g., a mother and a teenage girl.

Her depiction of the characters, which is often comedic, makes her videos captivating. Domo stated that her vlogs contain an honest account of her journey through life and the difficulties she encountered. She documented the challenges that a young woman experiences daily, from maintaining friends to avoiding conflict with loved ones on her vlogs.

In the video she made in 2014 when she publicly stated her sexuality, Domo mentioned that she was drawn to ladies and female celebrities at a tender age. She dressed for school as a stud at age 14, which made her the object of attraction. Initially, she had these abnormal feelings about her sexuality.

When she clocked 16 in 2010, she told her mum about her sexuality. Domo Wilson’s story serves as a form of emotional support for teenagers who had experienced what she experienced when she was young. The comment on her YouTube videos reveals this.

Personal Life

Domo Wilson is a single mother who has never had a husband. She is a private person and tries to keep her relationship in the limelight. Wilson publicly stated that she was gay. She publicly displayed right from elementary school; that she has always been drawn to girls. When Wilson was about to finish high school, she confided in her mother about her sexuality.

In 2014, she made her sexuality publicly known. In mid-2015, Domo Wilson officially made it known to her fans that she contemplated having a child through donor insemination. She assured her fans that she’d keep them updated regarding her pregnancy. After some time, she made a shocking revelation that she had a miscarriage.

A good number of her fabs sympathized with her during those tuff times wholesome of her fans realized some inconsistence’s in her presentation. That same year, Domo and Crissy met at an Olive Garden, where Crissy worked as a hostess. They started dating officially in September.

However, in 2016, they got engaged and announced that they were expecting a baby on their joint YouTube channel. This time, Crissy and Domo documented the process of Domo’s pregnancy through their vlogs. In March 2017, the couple welcomed their son Dominic.

In July 2018, the union between Domo and Crissy ended. Their fans were shocked when they announced that they had completed their relationship after nearly three years of dating. They later posted their respective sides of the breakup story on their YouTube channel.

Crissy allegedly said it was challenging to establish a parental custody agreement with Domo. Domo accused Crissy of infidelity on several occasions and that she was with her because of the fame and money she stands to benefit. After they individually posted their videos about the breakup, they sat down for a final video in August 2019.

The two admitted that they had been begrudging in their previous videos and regretted going online to rant. After that, Crissy started dating Jamila Rodgers, while Domo focused on being a mom and publicly stated that she was bisexual. Dominics’ official Instagram account acknowledges Domo as his biological mother.

At age 2, Dominic was confirmed to be Autistic. Dominic turned five back in March 2022. Domo gave a detailed lecture on her YouTube channel on how to raise a child with special needs. She re-released her LGBTQ+ empowerment song, “Becoming Myself.”The lyrics of the music and the video pinpoint Domos’s experience as a bisexual and how it took her mother some time to accept that fact.

 When the video was released a year ago, Crissyfeatured in it, and the lyrics referenced Domo’s then-fiancée. Some of the songs were changed in the new video, and Domo’s ex was not included. 

No photo description available.

Social Media

Domo Wilson is active on social media platforms like Instagram @domowilson, where she has 2.6 million followers. On Facebook @domowilson, she has 711k followers. On TikTok, she has 2.3 million followers. She has more than 530k followers @domowilson on Twitter. On Snapchat, she has 1.56 million subscribers. Her Youtube channel @domowilsonisbae On YouTube, she has 1.8 million subscribers.

Latest News

She’s a brand ambassador of Apollo NeuroOrganization. Apollo Neuro stress-relieving technology uses scientifically sound wearable touch therapy to improve the body’s resilience to stress. Two weeks ago, she went on a date with a Medical Doctor. Recently she released an album titled Rap&Roll.

Domo Wilson Net Worth 

Domo Wilson is loved by her fans for her adorable looks, lovely voice, and exceptional performance whenever she climbs the stage. Domo’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as 2022, despite owning a mansion and a Range Rover Sports Car in 2017.



Dominique Wilson, popularly known as Domo, is a Black American who’s multitalented and gifted in songwriting, comedy skits, and instrumentals. She has become a source of inspiration and role model to many young people. Despite many odds, she’s living a happy life with her son Dominic. In her opinion, we should love one another and be nice to each other. There’s no need to be mean-spirited. 

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