Relationship tips: How to keep a healthy relationship with your man

Love is the secret to kick-starting a relationship; however, to keep a healthy relationship with your man, love alone may not be enough. For that reason, I am sharing these relationship tips to help you be where you want to be in your relationship. At the end of the day, every woman wants to be the secret obsession of her man. But how does she get there?

Relationships are hard work and this is something that isn’t always clear from the beginning. So, to continue in a love relationship, you would need to put in the effort. Putting in the effort to keep a healthy relationship with your man requires both parties to do the work. It is a lot of work and commitment but it is doable. The world is full of examples of women and men who have enjoyed long and loving relationships. There is absolutely nothing that says you cannot be among those numbers.

I understand that you might be anxious or diffident but the fact that you are reading this is already a big step in the right direction. Go a step further and try out the below relationship tips, which hopefully will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with your man.

You can also check out the rich resource on His Secret Obsession website where James breaks down the secrets of enjoying a loving and healthy relationship. James also offers a program that has helped thousands of women achieve their relationship goals. You do not need to register immediately, browse through the website to decide if the program will be suitable for you. Meanwhile, let’s go through my list of tips for a healthy relationship.

Relationship advice for women (and men too) to have a healthy relationship

1. Spend time doing enjoyable things together

One of the ways to keep a healthy relationship with your man is to do things together that you both enjoy.

Finding joy in the time you spend together can help the two of you build a stronger friendship and a deeper bond.

When you spend time together and you probably aren’t into talking, you could do something fun like, you can play card games, go for hikes, etc.

The whole idea is to spend quality time together and to do something you both enjoy while at it.

Discuss things you like to do, then find a few you have in common and try them. Sometimes, you could plan ahead of time.

2. Improve communication

Nothing strengthens the bond between two persons more than communication; talk more of a romantic relationship.

So, improving your communication with your partner is the way to go. I know that this relationship tip might sound weird but talk to your man.

Yes, you might speak to your partner daily and not communicate and that’s because being in a relationship, especially one which has been on for some time can make you take some things for granted.

It could be possible that you may have stopped sharing things and even when you speak daily, you could be growing apart without even being aware that you are.

You could let loose, and learn to communicate. Practice listening while communicating. Be sure to ask questions where not clear.

Even in arguments, try to listen to what your man is complaining about. It sounds hard, but these tiny steps will surely help you keep a healthy relationship with your man.

Also, another thing to note while communicating with your man is honesty. Be open, be honest. Learn about yourselves all over again.

Be honest about the changes that have occurred that you are not comfortable with. When he opens up, listen and be willing to work on yourselves.

3. Avoid negative habits

I understand that you might be wondering what I mean by negative habits. Well you see, we ladies tend to be paranoid especially when there’s so much insecurity in our minds.

One of these negative habits could be always checking your man’s phone. Sometimes ladies might just be convinced that their man is cheating without having any proof and the only logical place to get this proof is his phone.

When you keep checking his phone, it doesn’t help how you feel. Instead, it will only make matters worse. What happens when you don’t find what you’re searching for? Will that make you back down?

What happens when you find what you’re searching for? Will it make you feel any better or worse? This isn’t to justify that your man should cheat on you if he is, it is to put your mental health in check.

Fight the urge to go through his phone. Allow him to make female friends as well. Don’t go all Mrs cranky when you see your man having a laugh with a lady.

When it seems like you can’t help these habits, communicate with your man and you would be glad you did.

4. Build yourself

When you place your happiness in the hands of someone else, it will always cause problems for you in the relationship.

Learn to love yourself for you. Build yourself, educate yourself, make yourself a better version of you, and do this for you, not because you want to compete with anyone. In my opinion, this is my go-to among all relationship tips because c’mon, we love our partners best when we are the best version of ourselves.

Your relationship will thrive better when you find ways to make yourself happy. It could be hanging out with friends, taking yourself out and spending on yourself, taking care of people, etc.

As long as it makes you happy, plunge into it. It could also be possible that you don’t know how to make yourself happy, then talk to someone. You can see a therapist or speak with someone who understands you.

Work on your self-esteem as well. This is because if you have strong self-esteem, you won’t feel insecure and jealous. Instead, you would trust your man more and this is key in keeping your relationship with your man healthy.

5. Stay hopeful and faithful

Hope is what will help you and your man see light at the end of the tunnel no matter how difficult things are in your relationship.

Faithfulness will help both of you strengthen that hope because faithfulness is not only about positively waiting for a bright future but also doing your best to ensure that such a future will come into reality.

If you’re the type that would run into the arms of another man because there happens to be trouble in paradise; even if your partner doesn’t find out, you may not be able to get that relationship to be 100% again.

Once you have chosen to remain in the relationship, then you should be ready to fight for your relationship no matter what.


Always remember that healthy relationships don’t just happen magically, neither does it happen in a day. You need to constantly work for it with all your mind, heart, and soul, putting in the required effort.

A relationship is like a baby. It has to be nurtured and weaned. Achieving it isn’t hard either. It is possible.

Have I helped you see how you can keep a healthy relationship with your man, or do you think there are tips we have missed?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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