Shocking Truth About The Ace Family Revealed

What result do you achieve when you combine an influencer and basketballer? A fantastic love story for years, adorable children, and an entertainment media sensation. The Ace Family is one of the trending families on YouTube currently. This family, though young, is admirable and committed to entertaining their millions of fans by vlogging their family life.

Austin McBroom is an American basketballer, YouTube, and social media influencer born on 20 May 1992 in California. He rose to stardom through his family’s YouTube channel, with over 18 million subscribers. While his wife, Catherine Paiz, was born on 24 August 1990 in Canada.

The Ace Family comprises former basketball player Austin McBroom, and Catherine Paiz, their son, Steel, and daughters Alaia and Elle. The name ACE is the first letter of the name Austin, Catherine, and their daughter Elle. Its YouTube channel has had more than 18 million subscribers since 2016, and fans cannot have enough of this beautiful family.

Please read this article to the end as we delve into this beautiful family.

Early Life and Education

Austin attended Campbell High School, after which he attended his education at three different Universities, St. Louis University, Central Michigan, and Eastern Washington University.

Top 10 Facts About The Ace Family

  1. When Catherine was ten, a psychic woman predicted her future and said she would have three kids. Right now, Catherine believes the prediction because she currently has three kids, a boy and two girls.
  2. Austin and Catherine’s love story is sweet and gets us emotional. They did not plan their relationship or love, and it just happened after meeting at a party dinner.
  3. When Catherine was a teenager, she picked different jobs, and in her first YouTube videos, she mentioned that she’s been working all her life. She also said she didn’t go to college.
  4. She aspires to have her fashionable wear line, which she started working on even before becoming pregnant with her first daughter. However, with her active YouTube business, it might take longer for her to launch her wear line business.
  5. McBroom was a fantastic and passionate basketball player, and while in school, he majored in communication studies. And though people wanted him to become a professional basketball player, he chose another path.
  6. When Austin became a celebrity, some critics dug his old tweets where he said some unpleasant things about black women. It almost became an issue, but he defended him, and his mother also defended him.
  7. Beyond being a YouTuber, Catherine once mentioned that she was an athlete while growing up. She played soccer, volleyball, hockey, and swimming.
  8. Catherine Paiz speaks three different languages: French, English, and Spanish, even though it was her husband that had a bachelor’s degree in communications. Her husband learned French while in school, but he mentioned learning Spanish.
  9. McBroom’s wife mentioned in one of her videos that Catherine was not her real name and that she grew up being embarrassed about her real name. But as she advanced in age, she developed sexual love for the name due to its story.
  10. In 2017, Catherine and her husband released the song “You’re my ACE,” which had 30+ million views. Glenn Travis, who performed “Feel my Love,” co-produced the song with them. After the song, they released more songs like “Giddy Up” and “Only One.”


When he was young, he picked interest in sports. His favorite games were football, baseball, and basketball. While in school, Austin played for the Vikings Championship team. His wife, Catherine, started a modeling career at 16 with Victoria’s Secret, after which she picked a job with an ice cream parlor.

In 2013, she began modeling for Azzelia Swimwear, after which she became a top model in the fashion world. After a while, she picked a job as a manager with Arkadia Miami. These jobs exposed her to many acting works. She has appeared in Monday Nights at SevenLilin’s Brood, and You Can’t Have It.

She started growing her social media handles by posting stunning photos of herself alongside her fiancé. Catherine and Austin focused on building their social media accounts to a certain point, and then boom! They started their YouTube channel. The duo posted their first video, The Ace Family Q and A, In July 2016.

After which, they began posting videos of pranks and different couple challenges, which attracted many viewers. 

How the ACE Family Continues to Ace Life

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Personal Life

How Austin Met Catherine

Austin McBroom’s relationship with Catherine was love at first sight. He said he felt an instant connection when he saw her at a party dinner, and Catherine fell for him first. He also said he shook her hands ever since she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

They went on a date, and Austin became serious about her. However, she was pessimistic about the relationship due to her past experiences, until they later got married with an infinity ring


In early 2019, Austin bought a p---s-shaped lollipop for a child, and someone shared the viral video on Tiger high. The man who made the post referred to McBroom as disgusting. Austin went ahead to explain why he bought the lollipop for the girl. The girl said if he didn’t get the sweet, she’d steal it, and Austin didn’t want the girl to steal, so he bought it for her.

But then critics would hear none of that but insisted that it was wrong for him to even take a child to a store where they sell sexual items. Many critics backlash against them, but neither Austin nor his wife responded to their controversial video. At another time in 2018, some people dug into Austin’s old tweets where he said awful things about black and Asian women.

When his mom heard it, she defended her son by saying he was someone who loved to crack jokes. She also said his comments were not racist as Austin himself was a mixture of white, black, and Puerto Rico and Mexico. She encouraged her son to remain positive and remove his focus from naysayers, urging him to use his energy to do better things.

There was a time that another Youtube guy Cole Carrigan accused Austin of sexual assault. Austin replied via tweet, telling the guy that people have slandered and defamed him, but he wasn’t bothered, and the recent accusation won’t jitter him either. His life, Catherine Paiz, also defended him by making a social media post telling everyone that nothing can break her marriage with Austin.

Austin Mcbroom and daughter Elle


At first, many couples found it challenging to cope with parenting, but it was different for the Ace Family. They found parenting exciting. Austin told a news outlet, Power 106, that he thinks parenting is fun because they all act crazy, especially him. After all, he is just a crazy person. Their first baby was well-behaved, according to his wife.

She said she never had a sleepless night with Elle, and she was not the crying type, which made filming so easy for them. Although fans see them as celebrities, they see themselves as ordinary people. She said their growth was sporadic, but still, the reality of being celebs is yet to dawn on them. They find it fun to run their Youtube channel.

Austin added that they don’t pressure themselves to put videos up; instead, it flows naturally. They wake up every morning, doing what they do. When some news outlet asked Austin to advise upcoming celebrities and vloggers, Austin said consistency is paramount and urged vloggers to be true to themselves and not fake anything.

He also warned potential vloggers to focus on their channels and not expect to become stars overnight, and it takes patience and time to get to stardom. He stressed consistency, saying that potential vloggers should start by getting used to the camera, believing in themselves, and working hard to achieve their goals.

Fans Complaint

The ACE family’s Youtube channel has beautiful content, which takes a lot of hard work. Although, it is profitable for them as they make a living from it. Sometime in 2019, some fans complained that they hadn’t seen a new video on the Ace family channel for days. McBroom was upset and lashed at them for being ungrateful, recounting how difficult it is to record and upload videos.

Anxiety Disorder

When Catherine was about clocking 30, she suffered from an anxiety disorder. However, she admitted that she never knew what anxiety disorder meant before then until it happened to her. Catherine began to shake violently and cry hard while shivering and struggling to breathe. Later, she discovered that the anxiety disorder came as a result of an unpleasant experience she had when she was four. 

The Ace Family Welcomes a Baby Boy

Austin and his wife wanted a baby boy, which they made public. Although the couple planned to continue giving birth until they had a baby boy, Austin wanted to be his ‘mini.” In an Instagram post, Catherine publicly declared that she was pregnant. She delivered a baby boy in June 2020.

Someone commented on one of their posts, saying they had three kids yet were unmarried. Paiz responded that Austin and herself got married in a private ceremony which was something they wanted. However, she added that they have plans to hold a more meaningful ceremony where they would invite their friends and family in the future.

Ace family

Social Media

Austin McBroom is active on popular social media platforms. On Instagram, he is @austinmcbroom, with more than 6 million followers. His page has beautiful pictures of his children. He is @Austinmcbroom on Facebook with over 120k followers. McBroom is also active on Twitter @austinmcbroom, with more than one million followers.

His gorgeous and sexy wife is also very active on social media platforms. She is @catherinemcbroom on Facebook with over 51k followers. Catherine is also @cathereinemcbroom on Instagram, with more than 7 million followers. She is active on Twitter @catherinemcbroom, with more than one million followers.

The ACE Family YouTube channel is @theacefamily and has more than 18million followers. The Ace Family is also on Tiktok, with more than six million followers.

Latest News

Austin and Catherine dropped a video on their channel, announcing that they would no longer post content on their YouTube channel in 2023. They also mentioned that they need some time to focus on traveling and bonding as a family. The couple further assured fans of massive projects they are working on, which would manifest in some years’ time.

Since they are both active on social media, we are sure that they’ll be posting short content to keep the connection with their fans.

Net Worth

The Ace family’s Youtube channel has made Catherine and her husband wealthy. Some sources have estimated Austin’s net worth to be $2 million and his wife $2 million. With the money they had amassed, they bought a beautiful house, which they recorded the tour for fans to witness. Catherine mentioned that the house was two mansions which they remodeled and turned into one massive estate.

The house has enormous windows, a home gym, a cave with arcade games, a swimming pool, an impressive kitchen, and a home theatre. Catherine Paiz mentioned in another video that they needed a spacious home for their family and friends who stay with them regularly and also for their careers. She also said to remain in the house for fifteen to twenty years. 

In 2021, tragedy struck, as this family lost $10 to foreclosure. They told Daily Mail that they paid a contractor to finish constructing their home, which he never did. They had to leave the house to another place, for which they did another video. That was proof that it wasn’t money that made them move out of their previous home.


The Ace Family is a beautiful love story that everyone needs to read as it comes with different emotions. Despite the challenges that these beautiful families have experienced, they have proven that true love stands the test of time. We hope that they remain happy and enjoy their marriage; they’re impacting their readers and viewers.

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