Biography of social media influencer and TikTok star, Ash Kaashh

Born 9 January 1998, TikTok star Ash Kaashh is a social media influencer, model, and professional nail artist. Kash, as she is also known, is primarily famous for her sizzling and raunchy Instagram photos, which keep her audience talking. She has also received backlash from users across social media for said photos.

As a model and brand influencer, Ash has worked with known fashion and beauty brands like Fashion Nova and Cash Clout. Kash has also leveraged her large following to launch her career as an entrepreneur. She owns a virtual nail art shop called Heaven Sent Nails. There, she displays a range of nail art designs for sale.

Kash is also the CEO of the Fatal Attraction collection, a unisex clothing line that is set to launch any time now. In addition to these, Ash also owns an OnlyFans account where she shares videos and pictures for a subscription fee of $49.99.

Become a social media sensation, gather a large following, and make money off it. This has proven to be a surefire formula to becoming wealthy in this clime. Those who know how to leverage social media relevance are making quite a fortune, and these days, how you become famous is not particularly important. In fact, fame rooted in controversy is a strategy in itself.

Such is the case of the celeb in this article, Ash Kash. We will now learn more about her career and personal life, amongst other things. For starters, here are some fascinating facts about the social media star.

10 interesting facts about Ash Kash

  1. Above all else, Ash’s main selling point is her smashing body, and she keeps her audience glued to her pages by sharing hot photos and videos regularly.
  2. She first came into the limelight after a private video of her giving an unidentified man a bl_wjob got leaked on Reddit.
  3. Kash is not one of those who keep their personal lives away from the public’s prying eyes; she keeps her followers apprised of her daily life.
  4. Ash is not only a lover of nail art, she likes body art in general, and she has a couple of tattoos all over her body.
  5. Her Instagram account, which had millions of followers, was disabled for her racy content. However, her new account currently has over 100K followers.
  6. Ash Kaashh had a Tiktok account under the username @ashkaashh, with over 2 million followers, but she also lost the account for reasons that are yet unclear.
  7. Kash is a wanderlust and has traveled to many parts of the world, including Mexico, Japan, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and then some.
  8. She spoke her fortune into existence in her first-ever Instagram post, which she captioned: “I’m going to be a millionaire.” While she isn’t exactly there yet, she is quite close.
  9. Like a number of other celebs, Ash has also been the subject of fake death news; the rumor of her death spread on the internet but was later debunked.
  10. According to many sources, Kash is currently estimated to be worth between $700,000 and $900,000.

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Ash Kaashh Biography: death, boyfriend, onlyfans

Ash Kaashh career

As already mentioned, Ash is a model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and nail artist. Her entire career was launched by her display of sensual appeal on Instagram through photos and videos.  Her Wallpics were also impressive. She mainly uploaded bikini photos and videos, gaining large followership along the way. Ash also made TikTok videos which attracted an immense viewership of tens of millions in a short space of time. By and large, she began to make fashion statements with her pictures and thus began the beauty and fashion brand influencing part of her portfolio.

She started modeling for beauty and fashion brands like Fashion Nova, Cash Clout, and more. These soon morphed into partnerships and endorsement deals. Ash soon took things a notch higher and got proper representation in the form of South Modeling Agency.

Her passion for nail art didn’t suffer negligence either. She took it to the next level, launching Heaven Sent Nails – a nail polish and art business. Ash also founded a unisex clothing line named, Fatal Attraction collection. She is, however, yet to officially launch the brand.

Ash Kaash OnlyFans

Ash’s social media accounts have been taken down severally due to the nature of her posts. It is a no-brainer that her pages and posts often get reported. Well, Ash did herself one better and got an OnlyFans account where she can share explicit content without breaking any laws and make money while at it. Her OnlyFans is available for a monthly fee of $49.99. She also offers other packages such as a 3-month subscription which goes for $134.97 with a 10% discount. A 6-month subscription costs $254.95 with a 15% discount, and for a year, she charges $419.92 with a 30% discount.


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Personal life

Ash Kash boyfriend

Of course, one of the many things fans of celebrities like Ash Kash are keen about is their relationship status. While she is yet to expressly introduce anyone to the world as her man, she has hinted of having one. One time in a series of tweets, she said, “If you have been dating a man for over a year and he did not take you anywhere tropical then baby that is not your man.” She later added, “My man is really my best friend.” And another tweet reads, “Idk how I’ll feel if a man ever cheats on me, if I love him I gotta go crazy, right? Like First 48 crazy or snapped?”

These tweets led fans to believe she is in a relationship, but these are mere speculations until she confirms them or shows a man.

Ash Kash death rumor

Earlier in 2021, Kash joined the long list of celebrities who have fallen victim to online death hoaxes. Someone on the internet shared a screenshot of her Instagram page and went on to memorialize her. The image soon spread, and social media users rushed to Twitter to share the screenshots. However, a few hours before any of the madness began, she had posted a series of Instagram stories on her official account. Also, while the rumor circulated, there was no official statement or reaction from her family or management.

The rumors persisted, however, and another user confirmed the initial news. In fact, it would seem someone requested that Facebook memorialize Kaash’s page. Another picture showed an email from Facebook explaining that Ash’s page had been memorialized as requested.

The internet went agog with all kinds of reactions to the rumor. The majority were confused about the news and simply wondered how come Ash was dead. One tweep said, “The internet is weird for trying to make it sound like Ash Kaash died… y’all foul.” Another user tweeted, “Ash kaash isn’t dead but the sick thing is that now we know everyone’s just gonna be horny freaks when she actually does d!3 like what is WRONG with y’all.”

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Ash Kash body measurement

Those who know Kash know how stunning her body is. Her curvy and perfect figure is her greatest appeal, and rightfully so. The model has a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) and weighs approximately 121 pounds (55 kg). Her body measurements are 34-28-35 inches (86-71-89 cm).

Ash Kaashh Biography: death, boyfriend, onlyfans, hot photos
Ash Kaashh hot photo and body measurements

Ash Kash net worth

When Kash opened her Instagram account, she captioned her first post, “I’m going to be a millionaire.” It didn’t take too long for that to start manifesting. Kash has made an impressive amount of money through brand endorsement deals and paid promotions on social media. She also makes money from her many entrepreneurial endeavors. Based on what several sources report, Kash is currently worth approximately $900,000.


The internet is a cash cow if it is put to use, and the younger generation seems to have figured it all out. While it can be argued that their approach is a bit unconventional, it is a means to an end and gets the job done. Ash Kash has ridden on controversy to build a large fanbase that has translated to wealth. She has also shown resourcefulness by diversifying and launching businesses. For a 23-year-old, she has done extremely well thus far and has a world of opportunities and time for growth ahead of her.

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    Born with a passion for entertainment and a knack for creativity, Ash Kaashh embarked on her journey as a content creator on TikTok. Her unique ability to connect with her audience through relatable and entertaining videos quickly caught the attention of viewers worldwide. From funny skits and lip-sync performances to inspiring messages and challenges, Ash has mastered the art of engaging her followers.

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