Cam Newton Net Worth: His News, Videos and Achievements

Cam Newton net worth is one that his fans and followers are curious about, and we have done justice in this beautiful piece. Cameron Jerrell Newton was born on 11 May 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia. Cam is an American football quarterback who is a free agent.

He is also the National Football League (NFL) head in quarterback attacking touchdowns and the second in quarterback rushing yards which earned him the nickname “Super Cam.” He had his college football session at Florida and Blinn before Auburn.

As a junior, Auburn was where he won the Heisman Trophy and the 2011 BCS National Championship Game. He was chosen first overall by the Carolina Panthers in the National Football League in 2011.

Early Life And Education

Cam was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born to Jackie, his mother, and Cecil Newton Sr. As a youngster, Cam was a talented basketball and baseball player. Still, he began fearing being hit by a throw-in baseball, and then on the basketball court, he could not avoid foul play.

But then, at the age of 14, Cam stopped playing baseball and quit basketball briefly after his high school career. He went to a high school in Atlanta. In 2007-2008 Newton had his college days at Florida, in 2009 at Blinn, and at Auburn in 2010. The football star eventually finished with a degree in Sociology from Auburn University in 2015.

Top 10 Facts About Cam Newton

  1. Can Newton defeated Andrew Luck and won the Heisman trophy award in 2010, making him the first to win a Heisman and National championship.
  2. While in the university, he stole someone’s laptop, painted a part of it black, and wrote his name there. Unfortunately, the school authority caught him, which got him into big trouble. Hence, the Gator’s football team ejected him.
  3. Some schools tried recruiting Cam Newton to play for their teams after succeeding at Blinn School during their 2009 football season. But his father tried selling him to the Mississippi State for $120k, which was an embarrassing act.
  4. Cam and one of his teammates had issues during practice which led to an exchange of words leading to a fight between them. However, they reconciled and continued playing together.
  5. During the 2011 season games, the football star amassed 854 yards in the first two games, which was an excellent record.
  6. He is a pescatarian (fish eater) and doesn’t eat beef, chicken, pork, or any other animal except seafood.
  7. He does a lot of workouts and has a healthy meal diet which has positively enhanced his athletic performance.
  8. Cam has a son he named Chosen because he wanted a name that is masculine yet unique, and he also didn’t want to name his son after him as most people do.
  9. He was in a relationship with Kia Proctor, an exotic dancer, although the relationship ended in 2020. Currently, Kai is taking care of her children full time.
  10. There was a time that Cam’s truck crashed at a place well-known for cars having accidents. He has fractures in his back, but thank God for his tough mindset. However, he missed a season’s game but got back on his feet.

Cam Newton playing football to amass his net worth

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While Cam was in Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia, he played for their high school football team. He passed for 2,500 yards and nine touchdowns as a 16 years old junior which earned him the attention of major college programs.

By the time he got to his senior year, he had received a five-star prospect from, the second dual-threat quarterback and 28th player overall. Not just that, he was given scholarship offers from Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, and Virginia Tech.

Cam Newton Net Worth at the University of Florida

Previously, Cam was at the University of Florida, a part of the Florida Gators football team in 2007 and 2008. In 2007, as a freshman, Cam put out a partner in freshman quarterback John Brantley as the back-up for eventual Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow.

Cam participated in five (5) games, passing 40 yards on 5-of-10 and rushing 16 times for 103 yards and three (3) touchdowns. During his sophomore season in 2008, he played against Hawaii in the season opener, although he sustained an ankle injury that made him take a medical redshirt season. 


On 21 November 2008, Cam was arrested for serious criminal charges of theft, burglary, and obstruction of justice on a laid accusation that he stole a laptop computer from a fellow student of Florida. Subsequently, the team leader suspended him from the team. Later, the campus police tracked the stolen laptop to the athlete. 

Cam flung the computer through his dorm window in an absurdly misguided attempt to hide it from the cops. After he ended a court-approved pre-trial diversion program, the prosecutor dropped all charges against him. Three days before the Grantor’s national championship win over Oklahoma, Cam made his intention to transfer from Florida publicly.

But then, Thayer Evans of Fox Sports in November 2010 announced that the University of Florida was about to expel Cam for three instances of academic deception preceding his transfer. Cam, in January 2009, transferred to Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, to play for Brad Franchione. 

Cam Newton Net Worth - Biography, Income Sources, and Family
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Cam in Auburn University

He was dubbed Juco All-America honorable mention and was the most recruited Juco quarterback. Oklahoma, Mississippi State, and Auburn were his three (3) runner-ups during his recruitment. Eventually, he signed up with the Auburn Tigers. Then, Cam began the first game of Auburn University’s 2010 season.

After a while, people referred to him as SEC offensive player of the week based on his 52-26 performance victory. Subsequently, he led Auburn to a 52-3 win over Louisiana-Monroe. He finished three touchdown passes, in which one went for 94 yards to Emory Blake.

That record was the longest touchdown pass and offensive play in Auburn football history. With time, Cam led Auburn into several victories. About three days after winning the BCS National Championship, 13 January, Cam announced the 2011 NFL draft, waiving his senior season.

Cam used most of the second half of the 2010 football season to entangle himself in a controversy regarding allegations. Allegations that Cecil Newton, his father, had sought a hefty amount of money for his son to play for a central college football team. His father’s actions breached the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules.

Also, in early November 2010, Mississippi State University athletic boosters told the media that when Cecil Newton was recruiting his son out of Blinn College, he said it would take more than a scholarship to acquire his son’s services.

Furthermore, during a Dallas radio interview, Rogers said that Cecil said it would take anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000 to aid his transfer to Mississippi State. On 30 November, Auburn stated Cam Newton was unqualified after the NCAA discovered the evidence that his father, Cecil Newton, solicited Mississippi State $120,000 to $180,000 in exchange for Cam’s athletic service, which is a violation of amateurism.

Personal Life

In 2013, Cam Newton started a relationship with Kia Proctor. The latter had just relocated from Washington D.C to Atlanta to work as a party host while she pursued a modeling career. After some time, they had their first child, Chosen Sebastian Newton, a day after Christmas.

Subsequently, they had three (3) more children: Sovereign-Dior, Cameras, and Cashmere. He also has a step-daughter Shakira (13), whom Proctor had from her previous marriage. In an interview with Essence, Cam stated that he didn’t marry Proctor because he was not ready to be a father and couldn’t be the best husband.

In addition, he made it clear that he’d have difficulty resisting other women who would approach him at the NFL games. January 2020, his relationship with Proctor ended during reports that Cam had a secret child with model La Reina Shaw.

But then he never talked about it yet celebrated his son Caeser’s first birthday in April 2020 on Instagram. Nonetheless, Cam Newton has seven children from his two previous girlfriends.


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Social Media

Cam has a verified Instagram account, @cameron1newton, with about 4.7M Followers. He posts lovely pictures of himself and his family. The color effect he uses for his pictures is a black and white effect. He also has a verified Facebook account, @Camnewton, with about 1.9 million followers. Cam is also active on Twitter @cameron1newton with more than 1 million followers

Latest News

On 28 April 2022, he posted a video of a talk show with his daughter, Shakira, which he titled “Funky Friday.” The talk show was about teenagers and how much they know about life already. On 8 May 2022, Cam Newton celebrated his wife on Mothers Day with a beautiful caption on his Instagram handle.

Cam Newton Net Worth

As a dedicated and committed football quarterback, Cam Newton net worth is about $75M. While his soon-to-be wife, Kia Proctor, has amassed wealth from her dancing career. She has the sum of $10 million, which she lavishes on herself and her children.


Cam Newton net worth is one that fans are curious about, and we have done justice in this article. People notice not Cam’s talent in his arms and feet, but he has a fantastic personality that makes people endeared to him. And although his life has been filled with challenges, he has learned to smile through them.

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