Who is Robert Noah? Biography of Trevor Noah’s Father

Robert Noah is famously known for being the father of famous South African actor, comedian, director, TV host, political commentator, and producer Trevor Noah. Noah was an alien in South Africa during the intensity of the Apartheid. He was a unique man during the difficult period of Apartheid, and while reading this article, you will find out his outstanding qualities. You’ll also get to know his wife and son.

Early Life And Education

Robert Noah is an entrepreneur, famous chef, and Internet personality. He once worked in Canada and New York, established a restaurant in Johannesburg, and he’s an educated businessman. Although, he has not disclosed details about the schools he attended.

Top 10 Facts About Robert Noah

  1. Men are undoubtedly the most excellent chefs in the world, and Robert Noah was one of them. He was a fantastic and renowned chef in New York and Canada. During the Apartheid, Noah opened a prominent restaurant in Johannesburg that accommodated every race and skin color. Against all odds, the restaurant became a success.
  2. Robert hated the idea of segregation and Apartheid in general. He was a unique white man cause he hated racism and failed to understand the concept behind hating fellow humans because of skin color.
  3. Unfortunately for Robert, some racists were uncomfortable with his restaurant and informed the authorities to close it down. Even though he had every right to operate the restaurant, some inspectors went to their restaurant and came up with complaints such as separation of toilets for whites and blacks and health violations. Robert closed down the restaurant.
  4. When Robert contacted Patricia, Trevor’s mother, she was a black woman and was not supposed to live in that environment. Living in the climate could land her in jail, but she stubbornly rented a house there. Robert and other neighbors knew about it but covered up for her.
  5. Patricia was not ready to get married when she met Robert, and Robert, on the other hand, didn’t want to have a child. But Patricia insisted on getting pregnant, and Robert got her pregnant. In February 1984, she birthed Trevor. However, Patricia and Robert never married.
  6. Robert is a social activist who made his life helping children.
  7. Robert is one whose fatherhood qualities are commendable. He loves his son so much that he always spends time with him, which has helped to build their bond.
  8. While Robert was in jail, Patricia married an abusive man who hated the idea of Patricia visiting Trevor’s father.
  9. Trevor lost touch with his father for ten years. However, his mother encouraged him to look for his dad, which he did, although it was futile at first later found his dad, and their reconnection was epic.
  10. Robert showed Trevor a journal where he was documenting Trevor’s success and achievement over the years. Trevor became assured that his dad loved him.

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Who is Trevor Noah Father? Pictures, Names and Story
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Relationship of Robert Noah

Noah was an intelligent young man in the 1980s when he went for some marketing work in South Africa. He met Patricia and fell in love with her, although he was older than her by 22 years. At that time, it was taboo for blacks to marry whites and vice versa.

But then, Patricia and Noah kept their relationship private after giving birth to her son. Trevor Noah’s dad’s troubles started someone informed the authorities about their relationship. Noah was fined and also sent to jail. Patricia sent Trevor to his grandma’s home, where he grew up.

After some years, Patricia met another man, Ngisareni Abel, and married him. Together they had two children, Andrew and Isaac. But then her husband abused her physically by always using bicycle scraps to beat her. When she could not bear it, she ran away with her children.

In 2009, Patricia married a man, Sfiso Khoza. Her ex-husband Abel became jealous and shot her in the face. He also hit her in the jaw, which affected her speech, although she survived. Trevor Noah came to the limelight for his excellent pitching tone and acting skills.

His comedies made people laugh a lot. He also wrote a viral book, Born a Crime. The book is a non-fiction book. Racism was at its peak in the 80s, which made Robert separate from his son from a young age.

According to some sources, Robert would hang out with his son in an eatery Sundays. After a while, Robert relocated to Cape Town. Due to his relocation, he did not meet with his son for seven years, and his son assumed his father didn’t love him.

After those painful seven years, father and son reconnected again when Trevor knew how much he meant to his father.

His son-Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah was born on 20 February 1984 in South Africa. He is a comedian, actor, TV host, political commentator, and one who anchors The Daily Show and an American satirical news program that airs on Comedy Central.

Noah began his career in the media in 2002 and hosted several programs on South African Broadcasting Corporation, and became the runner-up in season four of South Africa’s iteration of Strictly Come Dancing. Between 2010 and 2011, he hosted a late-night talk show, Tonight, which aired on DStv and M-Net.

Trevor was born to his parents in Johannesburg, South Africa. His dad, Robert Noah, has Swiss-German ancestry, while his mother, Patricia Noah, is Xhosa. Under the apartheid rule, they classified his father as white and his mother as black, whereas Noah considered himself colored.

He attended Maryvale college in Johannesburg. Noah started a career in acting in 2002 when he appeared in an episode of the soap opera Isidingo. After a short while, he started his radio show Noah’s Ark on a youth radio station. Noah stopped acting, and his radio show entirely focused on comedy.

He has performed alongside South African comedians like Carl Barron, Paul Zeridin, Dan Ilic, Paul Rodriquez, Kagiso Lediga, Marc Lottering, Nik Rabinowitz, David Kan, Darren Simpson Riaad Moosa. After the South African Apartheid ended, Robert began to visit his son frequently after relocating to Yeoville.

However, Trevor remembered his father as a man of few words who would mostly listen and pay attention to him. Robert was a great and affectionate father to his son.

His Books

Trevor published a memoir in November 2016 titled Born a Crime which was happily received by scribing book reviewers in the US. In the book, he talked about his father a few times. His mother had a pivotal role in the book, which became a best-seller, and establishments like Newsday, Booklist, and Esquire.

The Newbyork times and NPR mentioned the book as one of the best books of the year. Trevor and The Daily Show writing staff published Donald Trump, a book documenting Donald Trump’s tweets. They titled it The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.

He appeared in the series Nashville in 2017, and in 2018, he seemed to be in Coming 2 America, Black Panther, and American vandal.

Trevor’s mother

Trevor’s mother married Ngisareni Abel in 1992, and they had two sons. But her husband abused Trevor and his mother physically, and Patricia ran away from him and divorced him in 1996. In 2009, she married Sfiso Khoza, and her ex-husband Abeg was upset and shot her in the head and leg.

Although she survived the hit, she was severely injured. When Trevor confronted Abel, he began issuing threats to Trevor, which made Trevor relocate to Los Angeles. However, the law caught up with Abel, convicting him of attempted murder and sentencing him to three years.

Trevor mentioned that his mother reached out to the police officers for help, but no one came to her rescue; hence domestic violence became a norm. In 2008, he established Trevor Noah Foundation as an NGO that equips vulnerable youths and orphans with life skills, education, and the necessary support to pursue better opportunities.

Trevor’s Bond with his Mother

Trevor shares a special bond with his mother and doesn’t hesitate to talk about her in interviews, commending her resilience and excellent strength. Trevor believes that his book Born a Crime was the opportunity he needed to prove to people that he was a hero but how wrong he was.

While writing the book, he realized his mother was the true hero and not him. During the Apartheid in South Africa, his grandma raised him, and he said whenever he was at home with her, she would always lock him in the house.

Sometimes when he met with his mother in a public place, they both had to pretend not to know each other so that someone would not snitch on them. When Apartheid was over, tragedy struck again when his stepdad shot his mother in the leg and head.

He was angry when he visited his mom in the hospital. Nonetheless, his mother encouraged him, admonishing him to approach the situation from another perspective. She advised her son, Trevor, not to hate the man who shot but instead pity him.

Patricia is a strong woman who relies on two things to overcome hardship, humor and forgiveness. In 2016, Trevor told a news outlet that his mom was the first comedian he’d ever see as she could do many funny things when discussing with him.

Sometimes she’ll pull faces or even change her voice; other times, she could stand up even without realizing it. He said those talents were things that she passed down to him. The celebrity told NPR that his mother was the first person to smile after her ex-husband shot her.

Trevor also mentioned that he loves comedy because his family has overcome hardships and challenges because they laugh a lot. Trevor also mentioned that his mother didn’t care about his celebrity status, as there was only one celebrity status she cared about, Jesus.

He wishes other mothers and sons would emulate the kind of bond he shares with his mom. He told parade that he hopes readers will take just one lesson from his story: Call your mom.

Trevor Noah Girlfriend

Is Trevor Noah married?

In 2020, fans started speculating that Trevor was dating an actress, Minka Kelly. According to a source, Trevor and Kelly have seen each other for months. However, the duo did not confirm or deny the rumors. One year later, another source mentioned that Trevor and Kelly had separated.

Still, then a few weeks later, people said the duo was going on vacation, which sparked rumors of a reconciliation. This year 2022, in January, both of them traveled to South Africa, Noah’s birthplace. We hope that their romance lasts and ends in marriage.

Social Media

Trevor Noah is active on Instagram @Trevornoah, with more than 7 million followers. He is also @Trevornoah on Facebook with more than 9 million followers, while on Twitter, he is @trevornoah with over 11 million followers.


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Latest News

On 12 Mag 2022, Trevor’s grandma, Frances Noah, whom they finally call Gogo, was laid to rest. He mentioned that although she was 95 years, she had the best memory of everyone in the family. Trevor also said she was a woman who showed him the best definition of unconditional love. His tribute to her on his Instagram handle was an emotional one.

Net Worth

Robert Noah was a renowned chef who traveled around the world, which has earned him a net worth of $1 million. At the same time, his son, who has a successful career in comedy and acting, has acquired an enormous $100 million.


Robert Noah is the perfect example of a father whose lifestyle is worthy of emulation. Despite the time he spent in jail and away from his beloved son, Trevor, however, he kept track of his son’s achievements and activities, and when they met, their reconnection was epic.

Also, his rejection of the concept of racism has made him a hero to many. We love him and ho that he continues to excel and succeed in all his endeavors.

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