Biography of American teenage internet personality, Mackzjones

Born Mackenzie Jones on 17 May 2002, American internet personality Mackzjones is a model and social media influencer. She is best known as a TikTok star, where she uploads music, dancing, and lip-sync videos. Jones is also famous on Instagram, and although she already had millions of followers across social media platforms, her fame soared even more after she started an OnlyFans account.

Mackenzie further warmed her way into the hearts of her fans and audience by engaging with them on Reddit. And as is the usual trend, she too has leveraged the strength and size of her audience to create wealth. Jones models for fashion and beauty brands across social media, and she charges a premium for membership on her OnlyFans page.

Arguably the most valuable commodity on the internet currently is lust appeal. If it isn’t, it surely is up there among the leading commodities. There is an endless stream of insatiable audiences for it. Mackzjone’s story is no different from several others like herself who are making a killing from it. The 19-year-old straight-out-of-high-school model is only just getting started and is making a fortune already.

In a couple of paragraphs, we will learn all there is to know about Ms. Jones’ modeling and social media influencing career. Firstly, below are ten interesting facts about her.

Biography of American teenage internet personality, Mackzjones

10 facts about Mackenzie Jones

  1. Mackenzie Jones has a verified account on the OnlyFans account, where she posts exclusive content for her registered fans.
  2. Contrary to what many have assumed, Mackzjones has not been in any known romantic relationships, except she keeps it perfectly from the public.
  3. It can be inferred from her videos that she loves her family very dearly, but Jones has kept information regarding them away from social media.
  4. Mackenzie has two Instagram accounts under the names @mackzjones and @mackzjonesss, and both accounts have over 560K followers combined.
  5. She used to be on Twitter and had a lot of followers there, but due to violations of community rules, her account got suspended.
  6. For some of her photoshoots, she has partnered with fellow social media personality Anthony, a photographer who goes by the name @portsbyant on Instagram.
  7. Mackenzie Jones aspires to be an actress and has already begun auditioning for films and TV series.
  8. Apart from modeling and brand influencing, Jones also loves to sing and has a good voice, as can be heard in many of her TikTok videos.
  9. She is a big animal lover; not only does she have cats and dogs as pets, but she also regularly visits the zoo to see and feed animals.
  10. Per her net worth, the figures reported by different sources vary, but she is worth between $1 million and $5 million.

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Modeling career

There is not much of a story to tell about Jones’ foray into modeling. She always stood out among her peers from a young age, and people often said she would do well as a model. These assurances resultantly sparked her interest in modeling, and when the time came, she set up her Instagram account and began to post eye-catching photos. With the attention she gained, brands noticed her and thus began her various stints modeling online for fashion brands.

Mackenzie Jones TikTok

Although Mackenzie started out on Instagram and has a large following there, TikTok has been the mainstay of her internet presence. There, Jones shows her singing, dancing, and lip-syncing talents in her numerous videos. However, it will seem her account is currently under suspension for reasons we can’t confirm at the time of writing this article. A quick search of her account now returns with suggested videos by other TikTokers who have made short videos off of her content.

Mackzjones OnlyFans

Mackenzie Jones Mackzjones OnlyFans


Other than adult content sites, there aren’t many places where explicit can be shared without risking account suspension. OnlyFans provides that option for people like Mackzjones, who treat their willing fans to limitless topless photos and explicit videos. Jones joined Only Fans in 2020, and her account is now verified. She has 749 videos and photos in total and almost 350K likes from her over 9,000 subscribers.

Her account info reads: “.01% OF ALL CREATORS Hi !! I’m 4’10 and 18 years. I’m petite with a nice a**?. I look forward to posting the naughtiest content for all my lovely fans.” She charges $15 for a monthly subscription.

Mackenzie Jones Twitter

Jones used to have a Twitter account with millions of followers, like her other social media accounts. There, she also posted raunchy photos and videos. She eventually lost the account due to the repeated violation of community rules. Jones opened other accounts afterward, and as of August 2021, her latest Twitter page had 24K followers. That account has also now been suspended. There are, however, many parody accounts on the app where her photos and contents related to her are posted.

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Mackzjones body

For a model, Jones is particularly short. Standing at the height of 4 feet and 10 inches, the model is what one can describe as petite. She has a bodyweight of 55Kg or 120 lbs and body measurement of 32-34-28. It is worthy of note that Mackenzie works hard for the body she has by maintaining a strict and diligent fitness regimen. In addition to her enviably curvy body, Jones has a pair of blue eyes and silky dark brown hair.

Mackenzie Jones Mackzjones Body

Mackzjones Jones net worth

As earlier stated, there isn’t a specific figure put to Mackenzie’s net worth. While some sources report $5 million, others say she is worth $1 million. It is known that Jones makes her money through brand endorsements and paid ads on her social media pages. She also earns from her OnlyFans account, where she has over 9,000 subscribers who pay a $15 monthly fee.


Young Ms. Jones knew what she wanted and understood that the internet was a sure way to get it. She had the body, and all she needed were interesting outfits and a phone. The teenager became what she hoped to be, and a fortune came with it. Her style could be questioned, but the results are hard to ignore. At just 19, Jones’ account is breathing with millions, and there is yet a world of possibilities lying ahead. The world literally is her oyster, and it will be interesting to see how she evolves.

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