Tristin Mays biography: MacGyver, boyfriend, net worth, instagram, social media

Tristin Mays is an American actress and singer known for playing the character of Riley Davis in the hit CBS TV show “MacGyver”.

Apart from her role in “MacGyver”, she has also appeared in more than a few high-profile roles, including those on Disney, Nickelodeon, and others productions. Mays was also a part of the cast of “The Vampire Diaries”.

In addition to acting, Mays was also a child model—one of the most in-demand at one point, in fact—and was signed to the Ford Modelling Agency, where she landed several projects with big name brands.

The term ‘jack of all trades’ is a common one used to define someone who works on several things but doesn’t excel at most of them. Tristin Mays is one of those people, except that she has found a way to master all of her different trades.

In addition to being an actress and former model, Mays is also a singer, a former Broadway actress, and a business owner. All of these things are hard enough to manage by themselves, but somehow, Mays has found a way to thrive at each of them all while being an avid video gamer.

As a singer, she was part of a band that was signed to Jive/Zomba records and has several projects, including a song that was produced by T-Pain and Marques Houston.

If you thought that is all there is to know about this star, then you’re in for a shock. First, here are the top 10 facts you should know about Tristin Mays.

Top 10 facts about Tristin Mays

  1. Tristin Mays was born on 10 June 1990, and she is 31 years old in 2021.
  2. Her height is recorded as 164 cm, which is 5 feet and 4 1/2 inches (5’4.5″).
  3. Mays has an older brother, Jeryn, who is also an actor known for his roles in “Hung” (2009), “Fail” (2011) and “Boogie Town” (2012).
  4. Tristin Mays (often wrongly spelt as Tristan Mays) is an animal lover and has a guard dog named Sergeant who follows her everywhere.
  5. Mays also works with the Rujohn foundation, which provides underprivileged children in Jamaica and select American cities with acting and sports opportunities.
  6. Tristin Mays is currently working on a horror film script with her brother.
  7. Apart from acting, Mays is also a former model, Broadway actress, entrepreneur, and so much more.
  8. Her mother encouraged her to start her fashion and accessories business, which is now booming.
  9. Tristin Mays’s ethnicity is African-American-French-Indian, giving her a mixed ancestry.
  10. Tristin Mays is also an avid video gamer and loves editing video games and posting online.

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Early life

Tristin Mays biography: MacGyver, boyfriend, net worth, instagram, social media

Tristin Mays was born on 10 June 1990 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to an artist, Viveca Mays, and former soldier, Michael Mays. Mays’s mother is an artist who has managed to pass this artistic inclination to her children.

Tristin has an older brother, Jeryn Mays, who is also an actor. The two siblings have clearly chosen to pursue their artistic inclinations, undoubtedly due to their mother’s influence.

On the other hand, Michael Mays is the patriarch of the family and a former American military personal. He eventually started working at the Molina Health Care Centre in Long beach.

Michael and Viveca were high school sweethearts who met at Ramona High School in Riverside and eventually married at the Mission Inn after graduating.

Mays and her family moved to New York, where she and her brother grew up before settling in Moreno Valley, California, where she graduated from Vista Del Lago High School.

The actress has said underneath one of her Instagram posts that she is African-American-French-Indian, which contributed to her stunning and incredibly youthful look.

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Tristin Mays has had a long career in several industries, all in Hollywood. Mays’s career started when she was just six years old after she was cast in the TV show “Harambee!” where she played the character of Angel.

She got another shot at acting the next year, at the tender age of seven in the 1997 show “Gullah Gullah Island”.

She did not get a new role until a few years later, but she did work hard as a child model and later became one of the most in-demand child models in the industry. Mays signed under the Ford Modeling Agency and worked with such agencies as Kraft Cheese, Play Skool Kool-Aid, Sunkist, ROSS, McDonald’s, and Hershey’s.

Apart from her work as a model, Mays also worked on Broadway, playing the young Nala in the Broadway production of “The Lion King”.

Mays’s next film role came as a three-episode appearance in the TV show “Alias”, where she played the role of Julia. She continued to play minor roles in several TV shows, often bagging recurring roles in others like “Private”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Big Time Rush”, and recently, “MacGyver”.

She also appeared in the 2012 film “Thunderstruck” alongside Taylor Gray and NBA star Kevin Durant. Additionally, she was in 2015’s “The Wedding Ringer” alongside Kevin Hart and Josh Gad.

Apart from being a former model and an actress, Mays also used to be a singer. She was a part of the group, Jane3, which was signed to Jive/Zomba Records. Many of their songs are still freely available on YouTube, including their most popular, “Screensaver”, which was produced by T-Pain and Marques Houston.

Mays is also an entrepreneur, and she actually has her mother to thank for this. While this young actress was working on a patent for a new accessory design, her mother advised her to start her own company. She decided to use the name “Trizzio”, a nickname that her father gave her when she was younger.

She specializes in handbags, jewellery, clothes & accessories and has a small boutique in Riverside, California. All these and more point out that Tristin Mays is not just your usual actress; she is also incredibly entrepreneurial.

Tristin Mays in MacGyver

Tristin Mays plays the character of Riley Davis in the CBS show “MacGyver” and is one of the main cast of the show.

“MacGyver” is an action-adventure series created by Peter M. Lenkov and which ran for five seasons from September 2016 to April 2021. The show is wildly popular for many reasons, not least because it is a reboot of an earlier version of the show, which ran from 1985 to 1992.

“MacGyver” features Lucas Till in the main role and is set in the same universe as “Hawaii Five-O” and “Magnum P.I.”, the three of which have been referred to as the “Lenkov-verse” names after the shows’ creator.

Tristin Mays’s character, Riley Davis, is a tough, sarcastic hacker who is hired by the Phoenix Foundation to be their cyber specialist. After trying to hack into the National Security Agency, she was previously in prison to save her mother from a hacktivist group. In the show, Davis goes through a story arc that is incredibly heartwarming.

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Tristin Mays movies and TV shows

Tristin Mays has appeared in a series of movies and TV shows, many of which have helped her to gain more fans and propelled her into the limelight.

Seeing as Mays started working as an actress at the tender age of six, there are several movies and TV shows that she has made appearances in and will therefore be on this list.

Below is a list of the movie and TV shows that she has appeared in alongside the year and her role in the production.


  1. “The Christmas Sitters” (2020) – Nora
  2. “The Wedding Ringer” (2015) – Cute bridesmaid
  3. “House Party: Tonight’s the Night” (2013) – Autumn Rose
  4. “Thunderstruck” (2012) – Isabela Sanchez
  5. “She is Not My Sister” (2012) – Megan
  6. “Hot Dog Water” (2011) – Julia

TV Shows

  1. “Impractical Jokers” (2019) – Herself
  2. “Switched at Birth” (2017) – Ally
  3. “MacGyver” (2016 – 2021) – Riley Davis
  4. “The Vampire Diaries” (2015 – 2016) – Sarah Nelson/Salvatore
  5. “Supergirl” (2015) – Maxwell Lord’s Assistant
  6. “Night of the Wild” (2015) – Rosalyn
  7. “The Newsroom” (2012) – Karaoke Girl
  8. “Victorious” (2011) – Sherry
  9. “FAIL” (2011) – Alicia
  10. “Kickin It” (2011) – Vanessa / M.C.
  11. “Zeke and Luther” (2010–2011) – Monica Lopez
  12. “True Jackson, VP” (2010) – Hailey
  13. “Big Time Rush” (2010) – Stephanie King
  14. “Kelly Brook’s Cameltoe Shows” (2010) – Herself
  15. “Private” (2009) – Taylor Bell
  16. “Everybody Hates Chris” (2008) – Jenise Huckstable
  17. “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” (2006) – Bernice
  18. “Alias” (2001 – 2004) – Robin Dixon
  19. “Gullah Gullah Island” (1997) – Shaina
  20. “Harambee!” (1996) – Angel

Personal life

Tristin Mays is a dog person: she has a guard dog named Sergeant, and he follows her everywhere. She is also an advocate for animal rights and once spoke up against the dog meat trade in China, saying:

“Before everyone starts arguing, this includes the fur industry, INHUMANE KILLING OF FARM ANIMALS, and all other forms of animal abuse. No animal deserves to be abused. This post, in particular, is to bring awareness to the animal cruelty many people have no clue about. 

“In China, they believe the more pain and fear the dogs have before killing them makes the meat taste better. No, this is not a tradition. This trend started in 2010. Not to mention 80% of the dogs are stolen/kidnapped out of peoples yards and properties. Thank you to @helpbanyulin and the other rescues in China for your tireless efforts in rescuing so many dogs per day. 

“Please visit her page and donate so she can continue to run her overflowing rescue shelter. Spread the word and help stop animal abuse WORLDWIDE. Thanks for reading.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tristin Mays (@tristinmays)

Mays works with the Rujohn foundation in her spare time, which provides underprivileged children in Jamaica and select American cities with acting and sports opportunities. They also offer educational tools to schools in rural areas.

Mays and her brother are currently writing a horror screenplay together. She also enjoys hiking, directing, and editing video games. Tristin Mays currently resides in Los Angeles.

Tristin Mays is currently single, but she has previously dated football player DeAndre Yedlin. The two appeared on red carpets together and shared photos of each other on social media. After they broke up, though, all proof of their relationship was wiped off social media.

Tristin Mays’s net worth is estimated to be 1 million dollars ($1 million), but this figure is unconfirmed as it is impossible to tell just how much she is worth accurately.

Tristin Mays nude

There are several photoshopped Tristin Mays nude photos on the internet. These are so poorly done that a careful eye easily turns up the scam for what they are. However, we found some Tristin Mays hot photos online that look legit.

Tristin Mays nude, MacGyver, boyfriend, net worth, instagram, social media
Tristin Mays hot pics


Tristin Mays is a multitalented actress who has proven that it is possible to do multiple things simultaneously as long as you have enough passion for it and use your time wisely.

This young actress has worn many hats, including being an actress, a model, a business owner, a humanitarian, and so many others. What is even more amazing about this is that she started all this at the tender age of six. Considering the fact that she is only 31 and looks so youthful, she still has a long stretch of road in front of her, and she looks set to conquer it.

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