Fans shocked! As Big Ed Proposes To Liz Woods On 90 Days Fiance

Big Ed was born to his parents on 28 April 1975. He is famous for featuring in 90 Days Fiance, a reality show that has become very popular. The show has an interesting twist, where couples who knew themselves online would meet in front of the cameras for the first time, which would last for 90 days. During the 90 days, they would connect in real-life and decide to move the relationship forward or end it.

The show’s eighth season became enjoyable as Americans dating foreign partners must marry them before their visa expires and the Immigration deport them back to their country. It has had so many spin-offs like 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, amongst others. The show has featured fantastic actors and actresses, and Big Ed has become one of the most famous participants. In this article, we want you to take a walk as you discover so many exciting things about the famous star.

Dinner Movie Banner on Amazon PrimeEarly Life and Education

Big Ed’s parents gave birth to him with Klippel Fiel Syndrome. KFS is a medical condition that disrupts the spine development, so Ed’s neck is short. People had mocked him from when he was a child because of his neck, and it’s even more now that he is a celebrity.

In an interview with a news outlet, he mentioned that he has battled with different emotions like anxiety, happiness, and sadness by people’s comments about him. He also said people have bullied and body shamed him to the point that he has cried. He felt it was pure hatred.

Despite the body shaming and bullying he experienced, he mentioned that his popularity has made him able to help other people suffering from KFS. A lady in South Africa wrote him a letter when she was about to marry, mentioning that she suffered from KFS. Big Ed encouraged and urged her not to allow the condition to define her. He also told her that God made her like that for a reason. He also told her how special she was.

Top 10 Facts About Big Ed

  1. Big Ed has a short neck which has made fans curious. He has a syndrome from birth that affects the bones in his spine. His looks have also made him a bit insecure, which could be why he maltreated his ex, Rose.
  2. One time, Ed’s former colleague accused him of sexual harassment. She said he started harassing her via messages, and after one incident, she landed in the hospital; however, Big Ed has not denied nor confirmed the rumors.
  3. When Big Ed and his ex, Rose, split, fans and followers caught him dropping negative comments on Rose’s pages. This same account praised Ed and also dropped negative comments on the page of his colleague who accused him of sexual harassment. Fans speculated that he created a fake social media account.
  4. Big Ed was once married to a woman, Sandra. Sadly, their marriage ended after two years because he cheated on her, although they had a daughter whom Ed loves so much.
  5. Fans criticized him for mistreating his ex, Rose, and good enough, he took responsibility for his actions and inactions. He also admitted that he wished he had handled some situations differently.
  6. Big Ed decided to donate funds to support the fight against internet bullying as he has been a victim of online bullying.
  7. When Ed was dating Rose, he told her she had bad breath several times and said her unshaved legs disgusted him.
  8. Rose and Big Ed featured in 90 Day Fiance, season four. Fans loved their relationship. The 90 Days show documented their first real-life meeting, their messy breakup, and all that happened between them. In July 2021, Ed posted a video on Tiktok where he slept in Rose’s home but was uncomfortable all through the night because there was no air condition. He said it was his worse night ever.
  9. When Ed met Liz Woods, he still maltreated her. She accused him of verbal abuse, and to show that he was a changed man, he proposed to her.
  10. Big Ed is attracted to franchise women. He met a Mexican lady during season one of The single Life, for which she was his co-star Fernanda Flores. However, she did not share the same feelings with him.
90 Day Fiancé': Big Ed Reveals He Broke Up With Liz 8 Times Via Text

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Big Ed disclosed that he started a career in photography. He also learned interior decoration at a Europa Leicht in San Diego, a company that remodels and redesigns kitchens.

Personal Life

The Proposal

Before Ed proposed to Liz, they both had a little misunderstanding where Liz told Ed how dumb he had been all the while. Due to their issues, they separated although Liz admitted to being hurt and angry, she also mentioned that she missed him. 

Meanwhile, Ed admitted to mistreating her and said he didn’t like who he was. However, he went to therapy which made him discover how bad he had been. As the both of them talked, they burst into tears. To prove that Ed wanted her, he proposed to her with a diamond ring of $13k. After which, he kissed her. Watch the proposal video here.

Big Ed’s Fiance

Liz Woods started exercise routines, which helped her shed off nine pounds. She posted pictures of her recent body size on Instagram for her fans and viewers. Liz appeared in season two of the 90 Day show with Ed in 2021. Ed and Liz didn’t have any chemistry with each other, and it looked as if Ed was forcing himself on Liz. 

Funny enough, they went out for a few dates and finally they fell in love with each other and decided to live together. Unfortunately, after the show’s season ended, the couple began to have issues and accused him of being a narcissist and emotionally abusive.

She even had evidence of a phone conversation where Ed verbally abused her. So many fans of 90 Day Fiance who didn’t like Ed was excited that Liz dumped him. Funny enough, fans were astonished when they discovered that Ed engaged Liz despite their previous issues. On 29 August 2021, Ed proposed to Liz Woods with a diamond worth $13k, and she said yes to the proposal. 

90 Day Fiancé' Star 'Big Ed' Brown Engaged to Liz Woods

Social Media

Big Ed is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. On Instagram, he is @thisisbiged with over 500k followers, while on Twitter, he is @thisisbiged with more than 11k followers. Big Ed is also active on Tiktok @thisisbiged, with 1.4 million followers.

Net Worth

In February 2020, he appeared in the 90 Days show that brought him to the limelight. His followership on Instagram grew sporadically, and he used his online presence wisely. He joined a video platform, Cameo, where fans order personalized videos from their stars. Ed charges $60 for videos that individuals use and $699 for business use.

He also uses Memmo and charges fans for videos, and also he charges $300 and above to make marketing videos. Ed also charges fans who ask him to video record them. He has amassed a net worth of $800k.


Big Ed has lived for almost 60 years. His life has so much drama, especially relationship dramas. And although he is engaged to Liz and they are preparing to get married, fans are skeptical about the future. They are unsure due to Ed’s previous relationship issues and that he cheats a lot. We do hope that their marriage works. We also hope that Big Ed will stop the different forms of abuse towards his partners.

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