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90 Day Fiancé update: where are the relationships now?

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90 Day Fiancé relationship updates, see those who are still together and which ships have been wrecked in this article.

The American reality television series is about couples that received a K-1 visa — one available only to foreign fiancés of US citizens. The visa condition mandates the citizens to get married within 90 days.

90 Day Fiancé series, which debuted in January 2014, has progressed into its eighth season, which premiered on December 6, 2020. Here, we have compiled updates on some of the couples and where they are in their relationships.

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber

90 Day Fiancé
Evelin and Corey

This 90 Day Fiancé couple has been on the show since the first season, and they have had a rocky relationship with Evelin stating that she wasn’t ready to commit to marriage.

However, they have progressed in their relationship and have also hired a wedding planner to help with their wedding preparation.

But when Evelin told Corey that the wedding could cost as much as $50,000, many viewers thought the wedding planner was either trying to cheat them or Evelin was teaming up with the planner to cheat Corey.

Later on, fans of the show started to blast Evelin for her ridiculously lavish wedding expectations when it was discovered that the wedding planner was a celebrity planner.

While fans of the show seem to be on Corey’s side and blasting Evelin for trying to dupe him, a shocking revelation comes up that earns him the fans disapproval.

Corey announced that he and Evelin had actually been married for years. As a result of this revelation, many fans have decided not to watch them again. Do you think that this could be a strategy? Share your thoughts with us.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

90 Day Fiancé
Ariela and Biniyam

This 90 Day Fiancé couple have a peculiar relationship because it seems like Ariela’s ex-husband is still in the picture.

And because of her close friendship with her ex-husband, Leandro Fosque, she is having second thoughts about her future with Biniyam.

The couple, who have an 8-month-old baby, have been staying together in Ethiopia, but Biniyam is worried that Ariela might have cheated with her ex-husband since she didn’t fully end things with him.

As revenge, he went ahead and invited his ex-girlfriend, Tsion, for an impromptu meal. However, his plans didn’t go as expected because Tsion revealed that Biniyam had cheated on her and married his first wife, Bri.

This leaves Ariela unsure as to what she wants to do with their relationship.

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