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Feel free to be yourself – a dating story about Mathew Mitcham

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Dating can be fun and rewarding if you approach it with the right attitude and skills. The dating landscape can also be difficult, especially if you are a member of the LGBT who is using the traditional means of dating

Nowadays, men and women are exploring their sexuality. It is common to find men looking for men for love or a steamy hookup. However, some countries make it difficult for gay people to find a mate. Luckily,  Online dating allows you to be yourself, and it has provided a great opportunity for gay men as they can find a compatible partner of their sexual orientation.

You can now easily find other kinky men in the UK who share your fetish and interest in BDSM. There are many reliable sites where you can dive into gay BDSM dating UK and have a whale of a time.

Whether you are into bondage, have a fetish, or wish to explore domination and submission, these dating platforms got you covered because they cater to gay men in the  BDSM community.

Mathew Mitcham – early life

Mathew Mitcham is a retired Australian trampolinist and diver. He was born in 1988, and eleven years later, he played for his country at the junior championship. He was raised by his mother, who had mental health problems. As a youth, he suffered neglect, which made him turn to alcohol and drugs.

First gay athlete to be a winner of an Olympic gold medal

Australian Diver, Matthew Mitcham
Mathew Mitcham

Mathew is the first gay athlete to get an Olympic gold medal. He talks about his struggles as gay in the world of sports. However, he did not hide his sexuality to be accepted in the sports world. At first, he struggled with his sexuality, and he even started training himself to be straight.

He says that he was so afraid of being gay till he had a rubber strap on his waist and could snap every time gay thoughts came into his mind. He tells BBC sports that all this time, he felt trapped for not being himself.

After years of struggle, Mitcham came to terms with his sexuality and was able to talk about it openly. Now he is happily married to Luke Rutherford, and he’s free from alcohol and drugs. Mathew accepted himself and allowed himself to be happy with the guy he loves. They married in a fairy wedding.

Even though not all his family members made it to the wedding, Mitcham says it was all he wished for; he went ahead and made a video for his relatives who couldn’t attend the wedding.

Just like Mitcham, gay men and women should not be afraid of their sexuality. When you try to change who you are, you do more damage to yourself more than you can imagine. You can never be happy living a fake life trying to prove to the world that you are straight. While it can be hard to be accepted by society, but eventually, they will respect your stand.

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Finding gays is still difficult in some countries

Nevertheless, it is still problematic for gays to find a mate in many countries, especially in England, which is quite conservative. Therefore, dating sites make it easy to find a partner. LGBT people experience a lot of discrimination and hostility in England and many other parts of the world.

Online dating provides a safe atmosphere for gay dating

It is hard for gays to secure proper recognition of their sex in academic and other official documents. Online dating sites are a new modern convenience and they have proven to be a safe place for gay singles. Several dating sites specialize in matching gay men. All you need is to find a legit gay dating site, create an attractive profile and wait for the right person.

On a dating site, you are at liberty to express your feeling and your sexual orientation. It is also easier to connect with like-minded individuals since they are all on the site for the same reason. Some areas use strong matchmaking algorithms to match you with the perfect person. It is also common to have sites that allow you to sign in using your social media accounts to ensure that you connect with the right person.

With dating sites, you are also spoilt for choice. If you are a man looking for a man, you will find thousands of men with similar intentions. Many dating sites allow you to search for your right match using different parameters such as age, education level, religion, race, location, or race. You can also use physical characteristics such as height, eye colour, fetishes, hair colour, and other physical features to turn you on in your special person.

Just like Mathew Mitcham, you need to be yourself in the dating landscape. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is someone for you out there. Your sexuality should not deter you from achieving your goals. Despite all the struggles Mathew Mitcham had, he still not gives up on his career, nor did he hide his sexuality.

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