7 awesome budget-friendly date ideas you need to try today

If you are not sure how to afford to be in a relationship, see our top budget-friendly date ideas.

10 Unique Date Ideas
10 Unique Date Ideas

You cannot buy love, but you sure can buy a movie ticket to go on a date. Dating can be stressful for your financial situation.

Being in a relationship can be fairly expensive. Whether you have been together for 30 years or have just started dating, there are multiple ways to have an amazing time on a budget-friendly date. Dates do not need to be pricey to be exciting and memorable. Check out these best budget date ideas you must try today to surprise your partner. Meanwhile, if you have not met your significant other, it is time to head over to Dating Reviewer to have some fun.

Go on a budget-friendly picnic and feed ducks

If it is warm enough, you should go on a picnic near the lake or river and feed some ducks. It is a romantic and budget-friendly date idea you will want to try. The beauty of going on a picnic is that you can buy your favorite snacks and a bottle of wine and relax in the fresh air. Do not forget to grab some budget-friendly snacks for the ducks, too. Remember that giving them bread is a bad idea. Instead, get them some lettuce or zucchini. You can also grab sunscreen to sunbathe and get some tan. Just you with your partner in a quiet park near the lake with pizza and wine. Can this budget-friendly date be any better? If you are busy during the day and looking for date night ideas for a low budget, read on.

Go to the gym

Health is the biggest wealth, and sport is a very important component of your well-being. So why not have a budget-friendly date night in a local gym? Usually, gyms are not very crowded after 9 pm, so you might want to visit them to mix business with pleasure. You can flirt and kiss each other between the sets and then go home to enjoy some yummy late-night dinner. If you do not like going to the gym, exercising at home can be a brilliant budget-friendly date idea. Try some yoga, dancing, or stretching.

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Camping time

Grab a tent, a sleeping bag, and some freshwater, and go camping. Camping is one of the most popular budget-friendly dates as it can easily create an unforgettable experience. Fresh air, a stress-free environment, sunshine, good sleep, delicious food, and quiet birds singing, what more would you want? If you want camping to be a very budget-friendly date, you can go not far from where you live. If you have some spare money and would like to have a budget-friendly travel date, go camping in another country. Luckily, cheap plane tickets are not a problem anymore. Instead of living in an expensive hotel, take advantage of a budget-friendly date in a new environment.

Cook a budget-friendly feast

Even the most budget-friendly date night restaurants are more expensive than cooking at home. If you have financial struggles, you can still enjoy yummy food at home. The advantage of this type of budget-friendly date is that you can cook whatever you want and save your hard-earned money. Two small pieces of pie can cost $20-$35, while a huge budget-friendly homemade chocolate cake will only be $10-$15. You can cook anything you want for your date, be it a juicy burger with two patties and a creamy sauce, a strawberry cake, or sushi, which are perfect for a budget-friendly dinner date! Enjoy each other’s presence while cooking a feast before watching a new episode of a drama series.

Create a photo album

If you have a printer at home, print out your pictures and start organizing them in an album. Looking at these pictures will bring you so many good memories and be one of the most creative low-budget date ideas in winter. You can add some text or drawing under each picture to extend the pleasure. If you like taking pictures, this budget-friendly idea will be perfect for you and your significant other. Reminiscing on memories will rekindle the flame in your relationship and create a warm, cozy atmosphere.


Dreaming can be fun and exciting. If you are looking for budget-friendly date ideas in winter, you can lie in bed and dream about the things you want to achieve together. You can think about a dream house, where it would be, how many rooms it would have, and what wallpapers you would like to hang, or you can dream about the place you will go for your next vacation. Dream about what you will be doing when you grow old together and what you will tell your grandchildren. What a wonderful budget-friendly date idea!

7 awesome budget-friendly date ideas you need to try today

Teach each other

You probably have different hobbies and interests with your partner and are good at different things. If you speak a foreign language, teach your partner some words. If your partner is good at dancing, he can teach you some dance moves. Learning new things is fun and is a great budget-friendly date idea if you want to experience something new.

Time to go on a budget-friendly date

Budget-friendly date ideas can be even more exciting and unforgettable than a trivial dinner in an expensive restaurant. If you are saving up for something or tight on money, try our budget-friendly date tips. You can enjoy the sunshine near the lake and feed ducks, create a photo album, or go camping and have a budget-friendly dinner date under the night sky.

Other budget-friendly date ideas are binge-watching your favorite show, taking a stroll around the night city, or maybe going fishing. Life is fascinating, and you can have fun even with no money. The most important thing is that you two have each other. What budget-friendly dates have you had? Were they special? Let us know in the comments below.

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